Important Happenings This Week

There’s some important things happening.

So, since my PC issues continue I am going to write a synopsis of the things that we need to talk about right now.

First, mars has finally cleared its retrograde shadow. We’re taken back to January 24. We’ve already been going back over the issues that mars reversed on when it first went rx and then turned direct which meant we were rehashing old issues from the Fall until the end of January.  We’re now blazing new trails! Pretty soon mars will move into libra and our virgo house and any virgo, pisces, gemini or sagittarius planets will be free from mars. I know plenty of people who will be happy about that.

Mars is also activating last June’s eclipse point which happened at 24 sagittarius, so watch out for actions surrounding any planets or angles that were hit by that eclipse. Planets/angles that would be affected by that are 19-29 sagittarius, 19-29 pisces, 19-29 virgo and 19-29 gemini. Whatever happened back on June 15 2011 plus or minus a month on each side may come back.

Jupiter has entered gemini. Geminis will likely love this time when they have the conjunction so long as it isn’t making any squares or oppositions to throw off the beneficial aspect. The other air signs, libra and aquarius, will get the lovely benefit of the trine. The really lucky ones will get a trine from August until April 2013!. This is you if you have any planet at 9-16 libra or aquarius. Sometimes the trine plays out unfortunately because there’s so much energy (same with the conjunction) but it’s usually a really great time where everything just flows, so don’t worry. I’m jumping ahead though and I don’t want to do that. People with planets in early sagittarius, pisces, and virgo may have some hurdles right now because of the harsh aspects from jupiter. Luck may seem hard to come by for them. The good news is that right now jupiter is moving pretty fast so, hard luck, if it happens, shouldn’t last too long.

Blessings from Jupiter

Jupiter is also hitting eclipse hot spots and will continue to do so. Right now it’s opposing the November 25th 2011 eclipse so it will bring up situations having to do with that time and related to that eclipse.  It’s also conjunct the recent May 20th 2012 eclipse right now — our first hit on that eclipse, so for some this may be their first hint of what’s to come from that eclipse.

Saturn is moving very slow right now because it’s going to turn direct on June 25th. That will herald it’s final departure from libra into scorpio which happens this fall. Look out! Scorpio is always intense, but saturn in scorpio is even more intense. I’ll write a separate article on that change when it gets closer and when my PC issues are (finally!) resolved….seems like it’ll never happen.

Venus is getting close to the south node so you may meet karmic people and situations right now. Tread carefully, because karmic people aren’t usually the best experiences. If it feels wrong somehow just walk away.  Venus is about to turn direct on June 27th. Issues involving money, banking, love, beauty and relationships will finally feel like they’re moving again. And yes, you can finally get your hair cut and colored again! You can schedule plastic surgery, but best to wait until venus clears her shadow.

Pluto moves to square Uranus exact, so expect to hear of all kinds of war and rioting news. Pluto square Uranus is “revolution.”  The Lord of the Underworld meets the Lord of Karma — it’s not boring. People with planets at 3-13 aries, capricorn, libra or cancer are feeling their own revolution. Either they’re feeling like they’re in the middle of a personal revolution or people around them are pushing all their buttons and making them have no choice but to fight a war of sorts.  When the sun and moon move into these degrees of cancer these people will have a grand cross made in their chart, upping the ante. Change is coming.

We are having a new moon at 28.43 gemini. People with planets or angles of 23 gemini-3 cancer, 23-pisces-3 aries, 23 virgo-3 libra will feel this one the most. If you have no planets/angles at this degree then look at which house 28-29 gemini falls and this is where the activity will be happening for you. You can check my article on the Houses of Astrology for an idea of how it may play out.

It’s happening on the Fixed star Betelgeuse.

With Sun: Interest in and ability for occult and mystical subjects, acute diseases, fevers, honor and preferment ending in final ruin. [Robson*, p.147.]

With Moon: Active mind, strong will, turbulent, rebellious under restraint, military success but suffering through quarrels with superiors, likelihood of great power, honor and wealth. [Robson*, p.147.]

War and carnage are presaged by Betelgeuse. The star is indicative of great fortune, martial honors and “kingly” attributes. 

