Reference for Houses in Your Chart

I’ve been meaning to do this for so long! I made a list of each house in the astrology chart and give a description of it, so you can refer to it when I write articles on the lunations (full/new moons/eclipses) retrogrades and planet transits. It’s pretty basic, but I think it will help a lot of people out.

1st House:

Also known as the Ascendant, AC, or rising sign.  This is one of the four angular houses. This house is your first impression to the world. It’s the face you present when you’re putting on your best face, like when meeting new people or on a date or on a job interview. It’s like the superficial you, but it’s actually deeper than that, because this is the person you really want to be and identify with on a deep level. You’re proud of this part of yourself. It’s also a big part of you, because it’s one your “Top Three.” The Top Three are your sun, moon and AC. These three make up “you.” The AC is your identity. The planet that rules it is your ruling planet which is an important part of your chart.

Ruling planets according to sign on the first house:

Aries: Mars

Taurus: Venus

Gemini: Mercury

Cancer: Moon

Leo: Sun

Virgo: Mercury

Libra: Venus

Scorpio: Pluto

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Capricorn: Saturn

Aquarius: Uranus

Pisces: Neptune

The sign, location, aspects and basic nature of this planet will be very important in the makeup of you. Any transits or eclipses to it will be very significant.

The sign of the AC is also important, but it’s beyond the scope of this article. I’ll write one on them at some point.

The 1st house describes your appearance, your health, your identity and how people perceive you.

2nd House

This is the house of your values, self-worth and self esteem, material assets, money and possessions. Your partner’s sexuality and assets.

3rd House

Rules siblings, local neighborhood and neighbors, mind, communications (oral and written), small appliances, autos, public transportation, and local travel. Your partner’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

4th House

Also known as the Imum Coeli or IC, nadir.  This is another of the angular houses. It’s the lowest point in the chart.  It rules, deep seated emotions, family and family environment, especially early childhood, women, health, the home, and depending who you ask, either the mother or the father. The partner’s career and social standing.

5th House

The house of children, sex, love and romance, entertainment and things you do for fun, creativity and creative works. Your partner’s friends and the groups they belong to.

6th House

The house of daily activities, your job (as opposed to a career), service, small animals and pets, health and hygiene, and work. Your partner’s secrets.

7th House

Also known as the Descendant or DC. An angular house. This is the house of your significant other, marriage partner(s), other people in general, open enemies, the law and lawsuits, love and partnerships. The partner’s AC, how they appear. This is also the house of other people’s, or your, projections.

8th House

This is the house of joint finances, the partner’s finances, sexuality, death, shared assets, taxes,  regeneration, transformation, other people’s money including loans, deep painful secrets, abuse, and instincts.

9th House

The house of philosophy, spirituality, far away places and travel, religion, the higher mind, higher education, the partner’s siblings, court cases, astrology.

10th House

Also known as the Midheaven, Medium Coeli or MC. An angular house. It’s the highest point in the chart. It represents our public image, reputation, career, authority,  and mother or father. The partner’s family and early home environment and their parents.

11th House

The house of hopes and wishes, the collective, others, friends, groups and societies, step children, the result of creative endeavors, technology, the internet and astrology.

12th House

The house of self-undoing, secret sorrows, mental illness, hospitals, prisons, institutions, fears, the soul, transcendence, unconditional love, selflessness, enlightenment,  subconscious mind, dreams, unrequited love, secret enemies, drugs, guilt, shame, the partner’s health and job.

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April Full Moon in Libra, April 6, 2012 & Mercury Turning Direct & Mars About to Turn Direct.

The energy is a bit chaotic and emotional right now. We have so much going on, big stuff. Two planets are stationing to turn direct — Mars and Mercury, plus we have a full moon, and venus is beginning to slow down to turn retrograde as well. Whew. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling not so special right now, because chances are, no one else is either.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that soon mercury and mars will be direct again, finally — mars has been retrograde since January 24th and  Mercury has been retrograde since March 12th.   More bad news though, venus will turn retrograde May 15th.  I’ll be writing an article on that in the near future. But — the next good news is that we won’t have any retrogrades after venus ends until the middle of July, and it’s mercury again.  I don’t want to downplay mercury retrograde at all, but it goes retrograde three-four times a year, whereas mars and venus only retrograde every two years or so, so they’re a much bigger deal and felt much more strongly. When planets station to turn retrograde or direct they’re at their most powerful. We feel them much more than during the entire retrograde time, assuming they weren’t hitting a planet of ours during that time, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. Anyway, we’re collectively feeling mars and mercury more now than ever. Add in the full moon and it can be very tense indeed.

So the full moon….it happens April 6th at 17 degrees libra. It’s on the fixed star, “Seginus: Business, astrology, law, loss through friends, deceitful, shameless.” Despite the rather ominous description, it’s considered a fortunate star with mercury, venus and saturn qualities. Since libra is a social sign, concerned with romance and diplomacy, these qualities will be emphasized right now. We may feel they are lacking, wiped out by the moon. There could be a peace treaty in one of the hot zones shortly after this moon, maybe Syria? I’d need to look at Syria’s chart, and frankly I don’t feel like it, ha. I’m usually gung ho when it comes to research but I’m feeling wiped out right now. There aren’t a lot of aspects going on in this chart. The most important and closest one is a T-square  of mars opposing neptune and both square to venus in gemini. I warned about this aspect in one of my twitter posts since we’ve been having it for a little bit now. This is what I tweeted: Neptune is opposite mars. Think before acting out in anger. Feelings may be hazy and misconstrued. You may see deception where there’s none. It can create feelings and situations where we are irrationally angry or believe we are being deceived when we aren’t. Additionally, it can be energy where we deceive ourselves or others. It’s not good energy to get the facts because it’s very hard to see the facts under these conditions. It’s like driving through fog. It’s best to wait for it to clear before we come to any conclusions or take any actions. This aspect will be in operation for awhile because of the retrograde, so the only thing to do is to think things through very well and it always helps to get an unbiased opinion. When in doubt, go with tangible evidence here because mars in bad aspect to neptune can make people paranoid and see intrigues when there are none. Everyone is feeling this aspect since it’s a collective one and not a personal transit.

