New Reading Available!

I’m so excited to announce that there’s a new reading added to my available purchases! It’s called “Only The Important Stuff!”

It’s exactly that. Most of my readings are very long — anywhere from 7-20 pages depending on how active they are, (honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a report under 12 pages) but you don’t always need to know everything. Now you can get a reading that is 4-7 pages in length that tells you the most important things going on in your natal chart, transits, progressed chart, solar arcs, synastry or composite. I also do relocation charts. Fixed stars and the eclipses for a six month range are included in the report (except for synastry, but composite includes them).

Here’s a link to the new reading description.

I’m so excited because I think it’s very affordable at only $30 a reading and most people just want to know the important, pressing information anyway. You asked for it (I got a lot of requests for something like this) you got it!


PS — The eclipse is coming and I’m working on the article now, so expect it in the next week or so.

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