Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Scorpio Eclipse: November 13, 2012


The eclipses have arrived! Some of you may already be feeling them because the eclipses can be felt a month prior to their actual arrival. They are at their most potent then and up until a month afterward, and then when hit by transiting mars, Jupiter and the other outer planets. By the way, the first hit by mars will happen the third week of January when mars is in Aquarius.

This eclipse is in Scorpio. Because of that it will be intense and deep. Transformation is possible under this eclipse because of the Scorpio flavor. People may become dark and somber and depression is possible because of the extreme feelings this eclipse will impart.

The chart also has a Neptune flavor to it, so it’s all very Pluto slash Neptune.

Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius (that’s a separate article) and makes a square to Neptune so there could be sadness and feeling down in the dumps. There can also be deception committed and uncovered. Whenever Neptune’s involved there’s deep feelings and also deep deception. They’re the two sides of the Neptune coin. Both mercury and Neptune answer to Jupiter, who is sitting there, bereft and weakened by sign and retrogradation, and unaspected. So it seems that deception and feeling down in the dumps will be the order of the day with this one. It could be that people look back on the past and have a lot of resentment and regrets. That also fits with the dark side of Scorpio. Rumination and brooding over the past will be easy to sink into.

Crimes near eclipse time always seem to be extreme, more so than the norm. If you pay attention to the news at all, you’ll notice very bizarre stories. This time, we had a police officer in NYC who was stalking 100 women with plans of cooking them alive. Very bizarre and also very sadistic (Scorpio).

This eclipse happens on Unukalhai: Also called, “Serpentis.”It is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison. It has a Saturn-Mars flavor. It gives immorality, accidents, violence and danger of poison. This “poison” theme is being repeated a lot lately. If you read the Mercury Rx article, there were themes of that there as well. I think it may mean a more symbolic poisoning. Some may become unhinged during this time, with people who are predisposed to mental illness having excaberations now unless they’re careful. It can also represent poisoning in a relationship. Jealousy comes to mind. With scorpio being the sign of the eclipse, that’s to be expected because it’s the shadow side of the sign and eclipses tend to bring the shadow side out. Stalking and issues of manipulation and control can manifest. I would expect to see crimes take a more sadistic turn under this new moon. A more melodramatic flare may turn up in crimes when they’re usually pretty standard fare – the Joker Crime comes to mind since it was so over the top and unreal. In crimes is where we’d actually possibly see the literal ‘poisoning’ theme show up, so maybe there will be a spike in murders using drugs or poison. Drug busts on a grand scale are also possible.

In the Neck of the Serpent (Serpens), Unukalhai shows its properties as a Martian force combined with Saturn and is often really dangerous and destructive. There will be chronic diseases, which are not easily detected, these will result in a weakened state of health and operations will be necessary. There will be accidents. I hope this doesn’t point to some sort of major act of terrorism somwhere. The mars-saturn and scorpio theme is right up that alley.

On a more mundane level, we may see more drug deaths, alcohol related deaths, and even some gas type issues, like gas explosions or poisonings from gases. On a more positive spin (this article has been dark and depressing so far) there could be a new drug developed that’s very beneficial. We can also see healing under the scorpio eclipse on this degree. The light side of ‘poison’ is healing. So maybe a breakthrough in medicine is near.

A breakthrough in personal lives is also possible. Scorpio is about breaking down to rebuild. It may get darker before it gets lighter, but maybe that’s what some people need.

There’s a story behind Serpentis that may provide clues. When Glaucus, son of Minos, King of Crete, was drowned in a barrel of red honey, Aesculapius was sent for to restore him to life and was shut in a secret chamber with the body. While he stood wondering what to do a serpent entered, which he slew. Thereupon another serpent came in bearing a herb which it placed on the head of the dead serpent, thereby restoring it to life, and Aesculapius, using the same herb, succeeded in restoring Glaucus. The serpent (Serpens) was placed in heaven and for this reason certain writers have identified Ophiuchus with Aesculapius. 

This story shows that a domino effect situation may occur that ultimately provides the answer that is needed. The doctor had to figure out how to resurrect a dead child, which is a huge crisis, when he’s presented with another crisis – a serpent shows up while he’s literally trying to raise the dead. So he kills it. In doing so, he caused another serpent to appear (the first serpent’s friend or kin?) who rose above his natural desire to kill the doctor or to exact revenge because he needed the doctor to save his fellow serpent. He provided the means to do just that, and the doctor was not only able to resurrect the serpent, but was also able to do so to the child. All were saved. By a series of events and teamwork and sacrifice all was well in the world there. So, this eclipse can show a merging of two, who truly don’t like one another, but find they need each other for their own interests. It’s the ultimate parable of diplomacy, negotiation and peace. Therefore, there can be interesting alliances now because of a domino effect, and the result being beneficial for all involved. It shows healing on every type of level, medically and otherwise. So maybe some great health discovery will come about from some awful catastrophe. Or two people or countries will pair up to benefit themselves by putting there mutual dislike aside. This shows a theme of healing and also taking the high road. Making lemonade out of lemons.