Venus square mars is a very sexy and passionate aspect. It can make people go out there and actively look for love. It can spice up dormant relationships too. In the negative, it can cause arguments from jealousy and infidelity, real or imagined. It can also cause fighting over money. Venus is in gemini, so people are more flirtatious, enter the fights over jealousy. In gemini, venus is witty, chic and coquettish, but also frivolous and duplicitous. There can be more than one love with venus in gemini, gemini is indecisive. Venus is also square neptune. This is the unrequited love aspect. Crushes are easy to come by now. We can be deceived in love now because we want to be — venus-neptune wants to believe the lies. Remember that fog I spoke about, now the fog pertains to love issues and women. So we have a double whammy right now — both men and women are easily deceived now, because both mars (men) and venus (women) are in negative aspect to neptune, the ultimate demagogue. Neptune has a good side too, just like every planet, and true, unadulterated love and romance can occur under this influence. Tricky? Yes, but that’s life. Listen to your heart and your head and believe only tangible things: actions and evidence.

Venus is on the south node right now and it’s also conjunct asteroid karma, so there’s a lot of karmic happenings surrounding love, especially since venus is going to turn retrograde soon. Venus is also the outlet of the nebulous energy of the T-square, so I’m thinking that a lot of the paranoia and confusion is concerning love and relationships. This is a time when relationships can undergo strain and even end due to jealousy and infidelity. However it’s also a time when you can meet a fated love, since the nodes are involved. The south node is especially karmic and it has a more negative connotation than the North Node. The North Node is considered growth while the South Node is considered the past. The South Node is usually considered an indication of past life karma, if you  believe in that.

Mercury will have just turned direct a few days ago (April 4th) when we have the full moon, so it’s direct and in pisces in the full moon chart.  If you were going to find something major out, it would be around this time. Things will begin to move in the house where you had mercury retrograde which is early 23 pisces – 6 aries. You may have had some confusion regarding the affairs of this house since March 12th. If so, it will begin to become clearer now and in the next few weeks.

Once mars turns direct on April 14th, the house that has virgo in it will begin to really take off. Mars has been in virgo since November (!!!) so this house is where you’ve been focusing all of your time and energy. With mars retrograde there, it would’ve felt like you were taking two steps back for every step forward. There will be a shift in those matters after April 14th. Mars will stay in virgo for many months, traveling back over the degrees he retrograded (3 Virgo-23 Virgo) and will be in virgo until July (!!!).  You want to utilize this energy by positively focusing on this house’s themes. For instance, if it’s your 6th house that’s in virgo, then you want to work out, diet, and put in the work needed to succeed.

I expect the stock market to continue to stay up for awhile.

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Pluto in Aspect to Venus

Pluto is an extreme planet. It’s the planet of obsession, intense all or nothing thinking and behaviors, revenge and also transformation.

First, you are having t. pluto conjunct your venus, if your venus is at 4-14 degrees capricorn; t. pluto square venus if your venus is in these same degrees in aries or libra;  t. Pluto opposite venus if your natal venus is in cancer. If your venus is 4-7 degrees of these signs, it’s cooling off a bit, but if it’s 11-14 degrees, it’s just beginning.  You’re having a pluto trine if you have venus at 4-14 degrees of taurus or virgo.  And finally, you’re having the sextile if you have venus at 4-14 degrees scorpio or pisces. The closer your venus is to 9-10 degrees of these signs, the closer the orb is.  These degrees all apply to progressed venus too.

Okay, now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let’s see what this transit is all about.

This transit is going to shake up your “venus things.”  A lot depends on which house(s) this transit is happening, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. A lot can be told by the pure energies of both planets meeting.  Venus  is love and beauty, it’s your affections and your romantic notions. It’s also your finances. To a certain extent, it’s sexuality. When the Lord of the Underworld joins with the Goddess of Love, it’s a unique blend of dark, deep, raw, and coarse feelings with refinement, sensuality, pure affection and love. Dark meets light.  Leather and lace. You get the idea. There will be intense struggles around your concept of love, which could be difficult. This is a time when someone’s sexual nature can be changing. I often see this aspect when someone begins a very intense sexual relationship and I see it a lot when someone has an affair or finds out their significant other has been unfaithful. This is because when Pluto meets venus, banal, secure and routine relationships no longer satisfy. Other times, someone having this transit will become intensely possessive, jealous and controlling, even if they were never that way before. It can make people feel their partner doesn’t desire them as they once did. Sometimes this is true, but other times they are just feeling insecure due to pluto touching their venus. It can make someone feel unattractive and insecure in their looks. This is a time when an all consuming love can enter your life, a love to rival all loves, fraught with obstacles and intense feelings of being with another at any cost, think Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah. Unfortunately, with pluto, there’s usually a cost. It may not be as severe as the ill fated couples above, but it will not be easy. Something usually needs to die in order to continue with a love begun under this aspect. It could be an old relationship or it could be an old concept of what love is supposed to be like. It could also be your free will if you become involved with a controlling, negative manifestation of Pluto in another person. Sometimes it’s your self worth, that is, if you sacrifice it to be in a relationship you know is no good for you.  In the extreme, venus-pluto can be an abusive relationship and it can also be sexual assault or in the  less extreme, sexual exploitation or being used for sex. As with all Pluto transits to personal planets, you have to be careful you don’t attract the shadow side of Pluto types. For those who don’t know, each sign and planet have a positive side and a negative side. YOU have control over who you enter a relationship with, not the planets. Therefore, you can avoid the negative pluto types if you’re dating. People always let you know what they’re like as long as you pay attention and listen to them when they tell you. It’s not uncommon for someone who is not good for you to come right out and tell you that. They’ll say, “I don’t deserve you…” or “Why would you want to be with a guy like me?”  Sometimes they’ll even say, “I’m no good.”  Other times, they can be smoother and you have to be on your toes. They may talk very badly about their ex (Why are they talking about her anyway when they’re with you?). They’ll take zero responsibility for the reason the relationship failed. The breakup would have been a nightmare — long, drawn out and bitter and maybe even still be a battle royale.

