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I heard the sad news tonight of Whitney’s sudden death. I looked at her chart and here’s what I saw….

First, transiting mars is on her Mars/uranus midpoint. Mars/Uranus is sudden death here. Mars is also on her mars/pluto midpoint. Mars is retrograde right now and is moving at the rate of molasses in winter. It’s also hitting the eclipse point, but more on that later.

She has a lot in her 12th house right now. That can indicate drugs and/or mental illness. Sun, mercury and neptune are all in there stirring up buried feelings that are the not so nice type. Chiron is on her AC, a painful wounding for all to see.

Pluto is square her mars and it’s exact. Mars rules her 2nd house so I’m wondering if it had something to do with her throat. I see an indication of throat in the progressed chart too, because her Progressed AC is on algol. Ouch! That could be throat or head, but algol is bad in general. Maybe she suffocated or had a stroke or hit her head. Like I said, mars is on the mars/uranus and mars/pluto midpoint so an accident is possible. Uranus rules her 12th house, so it could definitely be drugs. The 12th house rules drugs, but it also rules illness, mental and physical. Suicide is a possibility with the 12th house and mars/uranus, mars/pluto.  I doubt they’d ever tell us if it was a suicide….

The eclipse hit her IC very closely and mars is now at that spot. The IC is health and also the manner of death. Mars is not only hitting the eclipse point on 19 gemini, but it’s square her IC. Mars can indicate a fever or an accident or even anger and irritability. Mars indicates rash actions.

Pluto is square her progressed venus. Let’s not forget her progressed AC was on algol which is all manners of death and nastiness and venus is her progressed chart ruler. Pluto may have touched that hot spot off.

Saturn is on her mars/neptune midpoint which is another drug or mental illness marker. She also has mars conjunct neptune in her progressed 6th house of her health. That’s another possible drug or mental illness indicator. Transiting mars is right on her progressed mercury in the 5th house. Mars rules her progressed 12th house (again with the 12th house) and the 5th is also drugs and drinking. I’m strongly seeing this theme emerge. I also see a 2nd house connection here too, which makes me wonder if her self esteem was in the toilet for some reason. I read that Bobby had a concert tonight and I wonder if that bugged her. I mean, her career is over, but HE can still sing?! That must have hurt, because he introduced her to drugs and she lost her voice. HE was the bad one, so why is he able to still sing and her voice is ruined?? I imagine her feeling angry and really destroyed over that injustice. That fits progressed AC on algol emotionally and physically.  Venus and algol rule the throat, ie her voice and it’s ruined! The 2nd house is also the throat (her voice). It’s gone and she is distraught over it. Suicide or drugs fits the algol and the lost voice and Bobby not losing his and her sudden suicide or excessive drug taking due to such raw emotions.

Her natal AC is on the body in the ditch degree, lovely right? I don’t make up the names of the stars! Anyway, its ruler is neptune which is on another malefic degree, 13 scorpio in her 8th house, so it would almost seem fated she died of a drug or mental illness issue. The 13th degree of scorpio with neptune is associated with depression, drugs, and suicide and danger connected to water.

That’s my take on it anyway.

So I looked at her synastry with Bobby Brown and I was stumped. I’m not gonna lie — I don’t understand why or how they were even together, let alone so long. When I looked at their synastry and composite I was all like, huh??  Was this some kind of  “arrangement?”  I mean, I was really surprised. I expected to see a lot of connections, though I’d also expect to see a lot of hard, karmic aspects that I normally find in a relationship like theirs — they didn’t have one Pluto contact!! I  do see the chaos, and that was probably the draw for them. The mars/uranus and sun opposite sun in the synastry is most likely what this relationship was about — passion and chaos.  The progressed contacts brought them together, saturn contacts kept them together, but it’s just too bad that their synastry wasn’t more solid, because this was a nightmare relationship except for the attraction and I’m guessing it worked out karmic issues for them as well.  They have the infamous (in astrological circles) mars square saturn which is a major indicator of abuse. His moon creates a yod out of her saturn sextile moon. This makes me wonder if he fed off some past abuse or insecurity she had which made it easy to get her to use drugs and to keep her in line.