It’s a star of success followed by a great fall somewhat like Regulus but not as powerful. It will indicate rash actions and words, military coups and monetary gains. But it carries with it the responsibility of good conduct, otherwise there will be a reversal.

There can be much debate and arguments if handled incorrectly. It mentions fevers so that’s a possibility too, but it’s basically a ‘good’ star.’

Now I have to get back to rewriting all I lost and trying to get my PC’s back.

Have a good week!

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49 Responses to Important Happenings This Week

  1. Daisy says:

    My relationship has been going through a rough patch since Venus Rx started mid-May. I know there’s really only a week left to it but I feel exhausted and mentally drained and I want to talk it out with my man… so are we together, or are not? I’m so confused and cannot focus. But is it better to wait til it turns direct again for us to talk? Or does it not really matter? Is he going to be back to his normal, loving self like he used to be? Or has he realized he wants out?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    – Daisy; Aries sun Cancer rising. Dating an Aquarius man.

    • LillianStar says:

      Hi Daisy,

      I’m sorry to hear your have a hard time with venus rx. With venus rx it may be that it’s temporary and once it turns direct you’ll be able to talk things over and move in a better direction, but there’s no guarantee. Is this a new relationship or have you been together for a long time? I can’t realy say if he’ll be receptive once venus goes rx. A lot depends on what’s going on in his life and his chart. I would wait the week and try to talk then. I think once venus is direct things may be better suited to talking things out. This venus rx has a lot of mercury undertones and it’s been causing a lot of communication snafus and misunderstandings.

      What degree is your sun and AC? I’m wondering if pluto and uranus are hitting it which would make sense. Also, depending on degree, pluto may be on your DC and that would really impact your relationships.


      • Daisy says:

        Thanks Lillian.

        We started dating around New Year’s so it’s been almost 6 months now, but we’d been friends for over a year before that… so I always feel like this is something of great potential because we truly are friends and lovers. We have this special connection and we get along spectacularly. I guess what makes it more difficult at this moment is that we live in different cities, though this had never been a problem before… and that’s why I’m so frustrated :(

        My sun is 10°51’17 in Aries, and AC is 26°46’02 in Cancer. Unfortunately, I don’t have his birth time so a precise chart can’t be drawn up. His birthday is Jan 30, 1978, and timezone is GMT +8.

        Thanks so much for getting back to me, Lillian… it means a lot.

        – Daisy xx

      • LillianStar says:

        You’re so welcome!

        It’s nice that you started out as friends. Is your IC around 26 libra? If so, saturn is on that and that can show you feeling stuck where you’re living. Pluto is squaring your sun which I expected. (When you read charts as much as I do you almost know which transits are at work even before you see the chart). Pluto square sun can cause intense experiences with men. Are there power struggles going on? It can also show manipulation and obsession connected to the area that’s being hit.

        His sun and venus are being sextiled by uranus and this will go on for a bit. Is he wanting more space and freedom? Saturn is square his mercury and mars so he may be feeling a lot of pressure and repressed anger too. Depression is also possible, but not knowing his tob I can’t get too specific, but even so, pure planetary energies are usually pretty accurate.

        Is your venus in pisces?

  2. Venus Starr says:

    This has been a birthday month from hell! Ive been reading trying to stay focused to avoid the inevitability of chaos.. but I havent been successful thus far… My relationship which my woman was the Love of my Life since November has taken a complete turn for the worse….
    Issues of trust has literally destroyed us in the last month…
    I’m in need of advice when everything seems to be falling apart..!!!
    My dob 6.19.78
    HER dob 12.12.83

    • LillianStar says:


      Sorry you’re having relationship problems. There’s a lot of that going around right now. Venus rx really can cause some problems to crop up! Venus turned rx right on your sun so I would’ve expected it to be affecting you in a big way. I don’t have your time of birth so I don’t know which house it’s in or anything like that, but it was bound to affect you. Looking at your chart, you’re having some transits that can point to trust issues with relationships. You have neptune opposite your mars which can cause deception to creep into your sexual relationships. Depending on what time you were born, neptune also may be squaring your moon which would only increase the trust issues in relationships with women. It may be real deception or just you thinking there’s deception.