This is how they’ll talk about you too when it’s all over, regardless of who was wrong. And they won’t take any responsibility for the reasons the relationship failed, so they’ll be doomed to repeat it.  Beware this type.

Of course, there are many breakups that are bad, and people will have done wrong things, but when someone is name calling the ex and still very full of anger and rage, and has no personal insight as to what happened, it’s a sign of emotional immaturity and a sign they’re not ready for a relationship with you or anyone else. In other words, stay away.

You can also be involved in an extremely nasty breakup like this with this type of guy, yourself, under a pluto venus transit. In the extreme, you can be stalked or become a stalker, remember, Pluto can be obsession.  If so, you have my sincerest and heartfelt sympathy. Just ride it out and try not to make them even more irrational than they already are; sometimes with pluto and pluto types, you just have to let them win — or let them think they won, to escape unscathed.

Sometimes in order to win the war, you need to play dead.

Unfortunately, sometimes when under this transit’s spell, you’ll actually want this type of relationship on some level. You’ll want that intensity, that dangerous passion, that unbridled sex, that taboo, that danger.  Pluto will make you feel a bit bad and that can be empowering. A secret relationship seems so exciting and tres chic when you’re hypnotized by the dark lord of the underworld. Your sugar and spice venus is being corrupted, darling, and yes, it can feel good. It reminds me of the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s song, “Bad Romance” which, by the way, is a great song. (I copied and pasted these lyrics from the internet, so I do hope they’re accurate. )

I Want Your Ugly
I Want Your Disease
I Want Your Everything
As Long As It’s Free
I Want Your Love
I Want Your Love

I Want Your Drama
The Touch Of Your Hand
I Want You Leather Studded Kiss In The Scene
And I Want Your Love

I Want Your Loving
And I Want Your Revenge

I Want Your Horror
I Want Your Design
‘Cause You’re A Criminal
As Long As Your Mine

I Want Your Love
And I Want Your Revenge
You And Me Could Write A Bad Romance
I Want Your Love
And I Want Your Lovers Revenge
You And Me Could Write A Bad Romance

This is how you can feel while in the throes of a pluto-venus transit. It’s a great song, but it’s not a great love. Choose wisely. Listen to the song but find a tamer guy. Compromise.

You can also enter a relationship that transforms you in a positive way as opposed to holding you prisoner. If the person you choose is mature and evolved, they can be your rock and can help you to grow tremendously. If you were wounded in some deep way and have this aspect, you can finally heal. Maybe you heal through a great and healthy love or you heal on your own, sans lover, but tremendous healing and transformation can be had with this pairing. This wonderful experience is more likely to occur with the easy aspects (trine and sextile) but it can occur with any of them. You have to have your wits about you when you’re under pluto’s spell, ie, pay attention to everything and always, always listen to your gut!  Speaking of which, during a pluto transit your instincts will be heightened to such an extent that if you’re not already plutonic natally, you may be surprised and not know what to make of this new phenomenon — trust it.  If something or someone seems off or a threat, listen to your inner voice and non-threateningly get yourself out of the situation or away from the person.  Similarly, if you feel that someone is good for you, you’re probably right. Johnny Cash and June Carter are a good example of this type of transformative love. She got him to get his crap together. She was good for him. She wouldn’t be with him unless he stopped drugs, so she also had good boundaries and good self esteem. It doesn’t always work out this way, but if it’s going to, you need to make them walk the line like she did. No empty promises will do. They need to prove they’ve changed before you even allow them to date you.

Finances can be radically changed during a pluto transit, because venus also represents money. Funds can dry up and this can be a riches to rags kind of time. Jobs can be lost, businesses can go under, houses can be foreclosed….pluto doesn’t always play nice and when he doesn’t, he’s extreme in his ravaging.  The US was undergoing a pluto-venus opposition, so this is what happened to our country’s finances. Thankfully, it’s at its end now, though we are still undergoing pluto transits to our sun and jupiter.  If pluto affects your finances, it will be like this normally, but it is any transformation of finances, so it can be the opposite and you become wealthy. A lot depends on your chart.

If your health is affected under this transit, it can be venus things, like reproductive issues, throat or neck issues, or vanity issues like acne or some other malady that affects the way you look. A pluto transit to venus can make you decide you want to transform your looks through plastic surgery. You can lose weight if you start a diet under this influence, because you may want to transform your body. Be careful not to veer into an eating disorder, because pluto can make one go to extremes and become obsessed with these things.

If you go to excess in drinking or drugs, pluto touching your venus can force you to quit because of health issues that arise from these excesses — or else. It can also be a time when someone begins to drink or delve into drugs, setting them up for an addiction problem down the road.