It also highlights medicine, herbs, drugs, doctors, healing and conflict resolution. The Rod of Aesculapius, a snake-entwined staff, remains a symbol of medicine today. Something will happen with medicine and the medical field related to this eclipse, but I don’t know exactly what. It could be something to do with Obama’s healthcare plan. Will there be some sort of major compromise now like in the story?


This eclipse will be activated when planets from mars outward aspect it. The first one to hit will be mars. Then we’ll have saturn hit it later. Stay tuned because I usually post that on my twitter or facebook, but I do try to post it here too.

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Mercury Retrograde November 2012 — Mercury in Sagittarius and Scorpio

Here we go again.  Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year and causes confusion, travel delays and mix ups of all types. But it’s really not that bad. The world keeps on turning, though you may feel a bit confused and out of sorts. The world can’t just stop because mercury is retrograde so don’t panic. You can do things, but just take the extra time to plan and prepare for confusion and delays.

Periods of mercury retrograde are times of communication breakdowns. Mercury rules communications, so when its ruler turns backwards in the sky, things can get garbled. The best way around this problem is to make sure you dot your ‘I’s’ and cross your ‘T’s’ and to double check everything. It’s not a good time to sign contracts unless you began the talks prior to the retrograde. Even then, use the utmost caution. Mechanical things can conk out, like cars, appliances, computers, basically anything electronic.

Exes of any kind may return. Ex lovers, ex friends, ex enemies, ex anything. Be prepared. Look your best when you run to the store if you care about someone from long ago seeing you look a certain way.

It will also affect things that are represented by mercury: Writers, musicians, children, twins, thieves, singers, transportation of any kind, roads and bridges. Keep a closer eye on your children and your wallets.

To see how this retrograde may affect you, aside from possibly bringing back people from the past and dying electronics and issues from March of 2012, look to which planets and/or angles it hits in your chart and which house(s) it  will be traveling.

People with planets or angles at 0-8 sagittarius, 0-8 gemini, 0-8 pisces, and 0-8 virgo will be affected by the mercury retrograde station the most.

It turns backwards on 4 degrees sagittarius on November 6, 2012.

It turns retrograde on Marfik: “It is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity and slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by poisoning.” It’s also square to neptune so the description of marfik is magnified. It shows naivety and the possibility of being swindled. Fraud may be more prevalent than usual. It’s possible that there’s a food or drug contamination during the retrograde. Don’t overdo drinking and be careful with all drugs, even over the counter types right now. If you drink heavily or use drugs, this would be a good time to stop before your health suffers. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we heard of a lot of OD’s in the news, maybe some celebrities, and also more DUI and drug arrests of celebrities. More bath salts crimes? Shudder, I hope not.  But with marfik, I wouldn’t be so surprised.  Try to keep naivety in check because this star highlights it and it’s reinforced by the neptune aspect. Paradoxically, this is when you may find something hidden come to light. Sometimes the square of neptune exposes deceit.

Jupiter is still retrograde in gemini and is in mutual reception with mercury, though they don’t aspect each other. This can show a bigwig caught in a big lie. Some sort of fraud can be uncovered regarding a high ranking person like a politician,  CEO, Judge, Pope or church official. We may have a controversial court case in the news or a legal ruling that is off in some way or precedent setting. Higher education may be in the news for some scandal as well since Jupiter rules Universities.

Mercury trines uranus so sudden and unexpected events may take place in your life where these planets fall. This can show a possible airplane or train crash.

Venus is trine Jupiter so love should go well now.The urge to buy things and shop till you drop will be strong now. Try not to go overboard.

Mercury turns direct on November 26th at 18 Scorpio. This is called the North Scale: Active, alert, favors from influential people, good position, much expenditure, benefits through writings.  This is a very good star. It’s said to give an immortal name.  It gives good fortune, high ambition, beneficence, honor, riches, and permanent happiness. 

Unfortunately, I don’t like the chart for when mercury turns direct. It’s loaded with fixed stars and tense planet pairings. Venus is conjunct saturn and opposite the moon. The moon is on Hamal which also has a venus-saturn tone to it. It causes violence brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime. This along with an actual venus conjunct saturn in scorpio worries me. It can turn out to be very passionate and exciting for love affairs, but these are the kinds of things I also see in charts when a spike in crimes against women and children occurs, so I don’t like it for that reason. The whole chart is reflecting that as you’ll see.