      She had the eclipse on her sun which usually shows issues with men becoming a focal point. She’s had pluto on her mercury which can be making her feel distrustful and probing of people. She can even possibly be acting very manipulative and ruthless at times. Pluto is sextile her venus showing power struggles and jealousy in love — this can either be her acting jealous or people she’s involved with, it’s hard to say without an in depth analysis.

      Maybe things will even out after venus turns rx on the 27th. The beginning of July would be a good time to try to smooth things over. Venus rx is a good time to assess what’s really going on to cause problems so you get to the root cause.

      Good luck!

  3. Venus Starr says:

    Me: Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Scorpio Ascendant, Virgo Mars
    Her: Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Ascendant, Libra Mars

    • LillianStar says:

      Do you know what degree your and her moons are? Also what degree her AC is?

      I replied to your other question and then I saw this. Pluto is also widely squaring her mars and that causes some pretty intense conflicts with men.

  4. Venus Starr says:

    My Moon is 14.0 Sagittarius
    Her Moon is 21.0 Pisces
    My Mars is 3.0 Degrees Virgo
    Her ascendant is 13.0 degree cancer

    • LillianStar says:

      Okay, then this last eclipse hit your moon exact. Moon = women, so it makes sense the relationship would change somehow. It’s interesting that her sun (man in her life) and your moon (woman in your life) were both hit, but it makes everything that’s happening make a lot of sense.

      As I thought it would be, t.Pluto is on her DC causing a lot of power struggles and intensity in relationships. Is she at all into astrology? If so, you may be able to work through these changes with some astrological guidance. You’re both going through a lot of changes right now and astrology shows them very accurately. There’s no guarantee it would solve all the problems but it may make all the changes easier to work with and integrate. Just a thought.

  5. Venus Starr says:

    Im in tears right now… Sorry but Im having such a hard time.. Been such a rough month..
    Im am trying to teach her slowly, its new for her…
    Its funny u say that caus I call her my Sun
    And she calls me her Moon…
    My issues of Trust may be the caus, Im confused and dont know whats real anymore..

    • Venus Starr says:

      Do you think she’s questioning her sexuality? With the emphasis on the Sun and Men? Its in her 6th house of health and she just had surgery. She has stellium in 6th house. Uranus, Sun ,Jupiter, Neptune

      • LillianStar says:

        6th house with the eclipse there makes sense for surgery since it’s a health house. What kind of surgery did she have? If it was a reproductive type then that can be jarring for a woman and may make her scared of sex initially. But an eclipse on the sun wouldn’t necessarily cause someone to question their sexuality if you mean whether they’re gay or straight — is that what you mean?

      • Venus Starr says:

        She had breast reduction surgery. I begged her not to. On Mon June 11. Venus Rx and Void Moon all Day! Uranus also squared Mercury.
        She has been back in the hospital on my birthday for emergency surgery the stitches came apart, he took out more tissue..
        Yes I meant question her sexuality..

      • LillianStar says:

        Oh no! I hope everything will be okay!

        Venus rx, void moon, and right after an eclipse are all no-no’s for elective surgery.

        What makes you think she’s questioning her sexuality? It sounds like she’s just traumatized by the surgery which makes sense since it went so poorly. She probably feels unattractive and thinks you won’t want her sexually anymore.

    • LillianStar says:

      Aww, I’m so sorry you’re hurting so much. All things pass. Not knowing what’s real anymore really sounds like neptune/mars. It’s such a confusing transit. You see deception in everything related to mars and it’s hard to have any drive, you just wallow. With neptune it’s really important to verify what you’re paranoid about to make sure it’s real and not an illusion. Taking baths or being near water may help a lot, but stay away from drugs and alcohol at this time.

      That’s cute about your nicknames and a bit of synchronicity.

      • Venus Starr says:

        Sun opposed her Neptune exact on the 19th when she went to ER.
        Mars is squaring her Jupiter
        Venus Rx Oppose her Uranus
        I begged and pleaded not to get the breast reduction, to wait.
        She was insecure about them, back pain, she was doing it for me… But I love her for her..