Oftentimes, pluto brings external problems to us which we have no control over. In these cases, we just need to deal with what’s going on in the healthiest way possible. I always tell people to exercise or take up yoga or meditation during pluto transits, because it’s a healthy way to direct all of the energy coming at you and allows you to regain some control of it. Drowning your sorrows in alcohol, drugs, or any other unhealthy outlet is not a good idea. Psychotherapy or counseling is very beneficial during pluto transits too. If that’s not your cup of tea, then keeping a journal is a good alternative.  Basically, anything that you can totally and completely immerse yourself in will do. It can be scrap-booking, so long as you’re obsessed and passionate about it. Pluto transit venus may be difficult, but you will gain such valuable insights into your love nature, or your relationship with money or other relevant things, that can be priceless once you emerge from Pluto’s grasp and leave the underworld.

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New Moon in Aries


Forget what you thought would or should happen, because all bets are off with this new moon. It’s in the fierce, warrior energy of aries and it’s joined by mercury and uranus, and of course, the sun and moon. So we have four planets in aries! With uranus in such close aspect, it’s like fire and ice. People and situations may blow hot and cold. When uranus is in the mix, people may not act like they normally do and this can be a jolt. Unexpected things happen when uranus is involved. Uranus is always a turning point. Always. Things you thought were a done deal can suddenly fall apart — deals, relationships, job offers, you name it. This energy keeps people on their toes. The sudden changes is even more emphasized with mercury still retrograde and about to move into pisces. You can find that something that was holding you back can suddenly lift now, liberating you.  Feelings can suddenly change with uranus in the mix with the moon and mercury. Hot and cold, first up, then down –This can be you or others. It’s the ultimate change of heart aspect.


This aries bunch really dominates the chart for the new moon, so it’s very emphasized and potent. There aren’t many other aspects in orb. The only other aspect is mars opposite neptune which is a rather confusing one. It can indicate irrational anger and actions totally blown out of proportion. Please think before you make any lasting changes. This is an energy where people can become easily confused. It’s also an aspect that can denote cheating. Maybe someone who wouldn’t normally cheat, suddenly decides to do so with this aspect and all the aries and uranus energy. With this energy it could happen and they’d regret it, wondering how they got themselves into this mess (mars/neptune). Someone’s indiscretion could be unearthed with these aspects too. With mars retrograde, it could be an old discretion that’s finally revealed. Uranus would make it a shocking discovery and mars-neptune would make the wronged person really lose it. Mars opposite neptune is in a t-square formation with karma in gemini as the outlet. Gemini is gossip and secrets being told since it is mercury’s sign. Mercury is knowledge and spilling news. I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard a high profile story like this.

The one thing that I see that can be troublesome is the possibility of accidents, especially airplane crashes. With the new moon and mercury, which represents travel of any kind, not just airplanes, we can possibly see something like that. Uranus represents airplanes, which leads me to that worry, but it could be any form of transportation, trains too. With all the aries energy, I hope it won’t be an act of war or terrorism. Aries energy is very martial in nature and with uranus involved, it can be sudden, unexpected and devastating. Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

The new moon is on kerb: “Danger of being jilted by a lover; ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice, bad judgment.”

It’s also on Deneb Kaitos “Laziness, self destruction, nervousness, illness, inhibitions, loss. Tail of Cetus (the Whale).”

So, relationships may get stormy for a bit. If it’s generally strong there’s no need to fear. If it’s on its last legs, it may keel over now. Sudden decisions to split can happen when uranus is involved and kerb is about just that. Caprice is exactly what I described above, it’s uranus energy. It’s suddenly changing ones mind, just like that. This energy can be really great and empowering if you’re in any kind of situation that is dragging you down, because it can give you the wherewithal to change course.

I think this will be a nice new moon, in general, except for the danger of accidents, but that’s pretty remote. The best way to deal with this energy is to find your power. Whichever house(s) and planet(s) are at 2 degrees aries, give or take 5 degrees, is where you’ll feel the need to break free. It’s where you feel you’ve given up your power. Take it back!








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The Grand Trine of 2012 is Here!

Can you feel it at all in your life? It has become exact. Jupiter and venus and trine mars and pluto all in Earth signs. If you have anything at 4-14 degrees in taurus, capricorn, or virgo this is having a big impact on you. The closer your planet in that sign is to 9 degrees, the more you’ll feel it. Angles like the Ascendant (AC), Midheaven (MC), Descendant (DC) and Imum Coeli (IC) count as well, obviously. I wrote something about the trine in my Full Moon column and I’m going to copy and paste part of that here and then add to it. If you already read that article, skip to the non-italicized parts where I go into further detail.

Mars on Zosma can indicate abuse of some kind. Maybe abuse of power? It’s in easy aspect to pluto (trine) and also in easy aspect to jupiter (trine) so it’s forming a grand trine which packs a lot of power — for good or for ill. This is the beginning of our grand trine that is a pretty big deal in astrological circles. (We get all worked up over this type of stuff.) It has the heavy hitters of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars. These are all powerful planets in their own right. When you put them all together in a triangle of free flowing, dynamic energy, stuff happens. So, let’s break it down….Mars is action, men, aggression, military events, and sexuality. Pluto is big business, big brother, the underground, crime, transformation, power, also (like Mars) sexuality — healthy and unhealthy, death, and other people’s money and assets. Jupiter is religion, justice and truth, honor and integrity, colleges and universities, powerful men, kings and rulers, spirituality, and freedom. So if you combine all of these keywords, you can see what may happen. For instance, we can have something big happen with corporations or on wall street. We can have something big happen with leaders of nations and religion. There could be a major sexual scandal breaking the news under this influence, possibly about a political leader or a very high powered, prominent religious figure. We could find out more sordid things about the Penn State scandal. I don’t like mars on zosma for this. Like I said, zosma can show abuse, and when it’s involved in a grand trine with Pluto and Jupiter, it can be on a large scale and really ruthless.