When she met Bobby Brown, the fateful romance which would send her down into drug addiction and ruin her career, he had progressed sun applying to a conjunction on her AC, his Progressed DC was on her Venus and applying as well. His Progressed moon was on her IC too!  His progressed venus is exactly trine her natal jupiter and trine her natal sun although that is separating. Her Progressed AC was trine his progressed venus. Her progressed venus is trine his natal AC. Ironically, when they met her progressed mars was right on spica, a wonderful star. Since mars ruled her AC at the time, I’m thinking it was showing her incredible success and recognition at the time. It does show her meeting someone important too. Mars on the progressed DC indicates that often. And she did meet someone important. They married and had a child, but they also had one hell of a karmic relationship that ruined her career and her life. I suppose part of that was her destiny. She had freewill and should have left earlier, but it was her life.  This shows the attraction and strong emotional bond I fail to see in their synastry and composite. I almost never see a chart that doesn’t have astro indicators all over the place. It’s so common that when it doesn’t happen I’m stunned. Like right now.  This was supposed to be a great, albeit tragic love, but it doesn’t show up. It looks like a fling. I HATE to say that, but it doesn’t show a great love and it doesn’t even show that spellbinding karmic attachment — there’s virtually no pluto connections which I expected to see in this karmic relationship. There was a neptune contact with her neptune  square his sun, but that’s it for neptune in synastry, though it makes an appearance in composite with a sun neptune conjunction which totally fits. They have a lot of planets in composite on very notorious fixed stars which didn’t surprise me. I expected that.

I don’t mean to be malicious and trash her relationship, and I actually wouldn’t mention it at this time, but I’m hoping someone reading this may learn something and not end up destroyed like Whitney did.  If the progressions are fab, but the synastry has very little or no nice ties and the person isn’t up to par, just walk. Or at least just have a fling. Don’t get serious with that person. Saturn contacts are talked about so much because they indicate a long relationship, but saturn contacts, even the easy ones are hard. You need more than saturn contacts to have a decent relationship. What good is a long relationship if it’s hell and a burden? Remember that saturn is restriction, gravity, karma and suffering too. That’s why you need some feel good aspects to lighten things and make being together happier and not all gloom, doom and duty. His sun and mercury were in her 12th house. He was literally her undoing. They have NO mercury contacts. They have NO venus contacts except for a wide (over 5 degrees) opposition and a square to mars which is also wide (over 5 degrees)– most astrologers wouldn’t even count these due to the orbs. I’m not even counting them, but I’m literally grasping at straws here. They have two moon contacts, her moon to his sun, sextile and her moon conjunct his saturn. The moon saturn isn;t even a personal contact, so you really only have one moon contact.  Now you can see why I was so baffled. They essentially have no personal planet contacts whatsoever. I expected their composite to be uh-mazing, but nope, dud city. I really think the saturn contacts kept them together. Unhappily. And of course I mentioned I see the attraction (lust) factor here, but that isn’t enough and honestly, they don’t even have that much of that! They have mars sqaure sun and saturn and mars conjunct uranus and jupiter. That’s it. Those and the sun sextile moon and sun square neptune are the only aspects they have. Obviously it wasn’t enough or they wouldn’t have been so unhappy and destroyed one another. No, this was a compulsive relationship. I’m guessing that saturn kept them together due to bondage. This wasn’t even let’s stay together for the kids or for money or anything like that, not really, this was let’s stay together because I need this pain in my life and we have this drug thing together.

So I did more digging. I always dig when I don’t see what I always see in astrology, because it doesn’t make sense, and astrology always makes sense. I almost never have to dig — it’s that accurate. When Whitney met Bobby she was going through a pluto transit. Surprised? Not me. This. Makes. Sense.  Of course she’d meet him when pluto was square her sun and venus. He was the bad boy and with this pluto transit that’s exactly what appealed to her. If she’d known about astrology and had a good astrologer, they would have warned her that she could meet a bad man during this transit and she could’ve been on the lookout to avoid someone like that. I would have warned her. Pluto destroys. Bobby-Brown-relationship is to Whitney Houston’s life,  what pluto is to sun and venus, ’nuff said. NN was in her 12th house of self undoing. Uh huh. Saturn and neptune were quincunx her venus. Mmhmm. Neptune, saturn, and uranus were square her mars. Yup.  Fits. Ahh, I even see it in her solar return for that year. *Sigh*

He fits her potential marriage partner because he was younger and she has mercury conjunct her DC with virgo on the DC. The DC ruler is on zosma, which is basically abuse. It’s noted for abuse and he was abusive. It’s also conjunct pluto tightly which shows abuse, power struggles and a controlling partner. Pluto in the 7th house points to a high likelihood of an abusive partner. Uranus is right on the DC which shows a crazy and unstable partner and marriage, mars is there too which indicates a stormy and volatile relationship and partner. Uranus on the DC also shows she would possibly divorce.