The next pairing is mars conjunct pluto, both on Facies. Mars paired with pluto can be violent, especially when on Facies. It can also show an intense drive to get ahead at any cost. If that’s parlayed into business or sports, then it’s a good thing, but if it’s not then it can be dicey. Mars-Pluto is trine the moon, so both of these pairings are funneling into the moon, or women. For women this can show a time of danger, so be smart. The sun is now on Mirfak so don’t be naive and blindly goodhearted at this time and you should be fine. It can also show sudden operations. Otherwise, the intense planetary pairings show lots of passion for love or sports or anything that requires strong feelings, so it can be a great time.

People with planets and points on 15-23 scorpio, 15-23 leo, 15-23 aquarius, and 15-23 taurus will be most impacted by the direct station.

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New Reading Available!

I’m so excited to announce that there’s a new reading added to my available purchases! It’s called “Only The Important Stuff!”

It’s exactly that. Most of my readings are very long — anywhere from 7-20 pages depending on how active they are, (honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a report under 12 pages) but you don’t always need to know everything. Now you can get a reading that is 4-7 pages in length that tells you the most important things going on in your natal chart, transits, progressed chart, solar arcs, synastry or composite. I also do relocation charts. Fixed stars and the eclipses for a six month range are included in the report (except for synastry, but composite includes them).

Here’s a link to the new reading description.

I’m so excited because I think it’s very affordable at only $30 a reading and most people just want to know the important, pressing information anyway. You asked for it (I got a lot of requests for something like this) you got it!


PS — The eclipse is coming and I’m working on the article now, so expect it in the next week or so.

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Saturn in Scorpio

On October 5, the Lord of Karma (Saturn) meets the Dark Lord of the Underworld (Pluto). They’ll merge together in a marriage of sorts when Saturn is in Scorpio for the next two years or so.

But back to the here and now. Saturn is on the last degree of libra for the rest of September until the first week of October. Saturn in libra was exalted and Saturn in libra was all about balance and relationships.

That is all about to change. Drastically. People aren’t going to diplomatic anymore,especially regarding relationships. With Saturn on the 29th degree of libra, things are at a breaking point, especially in the houses where Saturn is transiting And if it’s aspecting any personal planets in the natal. ( 25-30 libra, aries, and cancer, and Capricorn  and 0-5 Scorpio, Taurus, aquarius, and Leo).

These degrees will be feeling it the most, especially the early Scorpio planets, because the conjunction is the most powerful aspect in transits. The squares are the next difficult (Aquarius and Leo) and then the oppositions ( Taurus).

The trine will be either very good and easy or it can also be difficult. Much will depend on other transits at the time along with progressions.

There will be Sex scandals GALORE under Saturn in Scorpio! Saturn will bring karma and justice to people who have stolen money, power and anything to do with sex or servitude ie rape and any kind of trafficking. There will be another financial scandal the same magnitude as Enron.

Saturn in Scorpio is about exposing secrets and things long buried. Anything that falls under that classification is fair game.   It’s The Burning of Bridges and Dredging up of Skeletons placement.

A pandemic can happen while saturn is in Scorpio. It’s last foray brought us AIDS. So Scorpio. Sex and death, yeah, that’s about right. Bright side — we can have major breakthroughs in AIDS treatment now, maybe even a cure. AIDS is having its Saturn return. That will mean either more effective treatments or possibly a spike in AIDS cases. Whatever it means, there will be much publicity surrounding the disease while Saturn is in scorpio.

It could also show a new and different sexual disease, not necessarily deadly like AIDS. Or a new strain or mutation to the HIV virus.

There may be new legislation regarding rape now. Pluto and Saturn are in mutual reception so this makes sense.

I expect a renewed interest in the fight against organized crime. It will probably have a more current feel to it though, the more modern version of mob activities — whatever that is. I’m guessing in cyberspace. It could even represent death to the mob, but I doubt that, since organized crime has been around since the dawn of time. It could also show legalization of prostitution, but that’s more Pluto in Capricorn, and I do think we’ll see that during Pluto’s stay there. Saturn in Scorpio will just bring the topic more public, probably. I also think we’ll see legalization of some drugs, but again, that’s more Pluto in Capricorn likely.

Mafia, prostitution, and AIDS — Sharon Stone fits the bill for all three because: Casino, Casino, and her efforts to fight AIDS.

Saturn in scorpio can show major leaps in fighting deadly diseases. Maybe a new treatment or test for some of these diseases, like cancer or really any disease that’s without a cure.

Terrorism will take on new and more subversive tactics. There will likely be a major terrorist attack somewhere. I need to look at some countries’ charts to see if I can predict that.

The murder rate will change. It will either increase dramatically or decrease dramatically.

