Reference for Houses in Your Chart

I’ve been meaning to do this for so long! I made a list of each house in the astrology chart and give a description of it, so you can refer to it when I write articles on the lunations (full/new moons/eclipses) retrogrades and planet transits. It’s pretty basic, but I think it will help a lot of people out.

1st House:

Also known as the Ascendant, AC, or rising sign.  This is one of the four angular houses. This house is your first impression to the world. It’s the face you present when you’re putting on your best face, like when meeting new people or on a date or on a job interview. It’s like the superficial you, but it’s actually deeper than that, because this is the person you really want to be and identify with on a deep level. You’re proud of this part of yourself. It’s also a big part of you, because it’s one your “Top Three.” The Top Three are your sun, moon and AC. These three make up “you.” The AC is your identity. The planet that rules it is your ruling planet which is an important part of your chart.

Ruling planets according to sign on the first house:

Aries: Mars

Taurus: Venus

Gemini: Mercury

Cancer: Moon

Leo: Sun

Virgo: Mercury

Libra: Venus

Scorpio: Pluto

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Capricorn: Saturn

Aquarius: Uranus

Pisces: Neptune

The sign, location, aspects and basic nature of this planet will be very important in the makeup of you. Any transits or eclipses to it will be very significant.

The sign of the AC is also important, but it’s beyond the scope of this article. I’ll write one on them at some point.

The 1st house describes your appearance, your health, your identity and how people perceive you.

2nd House

This is the house of your values, self-worth and self esteem, material assets, money and possessions. Your partner’s sexuality and assets.

3rd House

Rules siblings, local neighborhood and neighbors, mind, communications (oral and written), small appliances, autos, public transportation, and local travel. Your partner’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

4th House

Also known as the Imum Coeli or IC, nadir.  This is another of the angular houses. It’s the lowest point in the chart.  It rules, deep seated emotions, family and family environment, especially early childhood, women, health, the home, and depending who you ask, either the mother or the father. The partner’s career and social standing.

5th House

The house of children, sex, love and romance, entertainment and things you do for fun, creativity and creative works. Your partner’s friends and the groups they belong to.

6th House

The house of daily activities, your job (as opposed to a career), service, small animals and pets, health and hygiene, and work. Your partner’s secrets.

7th House

Also known as the Descendant or DC. An angular house. This is the house of your significant other, marriage partner(s), other people in general, open enemies, the law and lawsuits, love and partnerships. The partner’s AC, how they appear. This is also the house of other people’s, or your, projections.

8th House

This is the house of joint finances, the partner’s finances, sexuality, death, shared assets, taxes,  regeneration, transformation, other people’s money including loans, deep painful secrets, abuse, and instincts.

9th House

The house of philosophy, spirituality, far away places and travel, religion, the higher mind, higher education, the partner’s siblings, court cases, astrology.

10th House

Also known as the Midheaven, Medium Coeli or MC. An angular house. It’s the highest point in the chart. It represents our public image, reputation, career, authority,  and mother or father. The partner’s family and early home environment and their parents.

11th House

The house of hopes and wishes, the collective, others, friends, groups and societies, step children, the result of creative endeavors, technology, the internet and astrology.

12th House

The house of self-undoing, secret sorrows, mental illness, hospitals, prisons, institutions, fears, the soul, transcendence, unconditional love, selflessness, enlightenment,  subconscious mind, dreams, unrequited love, secret enemies, drugs, guilt, shame, the partner’s health and job.

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