We did see some of this while the grand trine was perfecting. First, the Kony Campaign fits this all so well. The abuse he perpetuates is so mars on zosma trine pluto, the ruthless underworld ruler. Kony is a ruthless underworld leader. He abuses children and makes them go to war for him. The trine with jupiter is fitting for people wanting him to be brought to justice. Jupiter is justice, truth and benevolence. So, the trine is a perfect aspect to illustrate good wanting to triumph over injustice. The trine shows the nature of his abuses, but it also shows the nature of people fighting to bring it to an end. It’s the perfect example of the dichotomy of the positive and negative sides of an astrological aspect. Kony (and the world’s less famous Kony’s) are the dark side of this aspect. Like Kony, Putin was ‘reelected’ during the trine, with many saying it was a corrupt election. Putin is considered by many to be a ruthless leader. I said in the moon column that the ruthless can benefit from the trine too. Putin is a good example. The positive side of the trine is the people trying to right the wrong of Kony via their campaign. There’s always two sides to every aspect. Dark and light.

The stock market moved exactly the way I thought it would: Up! It’s been up all week with   the Dow hitting its highest today at the peak of the trine. This is the highest it’s been since the year, 2000!   Jupiter and pluto are great wealth. Venus and Jupiter are wealth and banking expanding. Being in the sign of taurus, which is a material sign of money and commodities intensified this too. The whole trine was in earth and earth represents wealth. This one was too easy to predict. Candy from a baby. How long will the ride last? That’s a bit more difficult to ascertain, but we could have a good ride. The trine, though separating, is still in orb for a few weeks. Maybe this upsurge will create the momentum we needed to get it going again and it can stay fairly steady for a good time. *Fingers Crossed*

Coincidence that Taurus is the sign of the Bull?

The killings in Afghanistan and the killings in Syria, both of innocent women and children, also fit the  dark sign of the trine. They also fit the karma on algol I spoke of, and of course, mars on zosma. The lone killer in Afghanistan fits Mercury conjunct uranus. Mercury/uranus can show mental illness. It being in aries can make them take actions on their feelings that are very violent since aries is ruled by mars and is warrior energy. I did wonder in the moon column if we’d see military action or news involving military men and we did, unfortunately it was of the bad variety.

Mercury on uranus and turning retrograde on the full moon shows the Kony news too. People were wondering why it’s only now being exposed when it’s been going on so long. Retrogrades expose past deeds. Combine it with the trine and you get the entire picture. The fact that mercury was in aries, denoting war and a warrior, make it even more apropos. We heard about a ruthless warlord who was riding under the radar during an aries mercury retrograde conjunct uranus, which is also the internet and rebellion. The Kony campaign is a sort of rebellion, a revolution.

I’m trying to remember what else I heard that fit….

Ohhh, the Newt Gingrich mess. That fits the trine and karma on algol too. He berated a coed by calling her a ‘slut’ because she thinks women shouldn’t have to pay extra for their birth control for religious employers. Then he went on to say that she should be filmed so we get our money’s worth. Yeah, that fits algol (female sexuality being completely berated and victimizing women based on it). The trine fits too, because mars on zosma is abuse and a bit misogynistic, trine pluto which is sexuality, and jupiter which is religion and ethics, so Newtie boy got caught up in all of that. It’s not going well for him because a lot of sponsors pulled their ads.

He must have gotten the Pig Signal.

The trine is waning after today but will still be in effect until March 25th. Make the most of it!

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Mercury Retrograde March 12, 2012

Making decisions is hard during mercury retrograde.

It’s baaaack!  Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year and causes confusion, travel delays and mix ups of all types. But it’s really not that bad. The world keeps on turning, though you may feel a bit confused and out of sorts.

Mercury turns retrograde at 3:49 am EST, 12:49 am PDT at 6.49 degrees aries. Mercury is moving away from a  conjunction with uranus, the unpredictable planet, and is going backwards to join with it again. Mercury turning retrograde so close to the who-knows-what-to-expect planet means things will be pretty topsy turvy for a bit. Again, expect shocking news and surprise announcements, especially related to things you thought had been resolved  already. Mercury in aries is a fierce placement. There’s nothing shy or reserved in this placement and since it’s joining with uranus that’s even more true. People may be acting rude, direct, and argumentative. People may be saying things just to shock and rebel. Right now, mercury is leaving from a square aspect to pluto, the planet of the underworld and transformation. People who have planets or angles near these degrees (1-11 degrees aries, capricorn, libra and cancer) may have felt as if they’ve been going through the wringer lately. They may have been hit with harsh news or have had many tumultuous times.

On the positive side, mercury in aries turns words into actions. So, people may get some verve and drive and finish what they’ve been dragging in finishing. This is a time when people will follow through.

Periods of mercury retrograde are times of communication breakdowns. Mercury rules communications, so when its ruler turns backwards in the sky, things can get garbled. The best way around this problem is to make sure you dot your ‘I’s’ and cross your ‘T’s’ and to double check everything. It’s not a good time to sign contracts unless you began the talks prior to the retrograde. Even then, use the utmost caution. Mechanical things can conk out, like cars, appliances, computers, basically anything electronic. This is a time you may accidentally send an email to someone that you meant to send to someone else. The horror!

NOOOO, I meant to send that email to my new boyfriend, not my ex!

Speaking of exes (if you’re looking at the caption under the image above), they may return. Yep. Be prepared peeps. They can come back and be all like, ‘I lurve you sooo much. I made a mistake when I left you, and I swear, baby, I’ve changed.’

They don’t mean it. Mercury retrograde makes people think of the past and they get all confused and think something from before is perfect for them. (You may even be thinking of an ex fondly yourself.) Maybe it’s true, but in my experience, after the retrograde is over, these reunions fall apart again. I’ve seen it countless times. You can try it if you want, (who am I to tell you what to do?), but go into it knowing your (or their) judgment may be clouded. It’s best to wait until mercury has turned direct and cleared its shadow and see if you still feel that way. If so, go with gusto (and God) my friends.