The Underground will be exposed in the next two years. It will be intense, thrilling and sometimes scary. So many secrets will be made public.

Relationships will become more deep, transformative and intense under Saturn in Scorpio, which will be quite a switch from saturn in libra.  Things can go dark — as in vengeance, stalking and power plays in relationships, this will be more likely in people having their saturn return, because they’ll need to confront and deal with their issues regarding these things.

But relationships won’t be the focus of Saturn in Scorpio like it was of Saturn in libra. It will resolve more around money, sex, secrets, death, crime and corruption because these are scorpio’s domain.

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Important Happenings This Week

There’s some important things happening.

So, since my PC issues continue I am going to write a synopsis of the things that we need to talk about right now.

First, mars has finally cleared its retrograde shadow. We’re taken back to January 24. We’ve already been going back over the issues that mars reversed on when it first went rx and then turned direct which meant we were rehashing old issues from the Fall until the end of January.  We’re now blazing new trails! Pretty soon mars will move into libra and our virgo house and any virgo, pisces, gemini or sagittarius planets will be free from mars. I know plenty of people who will be happy about that.

Mars is also activating last June’s eclipse point which happened at 24 sagittarius, so watch out for actions surrounding any planets or angles that were hit by that eclipse. Planets/angles that would be affected by that are 19-29 sagittarius, 19-29 pisces, 19-29 virgo and 19-29 gemini. Whatever happened back on June 15 2011 plus or minus a month on each side may come back.

Jupiter has entered gemini. Geminis will likely love this time when they have the conjunction so long as it isn’t making any squares or oppositions to throw off the beneficial aspect. The other air signs, libra and aquarius, will get the lovely benefit of the trine. The really lucky ones will get a trine from August until April 2013!. This is you if you have any planet at 9-16 libra or aquarius. Sometimes the trine plays out unfortunately because there’s so much energy (same with the conjunction) but it’s usually a really great time where everything just flows, so don’t worry. I’m jumping ahead though and I don’t want to do that. People with planets in early sagittarius, pisces, and virgo may have some hurdles right now because of the harsh aspects from jupiter. Luck may seem hard to come by for them. The good news is that right now jupiter is moving pretty fast so, hard luck, if it happens, shouldn’t last too long.

Blessings from Jupiter

Jupiter is also hitting eclipse hot spots and will continue to do so. Right now it’s opposing the November 25th 2011 eclipse so it will bring up situations having to do with that time and related to that eclipse.  It’s also conjunct the recent May 20th 2012 eclipse right now — our first hit on that eclipse, so for some this may be their first hint of what’s to come from that eclipse.

Saturn is moving very slow right now because it’s going to turn direct on June 25th. That will herald it’s final departure from libra into scorpio which happens this fall. Look out! Scorpio is always intense, but saturn in scorpio is even more intense. I’ll write a separate article on that change when it gets closer and when my PC issues are (finally!) resolved….seems like it’ll never happen.

Venus is getting close to the south node so you may meet karmic people and situations right now. Tread carefully, because karmic people aren’t usually the best experiences. If it feels wrong somehow just walk away.  Venus is about to turn direct on June 27th. Issues involving money, banking, love, beauty and relationships will finally feel like they’re moving again. And yes, you can finally get your hair cut and colored again! You can schedule plastic surgery, but best to wait until venus clears her shadow.

Pluto moves to square Uranus exact, so expect to hear of all kinds of war and rioting news. Pluto square Uranus is “revolution.”  The Lord of the Underworld meets the Lord of Karma — it’s not boring. People with planets at 3-13 aries, capricorn, libra or cancer are feeling their own revolution. Either they’re feeling like they’re in the middle of a personal revolution or people around them are pushing all their buttons and making them have no choice but to fight a war of sorts.  When the sun and moon move into these degrees of cancer these people will have a grand cross made in their chart, upping the ante. Change is coming.

We are having a new moon at 28.43 gemini. People with planets or angles of 23 gemini-3 cancer, 23-pisces-3 aries, 23 virgo-3 libra will feel this one the most. If you have no planets/angles at this degree then look at which house 28-29 gemini falls and this is where the activity will be happening for you. You can check my article on the Houses of Astrology for an idea of how it may play out.

It’s happening on the Fixed star Betelgeuse.

With Sun: Interest in and ability for occult and mystical subjects, acute diseases, fevers, honor and preferment ending in final ruin. [Robson*, p.147.]

With Moon: Active mind, strong will, turbulent, rebellious under restraint, military success but suffering through quarrels with superiors, likelihood of great power, honor and wealth. [Robson*, p.147.]

War and carnage are presaged by Betelgeuse. The star is indicative of great fortune, martial honors and “kingly” attributes. 

