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Hurricane Irene

First, I want to say I hope all of my readers in the path of this storm are safe and have shelter from the storm. I’m going to try to be brief because I’m afraid I’ll lose power at any … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene

I was just toying around with my chart and this hurricane and I decided to throw in asteroid Irene (14) and t. Irene is on Algol!! I was so struck by this that I needed to post it before I’m … Continue reading

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Mercury About to Turn Direct

Mercury is basically stopped in the sky right now, so this is when major snafus relating to mercury and the house it is retrograde in will happen. This is the most potent part of the retrograde. But good news — … Continue reading

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Mars Hitting July 1st eclipse Point

I feel like a broken record lately, :)  Transiting mars has been setting off all of the eclipses since he began his trek in gemini. Now that he’s in cancer it continues. Eclipse hot spots will continue to be hit … Continue reading

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T. Mars Hitting Eclipse Points & Full Moon August, 13, 2011

Right now, transiting Mars is hitting the June 26, 2010 eclipse point (4 Cap) and is about to hit the July 1st, 2011 eclipse point, so look for things from those periods to come up. We’re also having a full … Continue reading

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Another Eclipse being Activated by Transiting Mars & Summary of Mercury Retrograde

The December eclipse at 29 Gemini is being activated by transiting Mars right now. It just hit the June 15th eclipse and is now on the December eclipse, exact. It will activate whatever that eclipse brought you. Right after it … Continue reading

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