You may bump into people from the past now too. The past is highlighted during a mercury retrograde. Think back to March 30, 2011 – April 23, 2011, because that’s the last time mercury was retrograde in aries. It was different degrees, but it’s the same sign so it will follow the same theme. Things and people from those dates may pop back up to be dealt with again.

To see how this retrograde may affect you, aside from possibly bringing back people from the past and dying electronics and issues from the spring of 2011, look to which planets and/or angles it hits in your chart and which house(s) it  will be traveling.

Mercury stations direct on April 4 at 23.51 degrees pisces. So look to any sensitive points near that degree as well. People with planets and angles at 19-29 degrees pisces, virgo, sagittarius and gemini will feel this stationing the most.

It will station on Markab: “Violence, honours and riches’ “Star of Sorrow”, disgrace, ruin; literary, legal problems, accidents; cuts, stabs, surgery.”

This doesn’t sound very pleasant. It seems we should really watch our words and written communications during this time even more than usual during a retrograde. And make sure we are sending it to the intended recipient!

Mercury will clear its shadow on April 23rd. This is when we’re completely out of mercury retrograde. FYI: Mars will also have turned direct about a week prior to this date. So no retrograde planets, yay!

Meanwhile, we have the Earth Grand Trine going on as well. That will be exact on March 13th. I’ve already written about it in my previous article but I’ll be adding a separate blurb about it shortly. With all the power of the grand trine and the power of mercury retrograde, I think we’ll see very fated events occur, both new developments and issues from the past coming to a culmination — for better or for worse. We’re living in interesting times right now. Will it play out like a Chinese curse or be a beautiful time? A lot depends on your chart.

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Full Moon, March 8, 2012 & the Grand Trine & Mercury Stationing Retrograde!

We have a full moon in Virgo happening. The chart for it is basically a lot of easy and nice energy,  so it should be a positive time. There’s a lot going on in the skies right now, so change is in the air.

The sun is on a very positive star, Achernar: “Success in public office, religious benefits, access to another realm.” “Gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning. [Robson*, p.44.]” “Well-placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs or philosophical inclinations. According to tradition, Achernar is credited with bestowing high offices in the church.”

The only negative connotation here is the possibility of drowning and shipwrecks. That’s pretty tame, because some of these fixed stars are really negative in definition. Okay, most are…but this one is a nice one. The sun is three degrees off, but this star is powerful in magnitude, so I’m counting it. Also, it fits with the theme of the other planets in this lunation and their fixed stars. It resonates. There seems to be a theme of political and religious  leaders figuring strongly in this full moon. You’ll see what I mean when I go into the other planets in this chart.  People may be feeling more spiritual with this full moon. Optimism can run strong right now.  You may find people acting in a way that restores your faith in humanity. People will be true to their word and you may get some unexpected kindness from someone that you never expected.  The only aspect the sun makes is the typical opposition to the moon.

The moon is on 18 degrees of Virgo, so this is a virgo full moon. You want to look and see if you have any planets on that degree plus or minus five degrees, so 13-23 virgo, pisces, sagittarius, and gemini. If you do, you’ll feel this full moon more than most. Virgos will feel it the most intensely. Also look to which house has the sign virgo on the cusp. That is which areas of your life will be heightened. Like the sun, the moon doesn’t make any other aspects either.Virgo is very service oriented, so again, you may receive some sort of help from someone. Maybe you’ll be the one to help someone else out. The moon in virgo is dutiful and faithful. It wants to do what’s right and what serves others. On the downside, the moon here can be a bit critical,  but hey, it’s for your own good. They’re just trying to help you become a better person because they care about you. But still, it can be cutting to hear that your hair needs to be combed or  you should really send your shirts out to be pressed because it’s better, hint: You don’t know your way around an iron, buster, and your hair looks like Don King’s. So, people can be a little persnickety right now. By the way, “persnickety” is thee word to fit a virgo at these times and pretty much only a virgo would even use that word.

You need a comb, Buster.

No offense to Don King and his fans, but he’s seriously the first person who popped in my head when I thought of unkempt-like hair. You can relate, no? He was known for his hair, it was his thing. Interesting fact: Don King’s mercury is in virgo. Yep. Can you believe it? It’s on Denebola, which explains the rebellion with his hair. He’s also a leo. They like big hair. And the full moon is right on his mercury. I mean, it’s like exact. I just now found all of this out by coincidence because I never looked at his chart until his hair popped into my head, and then I got curious, and being an astrology geek, I just HAD to look at his chart. Turns out, just by happenstance, the full moon falls on his mercury. I love synchronicity!

Anyway, Moving on…..

Venus is joined with jupiter and in easy aspect to neptune, so love is in the air. This is a time when women feel like getting dressed up, going to the spa, and being seen. It’s a very romantic feeling and love can be very beautiful right now. There can be a poetic, dreamy feel to relationships right now. Spring Love! Venus is in opposition to saturn, so that puts a damper on things, but I also think the breaking away from saturn can show a breakthrough in relationships. Whatever tension and restriction you had before is lifting. How fab. Enjoy this energy.  Lilith is with jupiter so there’s a lot of passion in relationships. If you’re looking for love, this is the kind of stars you want in the sky, you know how people say that the stars were lined up perfectly when they met someone? This is what they meant. So, go out and mingle. Do it.

Spring Love Full Moon

Shocking news abounds with Uranus joining with mercury. It’s unexpected and sudden and maybe a little unsettling. This could lead to all kinds of mundane events, like a stock market upswing. The grand trine makes that seem possible. (I’ll get into the grand trine shortly.) Mercury and uranus are also conjunct vesta, which rules the home and family. There could be surprising news around marriages and children now. Someone may become pregnant unexpectantly or  we may hear of people we thought were happy separating. The home can be suddenly impacted in some shocking and sudden way.