It’s a star of success followed by a great fall somewhat like Regulus but not as powerful. It will indicate rash actions and words, military coups and monetary gains. But it carries with it the responsibility of good conduct, otherwise there will be a reversal.

There can be much debate and arguments if handled incorrectly. It mentions fevers so that’s a possibility too, but it’s basically a ‘good’ star.’

Now I have to get back to rewriting all I lost and trying to get my PC’s back.

Have a good week!

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Eclipses and Venus Rx Got Me!

I miss writing my column.

I don’t know if everyone saw my tweet but two of my PC’s died right after the eclipse. Yes, it got me. It hit my third house and it also was in gemini which rules communications, which I said in my eclipse article, but I didn’t think it would act like a mercury rx so I was careless and didn’t back up my work. Both of my PCs went….crazy. Also the venus retrograde may have been acting like a mercury rx in a way since it’s ruled by mercury.

I also had a tooth break on a gummy bear. A gummy bear. No joke. Hit my health house too, obviously. I was expecting some kind of health issue because of that.  I should just be glad my health impacts weren’t worse, and I am, but I never saw the computer issues. I’m not usually blindsided by transits and eclipses. I’m an astrologer. So it rattled me because of that and because I lost work I’d written. My third house was barely hit — it was wide. I think the PC issues were venus rx. Never even saw that coming. I’m usually so paranoid about backing up my work too, but I got careless this time.

Tooth Destroyer

Right now I’m on a borrowed PC so I’m able to access my site. I don’t know if I’ll be able to bang out all the articles I feel I need to write, so I may have to settle for a monthly weather-type of deal.

Has anyone else had mercury retro-like experiences or was it just moi?

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Taking Requests

Are there any topics you’d like me to write articles about? Let me know what they are and I’ll put it on the list. I still have one more eclipse column to write, but after that I’m free to write whatever I want. Or whatever you want.

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Venus in Gemini Retrograde 2012

Hello all!

This post is a tad late, because venus turned retrograde yesterday, May 15th, but I was all slumped over my depressing and scary eclipse column and unable to write it.

Venus turns retrograde on May 15th at 23.59 Gemini. When venus turns retrograde all the things connected with venus are affected in some way. Sometimes they’re just highlighted, but other times they’re a problem, and there are crises over these things.

So, what does venus rule?

Banking, finances, relationships, women, love, affection, beauty, objects d’art, art, music, artists and musicians, plastic surgery, clothing, cosmetics, things we do to improve our appearance, hairstylists, salons, spas, kidneys, ovaries, throat, thyroid, breasts, reproductive organs (internal, external is pluto), stock market, bankers, restaurants, food, chefs, luxury items, home building.

Any of these things may be a focus until June 27.

Old lovers can come back now. My advice is similar to the mercury rx advice I gave about this: wait. If once venus is direct, you want to be with this person, then it’s probably a real desire to do so. Often during venus rx, people are lonely, so they think back on the past and think they want something from then. They really believe it, but it’s not usually true. It’s more like a passing whimsy or residual love pain. In other words, it passes when the retrograde ends.

Please don’t decide to change your appearance radically under this influence. It may turn out okay, but much like relationships undertaken under a retro, once it turns direct you decide you don’t like it anymore. This retrograde is actually a stricture against plastic surgery. For elective surgeries you should wait until it’s direct. You also shouldn’t make big ticket purchases now, because later you may regret it. You could find yourself buying something tacky, but you don’t realize it at the time. Oh, le sigh.

Retrogrades are usually times of very fated and karmic times for people. Interestingly, venus is conjunct asteroid karma right now, so things are VERY fated and karmic. With venus in gemini, I feel we could have communication issues in relationships, since gemini is ruled by mercury which controls communication. We could also have issues of deception, cheating, and lies being uncovered now, because gemini and mercury are a  dualistic sign/planet. We can find out that people aren’t who we thought they were. We can also realize our feelings about someone is changing. We may feel more flirtatious, or our partner may, and this can cause issues of jealousy and arguments. Feelings in relationships can be flighty and all over the place right now.  People can be fickle in romance now.

Women are very much affected by venus retrograde, since it rules women. Women’s emotions and thinking may be a bit skewed right now just as men are affected adversely during a mars retrograde. The way around this is to think things through completely when making big decisions.

Venus is trine saturn in libra so things may feel heavy, but possibly in a good way since saturn in libra is exalted and on spica, a very fortunate star. Commitments can be made under this influence, but the retro motion is a bit dicey. It could mean that the commitment changes somehow in the future. We have moon in aries joined with uranus which can spell fierce emotions. It can also show arguments and separations that are sudden. Moon is trine the north node, so whatever happens is destiny.

