Saturn in Scorpio

On October 5, the Lord of Karma (Saturn) meets the Dark Lord of the Underworld (Pluto). They’ll merge together in a marriage of sorts when Saturn is in Scorpio for the next two years or so.

But back to the here and now. Saturn is on the last degree of libra for the rest of September until the first week of October. Saturn in libra was exalted and Saturn in libra was all about balance and relationships.

That is all about to change. Drastically. People aren’t going to diplomatic anymore,especially regarding relationships. With Saturn on the 29th degree of libra, things are at a breaking point, especially in the houses where Saturn is transiting And if it’s aspecting any personal planets in the natal. ( 25-30 libra, aries, and cancer, and Capricorn  and 0-5 Scorpio, Taurus, aquarius, and Leo).

These degrees will be feeling it the most, especially the early Scorpio planets, because the conjunction is the most powerful aspect in transits. The squares are the next difficult (Aquarius and Leo) and then the oppositions ( Taurus).

The trine will be either very good and easy or it can also be difficult. Much will depend on other transits at the time along with progressions.

There will be Sex scandals GALORE under Saturn in Scorpio! Saturn will bring karma and justice to people who have stolen money, power and anything to do with sex or servitude ie rape and any kind of trafficking. There will be another financial scandal the same magnitude as Enron.

Saturn in Scorpio is about exposing secrets and things long buried. Anything that falls under that classification is fair game.   It’s The Burning of Bridges and Dredging up of Skeletons placement.

A pandemic can happen while saturn is in Scorpio. It’s last foray brought us AIDS. So Scorpio. Sex and death, yeah, that’s about right. Bright side — we can have major breakthroughs in AIDS treatment now, maybe even a cure. AIDS is having its Saturn return. That will mean either more effective treatments or possibly a spike in AIDS cases. Whatever it means, there will be much publicity surrounding the disease while Saturn is in scorpio.

It could also show a new and different sexual disease, not necessarily deadly like AIDS. Or a new strain or mutation to the HIV virus.

There may be new legislation regarding rape now. Pluto and Saturn are in mutual reception so this makes sense.

I expect a renewed interest in the fight against organized crime. It will probably have a more current feel to it though, the more modern version of mob activities — whatever that is. I’m guessing in cyberspace. It could even represent death to the mob, but I doubt that, since organized crime has been around since the dawn of time. It could also show legalization of prostitution, but that’s more Pluto in Capricorn, and I do think we’ll see that during Pluto’s stay there. Saturn in Scorpio will just bring the topic more public, probably. I also think we’ll see legalization of some drugs, but again, that’s more Pluto in Capricorn likely.

Mafia, prostitution, and AIDS — Sharon Stone fits the bill for all three because: Casino, Casino, and her efforts to fight AIDS.

Saturn in scorpio can show major leaps in fighting deadly diseases. Maybe a new treatment or test for some of these diseases, like cancer or really any disease that’s without a cure.

Terrorism will take on new and more subversive tactics. There will likely be a major terrorist attack somewhere. I need to look at some countries’ charts to see if I can predict that.

The murder rate will change. It will either increase dramatically or decrease dramatically.

The Underground will be exposed in the next two years. It will be intense, thrilling and sometimes scary. So many secrets will be made public.

Relationships will become more deep, transformative and intense under Saturn in Scorpio, which will be quite a switch from saturn in libra.  Things can go dark — as in vengeance, stalking and power plays in relationships, this will be more likely in people having their saturn return, because they’ll need to confront and deal with their issues regarding these things.

But relationships won’t be the focus of Saturn in Scorpio like it was of Saturn in libra. It will resolve more around money, sex, secrets, death, crime and corruption because these are scorpio’s domain.

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