Her sun and mars which are indicators of the marriage partner are both on pretty bad fixed stars. Mars is on Vindemiatrix: “It gives falsity, disgrace, stealing, wanton folly.” (Robson) On mars: “Rash, headstrong, indiscreet, energetic, trouble through law, business and friends” (Robson).  These both describe Bobby well.

Sun is on Alterf: “acts of disgrace, destruction, deceit, imprisonment, beating.”(Robson).  Bobby while married to Whitney to a T.

It’s all there folks. That’s why it’s so important to know what possible pitfalls lie in your chart, because you do have freewill and things can be avoided.

I can’t believe I just did all that synastry stuff…. sooo didn’t intend to do that but sometimes when I start looking into charts I go overboard. Actually, I do that all the flippin’ time. :)  Since Whitney’s life was forever marred by this relationship, and it may have contributed to her death, I had to look into it, and it’s so sad. I bet if she could go back and do it all over again she’d never be in that relationship to begin with or she would’ve left at the first sign of trouble. It’s just tragic and now I’m sad for her and all she could’ve been.

RIP Whitney.

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16 Responses to Whitney Houston Death

  1. Kia Gardner says:

    hi lillian,
    do you interpret charts for other people? if so, what is your fee?

    thank you,

    • lillianstar says:

      Hi Kia,

      Yes, I do readings for others. Thank you for your interest! WordPress doesn’t have an option for paypal buttons, so I’m actually working on moving to a new server. In the past, and in the meantime, people send me payments through Paypal. My PayPal email is lillian.star@aol.com If you’re not familiar with sending payments this way, here’s a link to PayPal where it tells you how to do it. It’s very simple and PayPal is very secure, since I don’t get to see your bank or credit card numbers.

      Link to learn how to send money via PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/

      I try very hard to keep my prices reasonable because I truly want to help people. I believe I have a gift and a duty to help people with it.

      For a Transit Report I charge $50. This will include a three month transit report, paying special attention to major transits and their themes. Since transits don’t exist in a vacuum, I will look at your natal chart and progressions to see if any transits are especially important and that will help me to know even more what you are to expect. Like I said in the Whitney post, I can’t help but dig. :) I need the whole picture (I’m very plutonian!). So that will help me get a better picture, but I won’t do an in depth natal reading or progressed reading for this report, I will however use them to help me see what is coming down the pike for you and your transits and include that in my transit reading. I will always include eclipses and fixed stars in the report.

      For a Progressed Chart reading I will read it as a stand alone chart and in relation to the natal chart, ie, I will read the progressed chart alone and also compare it to your natal chart. I will include fixed stars and eclipses as well. This report is also $50.

      For a Solar Return chart I will read it as both a stand alone chart and compare it to natal, using fixed stars as well. This report is $35

      Relationships Readings

      I will look at synastry and composite and compare to natals, look at fixed stars, transits and eclipses. I will also compare both people’s progressed charts: Progressed to progressed and progressed to natal. Since I’m doing so many charts, and also including transits, this is the most time consuming out of all the readings. This reading is $130.

      If you would like just a synastry or just a composite or just progressed to progressed/natal for relationships, then that could be done and would less expensive. That reading would be $65

      For a natal chart interpretation with the fixed stars and general natal reading that would be $50 I will go over your strong points and weak points and look at possible careers and what your relationships are like etc. It will be a full natal chart reading but without transits and eclipses.

      Right now, people send me an email at lillian.star@aol.com and let me know which report they want and then send the payment through Paypal. Please include the date of birth(s) in MM/DD/YYYY format and include a time of birth (if you have one) and a place of birth (city/state) and country if outside of the USA.

      I think if you shop around you’ll see that my prices are very fair.

      • Kia Gardner says:

        hi lillian, thank you for your reply! i would like to know what the difference is between a transit chart and a progressed chart…as in, what information does it tell you as opposed to a natal chart.

        also, can you see karmic past information from a composite chart? i am most interested in you doing a composite chart for me.