The ruler of venus, mercury, is in taurus and involved in a grand trine with mars and pluto.

Remember that grand trine we had in March? Well it’s just like that, but take out Jupiter and throw in Mercury, so instead of jupiter things being represented, we have mercury things at work. Mercury things are communications, siblings, travel, cars, trains, boats, airplanes etc. All of these things are being supported by the trine to mars and pluto. Trines are basically good, but they give a lot of free flowing energy which can be used for good or bad. It’s a strong facilitator of energy — how that energy plays out is dependent upon the people involved. So, if you find out something decide how you’ll react to it and how you’ll use it. It looks like a lot of info will be up for grabs right now because we are in a period of mercury overload with all of the gemini influences abounding. People will find stuff out now. Big stuff.

We have sun on algol which I went into on the eclipse thread, so I don’t want to belabor that, especially since algol is so fearsome. Suffice it to say that it’s a good time to be very careful, especially if you’re a woman. Jupiter is approaching algol too, so even more reason to be cautious. Algol properly channeled can be creativity.

Just know that if a relationship is strong, no astrological influence will bring it down, and  relax, it’s only a month….

Key Dates

May 15th – Venus turns rx at 23.59 gemini.

June 27th – Venus turns direct at 7.29 gemini.

Who will be most affected personally by this:

People with planets or angles at 19-29 gemini, 19-29 virgo, 19-29 sagittarius, 19-29 pisces.

And: 2-12 gemini, 2-12 sagittarius, 2-12 virgo, 2-12 pisces.

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May 20, 2012 Eclipse in Gemini

Are you ready for the eclipses?! I’m going to be honest, I’m not liking this eclipse chart at all. There’s notorious fixed stars all over it and I’m going to have a hard time spinning it in a nice light, and I don’t want to lie about what I see. So brace yourselves. Or don’t even read it, consider yourself warned. I’m being serious. If you scare easily, skip this article — Cozy up with a nice book or do something equally as relaxing, because I’m tense just writing it. I don’t like writing this article at all. It’s taking me a long time to do it because of this, so I’m slacking on other articles I want to write. This article depresses me when I think about it. I’ve debated not even writing it, because it’s so terrible, or even glossing over the negative things I see in the chart, but that would be very inauthentic, and it would also be pretty pointless. Just keep in mind, I’m looking at the chart as a whole, in a more mundane way, so it may not be that bad in your life.

It happens at 0 degrees gemini. It’s a south node eclipse and they’re historically considered less fortunate than a north node eclipse. The south node is considered more malevolent and is very karmic in nature. The nodes by their very nature are karma personified which is why eclipses bring out such huge changes in the world and in people’s lives. For those that don’t know, eclipses are new or full moons with the nodes in close aspect to the moon. That’s a very basic definition, and there’s a bit more to it, but that’s the big difference astrologically (not astronomically). The south node is pretty close in this one with an orb of five degrees.

0 degrees gemini is in the Pleiades which is noted for its malevolent nature, especially concerning world affairs.


The eclipse is happening on the star, Alcyone, which is the brightest star in the bunch. To get an idea how bright it is, compared to the the Sun, it’s 1000 times brighter!

Alcyone is defined as: “They are said to make their natives wanton, ambitious, turbulent, optimistic and peaceful; to give many journeys and voyages, success in agriculture and through active intelligence; and to cause blindness, disgrace and a violent death. Their influence is distinctly evil.”

Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face. [Robson*, p.119.]

The Pleiades gives ambition and endeavor, which gives preferment, honor and glory. Not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.26.]

The Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.39.]

“Pleiades with Sun: Throat ailments, chronic catarrh, blindness, bad eyes, injuries to the face, sickness, disgrace, evil disposition (used to be a term in astrology for homosexuality), murderer or murdered, imprisonment, death by pestilence, blows, stabs, shooting, beheading or shipwreck.” [Robson*, p183.]

Pleiades with Moon: “Injuries to the face, sickness, misfortune, wounds, stabs, disgrace, imprisonment, blindness, defective sight.” [Robson*, p183.]

Stabs can mean surgery. So if this degree hits any of your planets or angles in hard aspect: conjunction, square or opposition, then surgery can be possible for you. If you don’t have any hard hits from this eclipse at all or just have easy aspects like sextiles and trines, you may not personally be affected by it, though someone you know may. A lot can be told by looking at which house the eclipse falls. You can refer to my article on the houses to see which areas of your life will be affected by the eclipse.  Here is that article:

If it hits a planet or angle it becomes a bit more personal and more complicated. Eclipses don’t have to be bad, but sudden change is often jolting.

It’s also on:

Mirfak Events affecting large numbers of people, especially due to meteorological phenomena. Bold, adventurous, somewhat dishonest.