Mars on Zosma can indicate abuse of some kind. Maybe abuse of power? It’s in easy aspect to pluto (trine) and also in easy aspect to jupiter (trine) so it’s forming a grand trine which packs a lot of power — for good or for ill. This is the beginning of our grand trine that is a pretty big deal in astrological circles. (We get all worked up over this type of stuff.) It has the heavy hitters of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars. These are all powerful planets in their own right. When you put them all together in a triangle of free flowing, dynamic energy, stuff happens. So, let’s break it down….Mars is action, men, aggression, military events, and sexuality. Pluto is big business, big brother, the underground, crime, transformation, power, also (like Mars) sexuality — healthy and unhealthy, death, and other people’s money and assets. Jupiter is religion, justice and truth, honor and integrity, colleges and universities, powerful men, kings and rulers, spirituality, and freedom. So if you combine all of these keywords, you can see what may happen. For instance, we can have something big happen with corporations or on wall street. We can have something big happen with leaders of nations and religion. There could be a major sexual scandal breaking the news under this influence, possibly about a political leader or a very high powered, prominent religious figure. We could find out more sordid things about the Penn State scandal. I don’t like mars on zosma for this. Like I said, zosma can show abuse, and when it’s involved in a grand trine with Pluto and Jupiter, it can be on a large scale and really ruthless.

Transiting asteroid, karma, is on dreaded algol right now.  Karma asteroid can indicate mass events having to do with karma. It being on algol makes me a bit worried, but it’s not a planet, so it may not be too bad. Remember my old article about Hurricane Irene when asteroid Irene was on algol? Well, it did show the hurricane, but nothing too bad happened. We had a grand trine then too and I really think that helped us out.  The grand trine then was  Jupiter, Sun/Moon, and Pluto.  That was a new moon and mercury was stationing direct, so there are some similarities there with the charts. More synchronicity – It’s abundant tonight for some reason. So, maybe something dire will happen, but it will turn out okay in the end, and we were just very worried for nothing like with Irene. We’ll see. Pluto is close to Facies, which can indicate earthquakes, so that’s possible. I hope not,  because algol can indicate major disasters as well. And like I said, the trine protected us last time, so it may do the same thing this time. I wonder if the tornadoes in the Midwest is represented by this?  Algol can represent brutality against females, especially sexual violence. That worries me because of the grand trine with mars, pluto and jupiter (venus is approaching too) and with mars being on zosma. I hope we don’t see some really horrific crimes against women in the news.

This grand trine can affect people by making them feel very empowered. That’s a good thing, and for many, that’s how it will play out. But for someone who’s already a bit Machiavellian, this energy can make them almost diabolical — really going overboard in their schemes. They could get caught, thus providing us with the shocking and sudden news I mentioned, or the beneficial nature of the trine can allow them to get away with it. A lot will depend on the person’s natal chart and how they’re being hit by this aspect. If you have any planets at 5-13 degrees of taurus, capricorn or virgo, you’ll feel this one the most. You can get a lot accomplished with this trine, but don’t go overboard. If you have any personal planets on 5-13 degrees scorpio, this configuration will be making a kite formation in your chart. A kite formation adds some tension to the easy energy of the grand trine. The tension will depend on which house the scorpio planets are in and rule, plus which houses and planets the grand trine is hitting. A kite can be a bittersweet type of experience. You will have extremely negative energy combined with extremely positive energy. It’s a push pull feeling. Good news, bad news types of talks and situations.

The grand trine becomes exact on March 13th, so the energy is beginning to build now, and will reach its peak on that day. The way you feel and what happens around this full moon will alert you to how this trine will play out for you. It’s also going to show what issues you’ll be dealing with during mercury retrograde, since mercury is stationing at this full moon. Mercury turns retrograde on March 12th. That’s the just the day before the grand trine perfects to exact. Wow, this is an important week coming up and this full moon will get the ball rolling! The full moon presages mercury retrograde and the grand trine. Mark March 12th down on your day planner — pay attention to what happens now, so you know what you’ll be dealing with until mercury turns direct on April 4th. Also look back to March 30, 2011-April 23, 2011, because mercury was also retrograde in aries back then. It was different degrees, but it’s in the same sign this retrograde cycle as well, so it will finish that particular story for you. At the very least, it will bring that story back up for you. Want to hear something interesting? Turns out that the last time I wrote a lunation column was — wait for it — during mercury retrograde in aries. And no, I didn’t plan that at all. How cool is that?! Synchronicity. Everything is a cycle. You can’t see those two columns on my site, because they accidentally got lost during the following retrograde, never to be seen again. The only reason I remember them is because their titles are sitting there in my saved drafts folder, but there’s no words to them. They have titles but blank pages. It’s like they’re mocking me. I hate that I lost them. I’d delete the “saved drafts” but I keep hoping that somehow, someday, I’ll find out a way to get them back. I really have no idea what happened to them. I didn’t edit them. Poof, just like that, they were gone! I was very upset. So be careful you don’t lose any important work since mercury is acting all crazy again. Back everything up now.

Buckle up, it’s going to be an exciting month!

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Pisces New Moon February 21, 2012

We have a lovely new moon in Pisces on Fomalhaut. I talked a bit about Fomalhaut recently. It’s generally considered a good star and is one of four of the Royal Stars. It’s about turning to more spiritual sides of things.

Legend: This constellation is said to commemorate the transformation of Venus into the shape of a fish on one occasion when bathing. [Robson*,] This to me, says it’s about metamorphosis, changing into something ethereal, which is probably why it’s said to make people turn from material pursuits to spiritual ones.