      • LillianStar says:

        She had breast reduction during venus rx? I hope it turns out okay and doesn’t hate them. PS during venus rx is not the best idea. I don’t like that venus was aspecting her uranus for the sx…wait, why did she go to the ER? Is the 19th the date of surgery or for ER? I’m confused now, lol.

        If she’s feeling weird about sex now it may be because of her surgery. Breasts are important to women’s sexuality. It should pass once she gets used to them, besides, I’ve heard the recovery is painful and it hasn’t been that long.

  6. Venus Starr says:

    LOL!!! U know Im Gemini :-)
    She had the initial surgery on the 11th..
    Went back to ER for emergency surgery the 19th.

  7. Daisy says:

    Yes – my IC is in Libra, 21 degrees. I’ve always had not-so-smooth experiences with men – you’re right, power struggles might be one of the reasons. Sometimes I have the urge to compete with them, so to speak… and I can’t even understand why. And I also have this thing where I want to be in control but also be controlled by them at the same time.

    And yes! He said he needs his space… but we already live in different cities, so I don’t get how much more space he would need. At the same time, I don’t give him pressure or anything… We don’t even skype or talk on the phone, all we do is texting… and nothing extensive, more like fun texting here and there and it doesn’t go on for hours. I never ask him where he is, what he’s doing or who he’s with… in fact, he would volunteer the information himself. Last time we spoke about our relationship, he said there are things he’s been doing that is not exactly to his liking, but he did it because he felt responsible to me… especially when he’s met most of my good friends. And I was baffled – first coz I don’t understand what it is that he did… and second I never asked him to do it, and I feel like I’m being punished for something I didn’t do.

    I do know he’d been really stressed with work… but things seem to have cleared up the past few days.

    My venus is in Taurus, 14 degrees. My dob is April 1, 1975 at 13:07 GMT +8 hours.

    • LillianStar says:

      Aaaghhh. I just wrote a whole thing and lost it. Venus can’t turn direct fast enough for me! I am constantly rewriting my work right now…


      In your first paragraph you described aries. You’re acting like your sun sign. :)

      Pluto aspecting your sun shows power struggles with people, men especially. Uranus is also on your sun. This can show up as you needing Independence or that the men in your life are acting that way. It seems the men are acting that way and being unreliable, and suddenly different, ie uranus-like.

      He has uranus aspecting his sun and venus, so he’s feeling caged and wanting freedom. He’s already like that already, being an aqua sun and venus, but this uranus transit is intensifying that in him. An aquarius of either sex can feel pressured and put upon over small things, it’s like they sense it even if the person doesn’t act on it. Are you wanting to have a more serious connection? Because he may be picking up on that and feeling burdened. Aquarius feels burdened by relationships at times. Aquarius is also very intuitive, so they just know…

      Did he feel like he wasn’t ready to meet your friends?

      Pluto is beginning to trine your venus so expect complete changes and intensity in love and money issues. You may want to read my article on venus-pluto aspects.

      What degree is your moon? I wonder if the eclipse hit it.

      • LillianStar says:

        The venus/pluto article is under ‘transits’ in categories.

      • Daisy says:

        This Venus rx is really messing us up, isn’t it?!

        Funny thing is… he’s been really receptive about meeting my friends, in fact, he’s the one who added my friends on his facebook… that’s why I don’t get it.

        Maybe it’s coz I had been talking about travel plans?… I don’t know.
        Maybe this is just not meant to work out after all :(

        My moon is 13°53’55 in Sagittarius.


      • LillianStar says:

        Yes, it’s a nightmare for me as far as PC issues go.

        Maybe it’s the travel plans. Maybe once venus turns direct things will even out.

        The eclipse hit your moon exact, so that’s a big deal. You’ll see more eclipse happenings when jupiter hits it which will be later this summer, August. I’m guessing that’s when you’ll really know what’s going on.