This eclipse is going to affect you more than others if you have any planets or angles at these degrees: 25-29 taurus, 0-5 gemini, 25-29 scorpio, 0-5 sagittarius, 25-29 leo, 0-5 virgo, 25-29 aquarius, 0-5 pisces.  Make sure you don’t forget to check your progressed chart for these degrees too. What these degrees mean is the eclipse is either conjunct, square, or opposite your angle(s) and/or planet(s). Personal planets are more important here (sun/moon/mercury/venus/mars). The angles are always personal and therefore always important. The angles are AC/DC/IC/MC.

An eclipse to your AC or IC can point to health issues since they’re health houses. You can move with an eclipse on your IC or you can have issues with women or your parents and possibly their health. You can also have career issues since it’s on an axis which includes the MC. Your public standing can be affected in some way.  The AC being hit can show a change in appearance, health, or partnerships. It can show a great change in relationships.

Jupiter is on algol. History has shown that a planet on algol is associated with mass calamities, disgrace, horrible violence and all matters of nastiness. The Holocaust and WWII took place when Saturn was on algol. ‘Nuff said, but that’s more evidence. Remember, I warned you it wouldn’t be pretty.

Algol: “The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena. When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others.” [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.14.]

“Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens.” [Robson*, p.124.]

“Poor teeth. Brutality and violence. Arabic commanders in chief, in times of conquest, made it a point that no important battles were begun when the light of Algol was weak (Algol is an eclipsing binary – every 68 hours and 49 minutes the demon ‘blinks’ for roughly 8 hours as the dimmer star of the pair passes between the brighter and the earth).” [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.24.]

Algol is prominent in event charts of wars, disasters, and it’s one of the ones that usually pop up in murder and missing person event charts. It’s usually associated with high profile stories of violence, especially against women. I warn people to be more cautious when algol is being activated by a planet, because often that’s all that’s needed to stave off the danger.

“It will be will be visible from the Chinese coast, the south of Japan, and the western part of the United States and Canada.GuangzhouTokyo and Albuquerque will be on the central path. Kanarraville, Utah will be a perfect place to view the annular phase. It will be the first central eclipse of the 21st century in the continental USA, and also the first annular eclipse there since the solar eclipse of May 10, 1994 which was also the previous eclipse of this series Solar Saros 128.” (Wikipedia)

These locations may see the most activity from the eclipses. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that natural disasters usually coincide with eclipses, and with Jupiter and Mercury on algol, that increases even more. I’m eyeing California very closely for some natural event and the earth influence has me leaning towards an earthquake. The ruler of this eclipse is mercury in an earth sign and conjunct jupiter on algol which explains why I am worried about earthquakes. The eclipse is in an air sign, so tornadoes could be possible. Just to be clear, it doesn’t have to be CA, it could be anywhere, especially the places listed where the eclipse is visible. It’s not a given that it will happen, but I’ve been studying natural disasters and eclipses, and they happen often (if they happen at all) in the locations where the eclipse is visible. A new war starting or terrorism is also possible with these configurations.

With the mercury influence, both being the ruler of the eclipse and the sign of the eclipse, it could be arguments, debates, infrastructure or vehicle issues, and transportation issues instead of natural phenomenon. In the United States, it’s the West Coast and the Mid-West that’s being affected. Let’s hope none of it happens. Either way, this eclipse will be very important to the United States, China, Japan and Canada. For the U.S., I think we’re already seeing effects from this eclipse in regards to gay marriage and the President finally saying publicly that he’s for it. It fits with wordy strife, and in the descriptions of the fixed stars, “evil disposition” was code for ‘homosexuality’ since these definitions originated from many centuries ago. Even Jupiter on algol can fit this, because “female sexuality” was also code for homosexuality.

Venus is retrograde on the date of the eclipse. I haven’t written that article yet, because this one has been depressing me for well over a month. I kept putting off finishing this one, because it’s so dark to write, and I don’t like that. Venus turns retrograde at 24 gemini on May 15th. At the eclipse time, it’s retrograde and at 23 degrees gemini.  It’s on the star, Alnilam: “Brief fame, quick temper, scandal.”

It’s also close to El Nath: “Luck, fortune, success, quarrels, headstrong; weapons of war; point of attack.”

So, I see a lot of quarreling in these descriptions. I also see issues with women due to venus being retrograde, and therefore highlighted in the eclipse chart, not to mention algol on Jupiter and the lord of the eclipse dispositing back to venus. With venus being retrograde, it’s weakened. It makes me wonder about some sort of duality being present in regards to relationships, sexuality and finances. It’s possible that themes of cheating arise because gemini is at its bare bones, the twins: two. Gemini also points to fraud and thievery. With venus being involved we can see another financial scandal like Enron, Madoff, Ponzi Schemes etc. I think the stock market is going to do something really unusual. It could soar or plummet, but I think it will drop because it’s been high and now with venus (banking/finances) retro, I think it will go down. That also fits Jupiter on algol, jupiter on algol is so fraud and greed at any cost.

