Did Mars on Denebola Damage the Roman Colosseum?

English: A 4x4 segment panorama of the Coliseu...

“It’s an enormous quantity of snow compared with what we normally get in winter and it’s had a heavy impact, the equivalent of a flood,” said Cavalera.

Brughitta agreed that conditions were exceptional: “Maybe every 30 years it gets this cold, but it’s very rare.”   http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/15/world/europe/italy-snow-damage-colosseum-monuments/index.html?hpt=hp_c1

I just talked about how Mars retrograde on Denebola can cause natural disasters in this article, https://lillianstar.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/well-mars-is-still-retrograde/

It’s possible that Mars on Denebola shows this. I’ll be relieved when Mars moves away from this degree, because natural disasters do seem to strike while it’s activated. Luckily, this was a mild form of a natural disaster and no lives were lost, but these landmarks are very important. I hope they can be made sound once again.

I think that Neptune  moving into Pisces can also be a cause of this. Neptune is water. When Neptune changes into a new sign it’s very potent and can herald natural phenomena, especially floods.

The Honduras Prison Fire that killed 358 people seems to have a Denebola feel to it as well. “Denebola” — it even sounds treacherous, like a disease, doesn’t it??

“The fire was one of the worst tragedies of its kind in decades in Latin America and focused renewed attention on the often poor conditions of prisons in the region.” (CNN)

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6 Responses to Did Mars on Denebola Damage the Roman Colosseum?

  1. visitor says:

    Dear Lillian
    when does this Denebola move away from this degree of Mars?
    we (in Japan) have been experiencing medium size (M4- M5) class earthquakes
    by Mt.Fuji recently, and concerned that it may trigger volcano explosion
    which last occurred in December 16, 1707.
    as you may be aware, our mass earthquake incident on 3/11 happened
    the next day after a big transit made by a major planet (forgot which one).

  2. LillianStar says:


    It will be out of range on the 19th or 20th. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing earthquakes.It was helpful of you to provide that date, because I looked it up and gave it a cursory glance, and the moon was on Denebola on that date in 1707. Jupiter was anaretic (a critical degree) at 29 Virgo too though, and since it (Jupiter) was in earth (Virgo) that can show a possibility of an EQ.

    For the March 11, 2011 EQ, nothing was on Denebola, but Neptune was anaretic on 29 Aquarius and Uranus was also anaretic on 29 Pisces. I blame the Uranus point, because it was on Scheat which is associated with catastrophes and it was square the nodes which can be dicey for world affairs. Uranus was only minutes away from entering Aries which is a major big deal too. That’s probably what you read about. Moon was on Algol which is associated with mass catastrophes as well. Moon was square the anaretic Neptune and sextile the anaretic Uranus on Scheat, setting up a perfect storm so to speak.

    Right now, nothing is anaretic, but Neptune just moved into Pisces and that can portend some catastrophes, but I’d think more water related since it’s Neptune. Pluto is on Facies and that can indicate EQ’s, but it’s moving away now.

    Stay safe!

  3. visitor says:

    so this degree of “29” is no good for all angles created by any signs or stars?
    information on the transits of major planets are somewhat more easily to be accessed
    but how can i know about details and dates on these fixed stars which has
    major influences just as well?

    there are many methods of prediction for earthquakes here that we are working on
    but i am starting to think astrological predictions could be way more potent.
    so many things and people could be saved only if we can be updated with any kind
    of helpful information prior to incidents.

    also i asked Susan Miller via twitter (where she responds to followers on a topic or questions)
    that when she mentions “plus minus 4 days” (which randomly mentioned)
    if it is a general thing to think + – 4 days for any transits or any dates when certain angles occur.
    she never answered me but this is pretty important isn’t it?

    on this 19 or 20 should i think + – 4 days as well?

  4. LillianStar says:


    The 29th degree, or anaretic as astrologers call it, is a critical degree. It usually points to major developments where it falls. In world affairs, when an outer planet is on this degree it is considered important for world affairs because it is about to change signs and enter a new sign. The faster moving planets are anaretic more often because they move faster and they change signs frequently. The outer planets change signs less frequently since they move so slowly. This is why you’ll hear astrologers commenting on Pluto, Neptune and Uranus being anaretic and changing signs so fervently. It is considered more significant for world events and the things they rule. Saturn is also important when it changes signs, but that happens about every two years or so.

    I agree astrology is helpful in predicting earthquakes and catastrophes. It’s difficult to know where they’ll hit though. Sometimes I can tell that from an eclipse, but that’s not 100%, obviously.

    I am guessing that when Susan Miller mentions +/- four days she’s talking about the faster moving planets like the Sun, mercury, venus and/or she’s mentioning people born within a certain time frame, because their sun will be in orb to a certain planet that she’s talking about.

    For the fixed stars it would depend on which planet is hitting one. Different planets move at different rates and you have to take the retrograde into account or if the planet is moving slowly. Astro.com has an ephemeris which you can look at to see when a planet moves away from a particular point.


  5. Carla says:

    Hello there, I actually liked viewing the info on your internet-site. Appreciate it

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