  8. Venus Starr says:

    As you can see Im worried about her, her health, not to mention other issues that has poppped up out the blue. It was suppose to be my birthday!! And everything has changed!!
    Her typical Venus in Scorpio and Cancer Ascendant shuts me out and the famous silent treatment THEN this Venus in Leo gets mad and Roars like crazy!! :-)
    ****OH I like to tell u, Oct. 21 the day we met my progressed Sun finally left Cancer and entered Leo widely conjunct my natal Venus in

    • Venus Starr says:

      Late getting your comment. But she was discharged today… Dr. Said she is okay, just pain and swelling..
      I need a break from it all before I loose my sanity!

    • LillianStar says:

      I think something you need to understand is that she’s likely very traumatized right now, physically and mentally, so it’s not her scorpio venus and cancer AC shutting you out. She had a terrible thing happen to her body.

      Progressed sun conjunct n. venus can indicate meeting the love of your life.

  9. Venus Starr says:

    Lilian,, Thank-you so much for your time and advice. You gave me more to think about. Im gonna be there as much as possible for her didn’t know it was so traumatic. Maybe Im selfish? I’ve been fussing, arguing over trust issues when maybe Im to blame?
    Thankyou so much!! I love your page!!!

    • Venus Starr says:

      Lillian (typo) ;-)

    • LillianStar says:

      You’re welcome. It’s very traumatic for a woman to have her breasts become affected adversely from disease or something like that. It would be like if something happened to a man’s sexual organ. Maybe ask her how all of this has affected her. If I’m being honest, you’re coming off as selfish, but in your defense I don’t think you understood how traumatic something like this is, so it wasn’t intentional.

      Thank you! Good luck to you both.

      • LillianStar says:

        I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the Event Chart for her surgery if you’re okay with that. I’d need the time the surgery began and the city. If you want that info kept anon let me know and I won’t publish it. If you have her time of birth that would be good too.

        I probably couldn’t do it right away since I’m rewriting my lost work (grr) but I’d like to do it if you are okay with it.

  10. Daisy says:

    Thanks so much Lillian!

    I guess I’ll have to wait it out and see what happens then… end of this month, and end of August.

    After our talk on June 11, I had stop initiating contact. He would text me here and there, but obviously nothing like before. And ever since June 14, he’s away on a business trip, which means our contact is now gone down to once every 4-5 days.

    Thank you again… Your feedback has made me feel a lot better. Been constantly wondering if I did something wrong to trigger it. Can’t wait til this Venus rx is over!

    Take care… xx

    • Daisy says:

      I just have one more question. You mentioned that Pluto is beginning to trine my Venus – when did it start and how long will this last for?

      Thank you Lillian!


      • LillianStar says:

        The orb is 5 degrees, so if your Venus is at 14taurus it started at 9 cap. It will comtinue until 19 cap with the most intensity being felt at exact 14 cap.

        I don’t know off the top of my head when it began because I’d have to check the ephemeris and I can’t on my phone. You’ll have it for many years since its just begun. Right now it’s moved out of orb bc of the rx, but Will head back after it turns direct. You probably felt it a little at 9 cap which was a month or two ago but you’ll feel it more the closer it gets.

        Pluto transits last about 3-5 years depending on retrogrades and how close they hit your planet.

    • LillianStar says:

      You’re welcome! let me know what happens. I’m glad you feel better.

      I can’t wait till its over too!

      • joanne yue says:

        Thanks so much Lillian!

        Will update you soon post Venux rx… but guess what, my PC just died on me yesterday! Two days before Venus goes direct! Argh!!

      • LillianStar says:

        You too?! Oh boy. I’m really hoping since venus turned direct today that things will get better. It was so pronounced for me that I even lost electricity a few times.

        You’re welcome!

      • Daisy says:

        Thanks so much Lillian!

        Will update you soon post Venux rx… but guess what, my PC just died on me yesterday! Two days before Venus goes direct! Argh!!

      • LillianStar says:

        Oops, did you post twice? More fun glitches right?

