Mars – Pluto Transits

This is a transit that evokes fear in many people. It is a scary transit at times and it can be a portend of danger — BUT that doesn’t mean it always is so. I always tell someone whose chart I’m reading to be more careful when I see this aspect, but most of the time, nothing so catastrophic happens. It can, which is why I warn, because I truly believe that taking precaution and being aware of something helps tremendously in many transits. Knowing is half the battle. A lot will depend on which houses this transit is hitting,  but in general it will be a combination of mars and pluto energies, which have a bad rep. Mars is action, aggression, males, sex and pluto is the underworld, shady characters, sex, power and manipulation . In the extreme, Pluto is death, but it’s usually just a figurative death. The aforementioned traits of mars and pluto were the negative ones. They both have positive attributes as well and I’ll get into that too.

So, what to do if you’re in the midst of a pluto square/conjunct/opposite mars transit besides avoiding dark and dangerous people and places?  Get into martial arts, yoga, kickboxing — any kind of exercise, especially exercise that releases anger and frustration and directs your power. Power, and the direction of it, is an important way to deflect some of that mars-pluto energy healthily, and hey, you’ll look amazing at the end of your transit! If exercise really isn’t your cup of tea, then read or watch very intense movies, shows or books. Think: True Crime, murder mysteries, conspiracy theories, etc. Throw yourself into something that is intense but not self destructive. Meditate. Take up Tai Chi. Have (safe) sex within a monogamous relationship. This is a bad time to sleep around because mars-pluto can also be STD’s. The idea is to sublimate this energy so you control it and it doesn’t control you. Which brings me to some positives of a pluto-mars transit….

You’ll have a lot of drive at this time. A lot. This is why I say to direct it into something positive. You don’t want people picking up on the seething undertones of this energy and acting it out for you. That’s a problem and where the danger lies. You can be very ambitious to the point of ruthlessness during a mars-pluto transit. Some of the most ruthless people have this natally. You may find yourself being more manipulative and ruthless at this time. If that happens, you need to find another outlet, because you don’t want to run roughshod over everyone and you may do it to the wrong person, which can be a dangerous situation. Enter the activities I mentioned above. You want to direct this energy, because even if you don’t act on it, it’s being thrown out there and someone else may act on it. A lot of people with this transit will find they’re involved in power struggles during this time whether they did anything to provoke it or not. I truly believe the best way to deal with it is to own the energy and direct it elsewhere. You can have tremendous power at this time and you can accomplish a great deal, but you need to take the high road or else.  You can be bullied or become a bully under this transit. It can cause you to feel restless, irritable and angry — this is another reason I recommend the things I did earlier during a Pluto transit. 

Mars also represents males, so you can have a power struggle with a man or men. This aspect can cause conflict with the law, either as the criminal (who me?! you ask) or as the victim. A man can become obsessed with you or you can become obsessed with a man at this time. Be careful of who you date at this time. Take things slowly and get to know the person well during this transit. This isn’t the time to jump feet first into a relationship. Or instead of these things happening to you, they can happen to a male close to you. A lot depends on the natal chart. 

You can suddenly find your guts at this time. A pluto-mars transit can make you very brave. Don’t become too brave, though, not to the point of recklessness. 

A woman can marry or get pregnant at this time as well! I’ve seen that too. Mars is the male in her life and mars-pluto can be birth. Pluto always transforms, so mars in aspect to pluto can show a transformation of your love life, like a marriage. Like I said, a lot depends on the natal chart and where this transit is happening, so it isn’t always a bad thing. 

Pluto transits are known as very hard transits, but they can be worked with and they don’t last forever. When it’s all over you will be a transformed person.

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6 Responses to Mars – Pluto Transits

  1. visitor says:

    until when does this transit last?

    • LillianStar says:

      This article is about personal transits of Pluto to mars, that is, it’s not an aspect that’s occurring now in the sky. If you have your natal mars at either 4-13 degrees of Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn, you are experiencing a Pluto-Mars transit. Ditto for those signs and degrees in your progressed chart. Otherwise, this article doesn’t apply to you right now personally.

      I hope this answers your question.


  2. visitor says:

    thank you, Lillian.

    so was this THE “Pluto-Mars-transit” mentioned previously
    in the “Whitney-meeting-Bobby” story?

    thank you! for the information on how we can cooperate with the natures of the stars.
    i never knew we can “substitute” the potent negatives with something else, and that these
    things are controllable at all. now i am wondering why we have so many astrologers and
    that they do not talk about these “fixed stars”? (am i correct with these Denebola etc…?)
    and how to handle it. how come nobody talks about it? i looked up to do more research
    so i do not drive you crazy with all there questions, but even google was not able
    to provide me more “astrological” info on this, say Denebola.

    i really appreciate you answering my questions, though i still do not know whats going on in my
    charts, so i will leave that all to you. but please may i ask you a couple more questions
    since i would like to know exactly what i am getting before making this purchase.
    i get 3 months forecast through each, “the transit chart and the progress chart”.
    if i were to order more in the future, do i need to order the both $50 for
    the each “the transit and the progress”? my natal needs to be done only once right?
    and what do you exactly mean when you say “don’t do depth reading”?

    thanks again and sorry i have to ask so much…

  3. LillianStar says:

    You’re welcome!

    “so was this THE “Pluto-Mars-transit” mentioned previously
    in the “Whitney-meeting-Bobby” story?”

    No, Whitney had a pluto square sun and venus transit when she met Bobby. She had Pluto square Mars when she passed.

    I think we can direct energies more positively when we’re aware of them. It also can help us to be on the lookout, so to speak.

    There aren’t too many astrologers that focus on fixed stars. It isn’t very mainstream right now, though there are a few of us.

    I don’t mind your questions at all!

    “since i would like to know exactly what i am getting before making this purchase.
    i get 3 months forecast through each, “the transit chart and the progress chart”.
    if i were to order more in the future, do i need to order the both $50 for
    the each “the transit and the progress”? my natal needs to be done only once right?
    and what do you exactly mean when you say “don’t do depth reading”?”

    Yes, your natal only needs to be done once because it is a static chart — it stays the same forever.

    It would depend on how long in between readings you went whether you’d need both a transit and progressed. A progressed chart really can go a year in between readings because it moves pretty slowly. The transits can be done more frequently, because the planets that are transiting it move at a quicker pace than the progressed planets.

    The “I won’t go into an in depth reading” refers to the fact that when you order a reading from me, I’m going to look at ALL of your charts to give you the most accurate reading and I may mention something I see in one of your other charts, but I’m not going to give you an in depth progressed analysis when you only ordered a transit report. The report you order WILL be in depth. But I’m going to compare it to your other charts to see if there’s a theme or something repeating to really hone in on what’s going on with you.

    Example: You order a transit report. I look at that and I see you have a saturn transit going on. I also see you have a progressed planet aspecting saturn, so I’m really going to focus on that saturn transit in your transit report because it’s very important since I see it in your progressed chart too.

    I hope this answers all your questions,


  4. visitor says:

    thank you so much Lillian!

    so either ways this “Pluto – Mars” thing talked about in previous Whitney story and the
    article posted on this page, are a bit different astrologically, but the same in the sense
    of being “not a good time to establish relationships” do you mean?

    and yes i will go on ahead and make the order for all 3 charts.
    thanks again :)

  5. LillianStar says:

    Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that anyone having a mars-venus/sun/mars transit shouldn’t establish a relationship, but you would want to be especially careful in choosing a partner and take it slowly, so you really know who you’re getting involved with. That’s sound advice all the time, but even more so during a pluto transit.


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