Eclipses and Venus Rx Got Me!

I miss writing my column.

I don’t know if everyone saw my tweet but two of my PC’s died right after the eclipse. Yes, it got me. It hit my third house and it also was in gemini which rules communications, which I said in my eclipse article, but I didn’t think it would act like a mercury rx so I was careless and didn’t back up my work. Both of my PCs went….crazy. Also the venus retrograde may have been acting like a mercury rx in a way since it’s ruled by mercury.

I also had a tooth break on a gummy bear. A gummy bear. No joke. Hit my health house too, obviously. I was expecting some kind of health issue because of that.  I should just be glad my health impacts weren’t worse, and I am, but I never saw the computer issues. I’m not usually blindsided by transits and eclipses. I’m an astrologer. So it rattled me because of that and because I lost work I’d written. My third house was barely hit — it was wide. I think the PC issues were venus rx. Never even saw that coming. I’m usually so paranoid about backing up my work too, but I got careless this time.

Tooth Destroyer

Right now I’m on a borrowed PC so I’m able to access my site. I don’t know if I’ll be able to bang out all the articles I feel I need to write, so I may have to settle for a monthly weather-type of deal.

Has anyone else had mercury retro-like experiences or was it just moi?

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2 Responses to Eclipses and Venus Rx Got Me!

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes indeed LillianStar, it has been rather more “Mercurial” than usual – perhaps as you said it is more the flavor of the eclipses! Now for other people, it seems very Venusian – as a professional astrologer, I guess our clients tend to live out these things for us, rather than it happening to us directly. Still, I have had more than a few brain-fart moments, not to mention physical tiredness hehe :-) While I am here, I wish to mention it appears many from your blog have visited my Venus retrograde in Gemini 2012 post – and I want to THANK you!! I am almost at 100 comments now (pretty hairy stuff if you read it too) ;-)

    • LillianStar says:

      It’s been trying for me. I think it’s both, but blame venus in gemini rx most. I’ll have to remember this for the future. This affected my 9th house so it makes sense. I spend so much time analyzing other people’s charts that I only take cursory glances at mine. I’m glad you’ve gotten such a great response!

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