Venus does make a nice trine to saturn on Spica — finally, a ‘good’ star.

Spica: “Wealth, fame, honour, glamour, the ‘Fortunate One.’ ”  So maybe that trine will save the stock market and we’ll see new records set, but I doubt it, because since venus is retrograde, it can’t perfect the trine, and it’s separating from saturn, showing the gains we already had in the recent past.

“With Saturn: Apt to be suspicious, sharp or rugged, but does much good, occult interests, good speaker, popular, many friends, gain through legacies but extravagant, good health, favorable for domestic matters.” [Robson*, p.212.]

This makes me wonder if people can be bamboozled in love. Venus is in bad shape but in easy aspect to strong and dignified Saturn on spica, who is a smooth talker. In fact, so many facets of this chart point to this: All of the gemini influences show a smooth talker, but one who may be too smooth, like a charlatan. I wonder if it’s Obama? Is he posturing on gay marriage to gain votes, only to flip-flop later? This also validates my concerns about financial fraud on a grand scale, because these attributes describe a con man, a thief, a charlatan.

Finally, we have mars on zosma: “Of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It causes benefit by disgrace, selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness, melancholy, unhappiness of mind and fear of poison, and gives an unreasonable, shameless and egotistical nature.” [Robson*, p.219.]

Zosma on mars is a very abusive placement. It also can show the qualities I spoke of regarding finance and banking, very Machiavellian actions that could be a problem if exposed. Mars is right on the MC of the eclipse chart so I wonder if the President may have a health issue or need surgery. It could also point to an act of war or terrorism.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a chart where there were so many negative stars and I hope to never have to write about one again. I hope I haven’t emotionally scarred anyone who read this article.

Some famous people with planets being affected by this eclipse:

Adele: Mercury. Conjunction. May have an issue with travel, law, her voice, siblings.*

Cher: Sun. Conjunction. Health issues: Physical or mental, loss of a male, thrust into public somehow.

Mike Tyson: Venus. Conjunction. Change in finances, love and relationships. *

Uma Thurman: MC. Conjunction. Change in career, publicity, marriage issues, parent issues. Venus. Conjunction. Change in relationships, finances, career, marriage, legal issues, siblings, parents. Her health. Transportation issues/local neighborhood issues.

*No time of birth.

Types of issues or people this eclipse affects: Writers, news outlets/media, Public Relations people, newscasters, actors, Mechanics, Car manufacturers/car salesmen, thieves, con men, twins, politicians, transportation, infrastructure, children and young adults, arguments, debates, contracts, musicians, legal documents, law, fraud, lies, smooth talkers.

On May 8, 2012 there was a fire on Whiskey Row in Arizona. There was also a fire there on  July 14, 1900. The eclipse preceding both fires was in gemini. This time at 0 gemini and last time at 6 gemini. I don’t know when it was originally built, but I bet that something in the Event Chart for when Whiskey Row was built has a sensitive spot near those degrees of gemini.

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Mars Turns Direct

Mars stations to turn direct at 3 virgo. Be very careful now and for the next week. People are nuts. Mars energy when it is about to turn direct is very intense and can be maligned. Be extra vigilant if you have planets at 0-8 virgo, pisces, sagittarius or gemini. Planets at 28-29 leo, aquarius, scorpio or taurus are affected as well. It can be a relief to have mars direct again, and probably will, after about a week’s time, but initially it can be jarring. People may explode now. When mars was retrograde, anger and intense emotions were difficult to express, so when it first starts to move forward it can cause rash behavior.  Be careful driving because others may be careless and reckless. Military and police officers are greatly affected by this stationing, because mars represents them. It also affects anger which is why people are a bit nuts now, especially men, since mars represents men. Women get their turn at psychotic-ness when venus stations shortly.

All the fires in the news are well represented by mars stationing to turn direct. Mars represents fires and firefighters too.

Once mars starts to trot along again, things and people will be calmer. That happens in about a week. Then we’ll retrace the steps mars has taken since January 24th until now.

Mars is on the eclipse degree from November at 2 sagittarius and it’s stationing there, so that’s a hotbed of activity too. Things from the end of October into December will rear their heads again now. Then, mars will hit the other eclipse points from the summer of 2011 until now. If you follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook Page, you’ll know about them, because all my tweets and all my columns show up on there when they’re published.

Shortly, we’ll have venus turning retrograde. I’ll write a column on that. And the next round of eclipses are coming soon, so look for those columns too.

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