I’ve been doing astrology since I was a teen, before the internet and before it was as accepted as it is these days. (God, I sound old!) As the years went by, I became more interested in it and as a result became much better at it. My special interests are researching, especially criminal forensic astrology, predictive astrology and the fixed stars. My research in these areas has allowed me to be very good at interpreting transits and every other type of chart.

I offer readings at a very affordable price because I think people should have access to good astrology and not have to pay an exorbitant amount for it. I use astrology to help people which is why I do so much research — so I can be better at predictive astrology. I also think people should have a real person analyze their charts, and not a computer generated printout of generic information that can be found in any astrology book, which unfortunately is sometimes what you get when you purchase an astrological reading.  I analyze all charts myself and use my knowledge and skills I’ve honed over the years to give people insightful, complete and accurate chart readings.

Whether or not you purchase a reading, I do hope you enjoy my writings and they help you in your life and in understanding astrology!


2 Responses to About

  1. james teta says:

    Hi !!! I just discovered your site, and I like it !! How do you do the readings, because I dont have a phone, and I only use the computer at the library occasionally. Would you do a written analysis that could be mailed the old-fashioned way ??

    • LillianStar says:

      Hi James,

      Thank you, I’m glad you like my site! I normally do the readings via email, but I could snail mail one if you’d prefer that. I would just mail it instead of emailing it.

      But, if you wanted it emailed, if you have an email address, you could print it out at the library from your email. Just a thought. Either way is fine with me.


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