Venus in Gemini Retrograde 2012

Hello all!

This post is a tad late, because venus turned retrograde yesterday, May 15th, but I was all slumped over my depressing and scary eclipse column and unable to write it.

Venus turns retrograde on May 15th at 23.59 Gemini. When venus turns retrograde all the things connected with venus are affected in some way. Sometimes they’re just highlighted, but other times they’re a problem, and there are crises over these things.

So, what does venus rule?

Banking, finances, relationships, women, love, affection, beauty, objects d’art, art, music, artists and musicians, plastic surgery, clothing, cosmetics, things we do to improve our appearance, hairstylists, salons, spas, kidneys, ovaries, throat, thyroid, breasts, reproductive organs (internal, external is pluto), stock market, bankers, restaurants, food, chefs, luxury items, home building.

Any of these things may be a focus until June 27.

Old lovers can come back now. My advice is similar to the mercury rx advice I gave about this: wait. If once venus is direct, you want to be with this person, then it’s probably a real desire to do so. Often during venus rx, people are lonely, so they think back on the past and think they want something from then. They really believe it, but it’s not usually true. It’s more like a passing whimsy or residual love pain. In other words, it passes when the retrograde ends.

Please don’t decide to change your appearance radically under this influence. It may turn out okay, but much like relationships undertaken under a retro, once it turns direct you decide you don’t like it anymore. This retrograde is actually a stricture against plastic surgery. For elective surgeries you should wait until it’s direct. You also shouldn’t make big ticket purchases now, because later you may regret it. You could find yourself buying something tacky, but you don’t realize it at the time. Oh, le sigh.

Retrogrades are usually times of very fated and karmic times for people. Interestingly, venus is conjunct asteroid karma right now, so things are VERY fated and karmic. With venus in gemini, I feel we could have communication issues in relationships, since gemini is ruled by mercury which controls communication. We could also have issues of deception, cheating, and lies being uncovered now, because gemini and mercury are a  dualistic sign/planet. We can find out that people aren’t who we thought they were. We can also realize our feelings about someone is changing. We may feel more flirtatious, or our partner may, and this can cause issues of jealousy and arguments. Feelings in relationships can be flighty and all over the place right now.  People can be fickle in romance now.

Women are very much affected by venus retrograde, since it rules women. Women’s emotions and thinking may be a bit skewed right now just as men are affected adversely during a mars retrograde. The way around this is to think things through completely when making big decisions.

Venus is trine saturn in libra so things may feel heavy, but possibly in a good way since saturn in libra is exalted and on spica, a very fortunate star. Commitments can be made under this influence, but the retro motion is a bit dicey. It could mean that the commitment changes somehow in the future. We have moon in aries joined with uranus which can spell fierce emotions. It can also show arguments and separations that are sudden. Moon is trine the north node, so whatever happens is destiny.

The ruler of venus, mercury, is in taurus and involved in a grand trine with mars and pluto.

Remember that grand trine we had in March? Well it’s just like that, but take out Jupiter and throw in Mercury, so instead of jupiter things being represented, we have mercury things at work. Mercury things are communications, siblings, travel, cars, trains, boats, airplanes etc. All of these things are being supported by the trine to mars and pluto. Trines are basically good, but they give a lot of free flowing energy which can be used for good or bad. It’s a strong facilitator of energy — how that energy plays out is dependent upon the people involved. So, if you find out something decide how you’ll react to it and how you’ll use it. It looks like a lot of info will be up for grabs right now because we are in a period of mercury overload with all of the gemini influences abounding. People will find stuff out now. Big stuff.

We have sun on algol which I went into on the eclipse thread, so I don’t want to belabor that, especially since algol is so fearsome. Suffice it to say that it’s a good time to be very careful, especially if you’re a woman. Jupiter is approaching algol too, so even more reason to be cautious. Algol properly channeled can be creativity.

Just know that if a relationship is strong, no astrological influence will bring it down, and  relax, it’s only a month….

Key Dates

May 15th – Venus turns rx at 23.59 gemini.

June 27th – Venus turns direct at 7.29 gemini.

Who will be most affected personally by this:

People with planets or angles at 19-29 gemini, 19-29 virgo, 19-29 sagittarius, 19-29 pisces.

And: 2-12 gemini, 2-12 sagittarius, 2-12 virgo, 2-12 pisces.

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12 Responses to Venus in Gemini Retrograde 2012

  1. Ruchira.Sehgal says:

    hahahaha Whenver I feel something strange I expect a column from you. :) wonder if these planets only have predicted influnces on me. :) however it is, you are always bang on

  2. Lisa says:

    LOVE this post LillianStar! Shared, and hope to link with my article so you can get more readers!

  3. Pamela says:

    Thank you so much for your informative website and blog – this is one of the best posts I’ve seen re: Venus in retro. Do you think, during this time it’s ok to go on Plastic Surgery consultations, or is that best avoided to? That is, is it a disadvantageous time to make any decisions based on appearances too? Or just having procedures done? Thank you!

    • LillianStar says:

      You’re so welcome! Thank you for the compliment!

      It’s fine to go on consults. It’s actually a perfect use of this time. Just don’t schedule anything until it turns direct.

    • Lisa says:

      I totally agree with LilianStar! A couple of other things to check is that Mars is in a good sign for surgery, and making a good aspect to the Moon, preferably dark or new in a sign not ruled by the area of the surgery (i.e. not Cancer for breast surgery, not Aries for facial surgery).

      • LillianStar says:

        Yes, she’s right. There’s a lot involved with surgery charts. For PS, make sure venus is not in detriment or fall and is making good aspects in the chart and to your chart. You’ll also want transits making good aspects to your venus and AC.

      • Pamela says:

        Thank you LillianStar and you too Lisa! This is great – I really appreciate it!!! I will definitely check out the position of Mars when scheduling, as well as whether or not Venus is in detriment or fall or making negative transits to my chart…AND to check my Ascendent! Thank you soo much! :-)

      • LillianStar says:

        You’re welcome, doll.

  4. jeanice says:

    Now I understand why my high school lover phoned me with his first words being, ” Hi Jeanice, how have the last 25 years been treating you?”

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