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Pisces New Moon February 21, 2012

We have a lovely new moon in Pisces on Fomalhaut. I talked a bit about Fomalhaut recently. It’s generally considered a good star and is one of four of the Royal Stars. It’s about turning to more spiritual sides of … Continue reading

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Fantastic Grand Trine is Coming!

Moon trine Pluto and Jupiter is coming this week…. Feelings will flow like wine. But lay off the wine, because with Neptune conjunct mercury and chiron, you don’t want to intensify all the feelings that are out there right now. … Continue reading

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Did Mars on Denebola Damage the Roman Colosseum?

“It’s an enormous quantity of snow compared with what we normally get in winter and it’s had a heavy impact, the equivalent of a flood,” said Cavalera. Brughitta agreed that conditions were exceptional: “Maybe every 30 years it gets this … Continue reading

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Well, Mars is Still Retrograde…

That’s right, you heard it here folks!  (I’m being sarcastic, because it has been retrograde since January 24 and it’s going to be retrograde until April 14.) During that time, it will stay in Virgo the entire time, so look … Continue reading

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December Eclipse Being Activated by Mars

The December 10, 2011 eclipse at 18 Gemini is being activated by transiting Mars right now. This means that things will happen now. If this eclipse hit a personal planet or point in your chart (19 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, … Continue reading

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Mars – Pluto Transits

This is a transit that evokes fear in many people. It is a scary transit at times and it can be a portend of danger — BUT that doesn’t mean it always is so. I always tell someone whose chart I’m reading to be … Continue reading

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Whitney Houston Death

I heard the sad news tonight of Whitney’s sudden death. I looked at her chart and here’s what I saw…. First, transiting mars is on her Mars/uranus midpoint. Mars/Uranus is sudden death here. Mars is also on her mars/pluto midpoint. … Continue reading

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