  11. tryingtobebrave says:

    I am loving this post, its full of positivity and thank you so much for writing it in a way that us lay folk can understand!! My relationship has taken a turn for the worst and I fear that I have been given the old “silent breakup”. I met this guy through a mutual friend last September, we live in different cities but he seemed eager to want to see me. It turns out that there have been many times that I was meant to meet him (and not to be set up with him in anyway, but that our paths should have crossed) and they never did, due to situations in our lives that prevented it from happening. Then we finally meet and we click and I end up really liking him, and I feel he likes me too so we start dating, but never discussed where our relationship would be going (mistake i know). But since April things started to go bit off, and then when venus retrograde hit, it really started to go down hill. I would not hear from him for days and sometimes weeks, I would ask him what is wrong, but he would make his excuses, say things are fine, yes we will do something, and when i finally pinned him down to an actual day (last week), he just ignored my text and i havent heard from him since. very peculiar. he never gave off the impression that he would ever be so callous, and i have met plenty of jerks in my little life.

    I am a pisces (29.17) – d.o.b. 19/03/1988 – 16.20pm GMT
    my moon is in aries (21.10)
    my ascendant is in virgo (9.44)
    my mars is in taurus (2.22)

    He is a Libra (15.29) – d.o.b 8/10/1984 – time unknown
    his moon is in aries (0.13)
    his mars is in capricorn (2.20)
    i’m not sure of his ascendant sign.

    i understand that distance is always a factor, and i was moving to his city anyway, or planning to before i met him. i am currently in between work, and i applied for a new job, my perfect job, good pay, in my speciality area of work… then i found out it is at the hospital he is based at. no jobs in my area of work have come up in a seriously long time there – i used to imagine what it would be like, but didn’t think id be so close to actually having it happen in reality. im just so lost and confused. venus rx has been havoc, and i have also had the mars rx in my house of partnerships so its been battle after battle. i know i should probably move on as hard as it is, nd if i get a job at his work place which i didnt intend would happen, it could make for a miserable year. i guess i am curious to see if the stars really did play a part -and why they are being so mean lol. many thanks and apologies for this long post. x

    • LillianStar says:

      Hi Trying,

      I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with venus rx. Maybe things will sort themselves out after it’s direct which has happened today (thank God!). From what you posted, it looks like saturn is opposite your moon, but thankfully it just turned direct on the 25th, so it will move away forever soon enough.

  12. bananagirl says:

    i have been having a tough with relationships right now. men come in and go and the problem would sometimes be they would come in three and i had to make choices and i i did i would end with the wrong one. just ended a very emotionally abusive relationship last march and im hiding in my shell right now but im happy i have this time or knowing myself more. this guy i broke up with just reappeared again and asking or a second chance but im so not into it anymore. i dont know how to interpre charts but heres mine :

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Libra 13.54 Ascendant Leo 27.20
    Moon Taurus 10.45 II Virgo 27.08
    Mercury Scorpio 0.55 III Libra 28.36
    Venus Libra 25.29 IV Scorpio 29.27
    Mars Leo 7.34 V Sagittarius 28.50
    Jupiter Virgo 1.37 VI Capricorn 27.44
    Saturn Virgo 20.37 VII Aquarius 27.20
    Uranus Scorpio 19.05 VIII Pisces 27.08
    Neptune Sagittarius 18.08 IX Aries 28.36
    Pluto Libra 18.57 Midheaven Taurus 29.27
    Lilith Virgo 9.59 XI Gemini 28.50
    Asc node Virgo 7.54 XII Cancer 27.44

    • LillianStar says:

      You’re having a lot of hard transits right now. You have pluto square sun which will move out of orb for awhile soon, but then it will be back for awhile. I’d need to check the ephemeris, but you’ll have it for a few years. You also have pluto trine moon which is a little easier, but pluto is just usually hard no matter what. Your emotions and relations with women and whatever the moon rules in your chart will change a lot over the next few years. Saturn was on your mercury and will be back again in the fall. Saturn is also on your venus so relationships, love, and money are all being baptized by fire right now. Those are the biggies.

      I’m sorry you had to end an abusive relationship. That definitely describes saturn on your venus. You’ll probably change a lot and that is shown by pluto being around your sun and moon.

  13. ruchira.sehgal says:

    Hey Lillian…no posts past one month???
    nothing is happening in the sky??
    i could use some change :) lol! tell me there is change coming up …

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