      • lillianstar says:

        Hi Kia,

        I don’t want to get too technical so I’m going to try to give you a very simple answer so it’s not too confusing.

        A transit chart is how the current planets are affecting your natal chart. A progressed chart is your natal chart evolving throughout time, internally. They are both predictive. They are both important, but in my opinion, transits trump progressions slightly.

        The natal is the chart you’re born with and is very important, but you need transits and progressions for predictive techniques. When certain planets hit certain natal points, they create action.

        It is definitely possible to see why two people have come together, karmically, from a composite.

        I hope this helps!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whitney had a t square at birth. Transiting Saturn was sitting on it. On all three ends of it, total on top of four planets as sun/ven make up the LEO end.

    • lillianstar says:


      I don’t count that as a T square because the orb from neptune to saturn is too wide at 7 degrees. If it was to a luminary (sun or moon) I’d count it. Transiting Saturn wasn’t sitting on anything in her natal. Are you thinking of a different chart for her perhaps?

  3. Somebody necessarily help to make significantly articles I might state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this particular publish amazing. Wonderful process!

  4. visitor says:

    interested in applying for my charts but i know nothing…
    so is it that i need the natal plus the transit and progressed?
    is it like it should come in this set of 3 for future predictions
    further to domestic characters?

    • LillianStar says:


      Are you looking for a predictive reading, like wanting to know what’s in store for you in the future? If so, yes, a natal and transits and progressions would be very helpful. You could start out with the natal and transits, but if you want a full analysis the transits plus progressions would be your most complete reading.

      Please let me know if this helped and if you have any other questions regarding readings. Please click on this link to order a reading.



      • visitor says:

        thank you Lillian, so many options from world full of these charts sold, trying to figure out where i can draw from. i like people whom are dedicated, as you prefer to interpret whole figure and the truth. plus i used to have a good friend in my childhood with the name “Lillian” which i had never met between her and you.
        i am not much familiar with astrological terms and the structure. can my questions
        be answered along with the order i make for my 3 charts?

      • LillianStar says:

        You’re welcome. Aww, I’m glad I remind you of an old friend somehow, that’s sweet! I think that your questions would be answered by the transits and progressions since that will show what’s going on and what the themes of your life are now and will be in the future. You can also let me know what your questions are when you order and I will pay special attention to those areas.


  5. RJ Smith says:

    Hi Lillian; Thanks for your Whitney article, you are a technical wizard at reading/analysis! The extra work you put into her synastry was very elucidating…Whitney’s fame and fortune, I feel, was exactly what a drug-oriented relationship shouldn’t be afforded, it allowed her addiction propensity unlimited access and activity. Forget about the additional thrills that a wealthy, public lifestyle would add to the mix. Those attractions would surely allow the continuation of an otherwise hellish relationship. One snort or puff or sip of the all-enveloping ritual and substance. I know she was worn from it, it’s maddening to read your information of what a rotten person Bobby is. No one else I’ve seen speaks about what a major destructive force he was in her life. And, actually worse, her career. So many are quick to dismiss this artist’s staggering achievement and brilliant talent, (pre-Bobby) as “She was a crack-head, her fault, so-what”…I’m hearing Whitney singing “It’s not right, but it’s okay” in my head again now. Wow, that’s enough for now, I’d say!…Hey, great to find you! I look forward to maybe getting personal info/insight from you! God Bless.

    • LillianStar says:

      Thank you!

      It’s all just soo sad. I sometimes wonder if people just took one different turn, what would their life be like. I didn’t want to blame Bobby completely, but he was definitely a catalyst for her demons and I truly believe he was a great force in her demise. They had such volatile connections in their synastry. It was all mars and uranus with one nice sun sextile moon thrown in. Couldn’t have been good for either of them.

      I don’t like when people say, “Oh well. Another drug addict died.” These are PEOPLE. People tend to forget that, especially when it’s a celebrity. She deserves our compassion and also should serve as a warning. The news coming out after my article was written is they found prescription drugs, so no crack. That affects everyone, because a lot of people take psychiatric meds and they can be dangerous. We’ll have to wait for the tox screen, but I won’t be surprised if it’s all just RX stuff. Still a shame. Maybe more of a shame.

      I’m glad you found me too and hope you do get some insight from me and/or my blog!

      God Bless you too.


  6. *Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this website needs much more consideration. I’ll probably be again to read much more, thanks for that info.

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