“It has a Mercury-Venus character with a blending of Neptune influence. According to tradition, this star is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. It is assumed, however, that the helpful influence is the greater one.”

After looking at the New Moon chart, it would seem that we’ll see the helpful influence because the heavens right now are better than they’ve been in a very long time. I’ll get into this more when I analyze the New Moon chart, but suffice it to say that a good influence is more likely given the aspects right now.

Then there’s this: “Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.78.”

So let’s get to the chart already!

Like every New Moon, the Sun and Moon are joined together in an exact conjunction which represents a beginning of something. The beginning will be wherever the house 2.42 Pisces falls in your chart. It will reach a culmination at the full moon in a few weeks which happens in the opposite house of your chart. This New Moon is so spiritual and dreamy, because not only are the Sun and Moon in Pisces, but they are conjunct Neptune and chiron in Pisces too. Then, mercury is also in Pisces, but it’s not in close aspect to the other Pisces planets, but the Pisces influence is still felt. So, we have a stellium in Pisces of the sun, moon, Neptune and chiron. Can you say, “Wow!” This is very soft and beautiful energy. A lot of healing can be had under this influence. All of this stellium is trine Saturn, so whatever healing is had now will last. Saturn is on the last degree of Libra, but turning back to look at what he missed. It’s also an ending degree, so something is ending. Fin. Maybe it’s pain or delusion or deceit. It’s all out in the open now and things will never go back to the way they were after this.

The Moon’s Nodes are square Mercury on Achernar: “Sudden success in public office, religious benefits, access to another realm.” The access to another realm makes sense with so much Pisces. The nodes square mercury can mean we change our minds about something. Maybe we have an epiphany. If anyone was ever going to have an epiphany, it would be with all of this Pisces energy! It fits with the New Moon on Fomalhaut as well — Turning material energy into spiritual energy, finding true meaning in what has eluded us and then ending that way of material and unenlightened behavior (saturn on an ending degree). The Moon, Sun, Neptune and chiron are all in easy aspect to Jupiter too. Ahh, such great energy, healing energy. This would be a great time to get creative and artistic.

I do think this will be a nice lunation, but I have to mention that sometimes Pisces and Neptune energy is negative, and when it is, it shows up as deception, lies, delusion, illusion, fraud and substance abuse. It’s chameleon energy when expressed this way, so some people may not be what they pretend to be.

There are only two rough spots in this chart. The first is Mars, which is still moving backwards in the sky, opposite Mercury in Pisces, so we may have a falling out because of our new epiphany — Others may not like it. And even though it’s healing energy, change is still hard, so we may feel a bit unsettled. We may not be sleeping that well right now. Epiphanies can do that to you, though, ya know. They’re so major.

The other difficult aspect is venus quincunx Mars retrograde. Maybe the things we realize cause a clash between striking out on our own and wanting to stay in the past where Mars retrograde is going.

And finally, Mars is going over the eclipse that occurred on December 10, 2011. You may be taken back to a situation from December 11th plus or minus a month, so think back to November 11th — January 11th, because Mars is activating that energy from the eclipse now. That could be rough depending on how that eclipse affected you. You would be affected by that eclipse if you have any planets on 14-23 Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo.

Enjoy this energy from this New Moon! Get creative, get spiritual, and get in tune with you.

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Fantastic Grand Trine is Coming!

Moon trine Pluto and Jupiter is coming this week…. Feelings will flow like wine. But lay off the wine, because with Neptune conjunct mercury and chiron, you don’t want to intensify all the feelings that are out there right now. The trine between the Moon and Pluto and Jupiter is definitely feel-good energy. It’s a great time for artists and creative types! Neptune conjunct mercury and chiron intensifies feelings and creativity. You might get some secrets shared with you with this lineup. Or you might find something out by stealth. Mercury is on Fomalhaut, a fairly nice star that denotes spiritual writings and feelings.If you write — write — and write from the heart. It will be spectacular. If you paint or compose music: ditto. This energy is too rare not to tap into. Even if you’re not the creative type, you may find yourself feeling more so, or it may just be a great time for you to get in touch with your feelings and talk about them to someone. If you’ve had a rupture in a relationship, this energy is fantastic to mend that burnt bridge, because people will be receptive to talking things out. This is within reason of course, I mean, if you purposefully ran someone down with your car, or did something really nasty that is basically unforgivable, this energy isn’t going to help. Then again, it would probably be the only chance you’d get for someone you did that to to hear you out. The energy of forgiveness with this bunch of planets is that strong!

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Did Mars on Denebola Damage the Roman Colosseum?

English: A 4x4 segment panorama of the Coliseu...

“It’s an enormous quantity of snow compared with what we normally get in winter and it’s had a heavy impact, the equivalent of a flood,” said Cavalera.

Brughitta agreed that conditions were exceptional: “Maybe every 30 years it gets this cold, but it’s very rare.”

I just talked about how Mars retrograde on Denebola can cause natural disasters in this article,

It’s possible that Mars on Denebola shows this. I’ll be relieved when Mars moves away from this degree, because natural disasters do seem to strike while it’s activated. Luckily, this was a mild form of a natural disaster and no lives were lost, but these landmarks are very important. I hope they can be made sound once again.

I think that Neptune  moving into Pisces can also be a cause of this. Neptune is water. When Neptune changes into a new sign it’s very potent and can herald natural phenomena, especially floods.

The Honduras Prison Fire that killed 358 people seems to have a Denebola feel to it as well. “Denebola” — it even sounds treacherous, like a disease, doesn’t it??

“The fire was one of the worst tragedies of its kind in decades in Latin America and focused renewed attention on the often poor conditions of prisons in the region.” (CNN)

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