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New Reading Available!

I’m so excited to announce that there’s a new reading added to my available purchases! It’s called “Only The Important Stuff!” It’s exactly that. Most of my readings are very long — anywhere from 7-20 pages depending on how active … Continue reading

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Saturn in Scorpio

On October 5, the Lord of Karma (Saturn) meets the Dark Lord of the Underworld (Pluto). They’ll merge together in a marriage of sorts when Saturn is in Scorpio for the next two years or so. But back to the … Continue reading

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Important Happenings This Week

There’s some important things happening. So, since my PC issues continue I am going to write a synopsis of the things that we need to talk about right now. First, mars has finally cleared its retrograde shadow. We’re taken back … Continue reading

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Eclipses and Venus Rx Got Me!

I miss writing my column. I don’t know if everyone saw my tweet but two of my PC’s died right after the eclipse. Yes, it got me. It hit my third house and it also was in gemini which rules … Continue reading

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Taking Requests

Are there any topics you’d like me to write articles about? Let me know what they are and I’ll put it on the list. I still have one more eclipse column to write, but after that I’m free to write … Continue reading

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Mars Turns Direct

Mars stations to turn direct at 3 virgo. Be very careful now and for the next week. People are nuts. Mars energy when it is about to turn direct is very intense and can be maligned. Be extra vigilant if … Continue reading

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Pluto in Aspect to Venus

Pluto is an extreme planet. It’s the planet of obsession, intense all or nothing thinking and behaviors, revenge and also transformation. First, you are having t. pluto conjunct your venus, if your venus is at 4-14 degrees capricorn; t. pluto … Continue reading

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The Grand Trine of 2012 is Here!

Can you feel it at all in your life? It has become exact. Jupiter and venus and trine mars and pluto all in Earth signs. If you have anything at 4-14 degrees in taurus, capricorn, or virgo this is having … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde March 12, 2012

It’s baaaack!  Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year and causes confusion, travel delays and mix ups of all types. But it’s really not that bad. The world keeps on turning, though you may feel a bit confused and out of sorts. Mercury … Continue reading

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Full Moon, March 8, 2012 & the Grand Trine & Mercury Stationing Retrograde!

We have a full moon in Virgo happening. The chart for it is basically a lot of easy and nice energy,  so it should be a positive time. There’s a lot going on in the skies right now, so change … Continue reading

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