Fantastic Grand Trine is Coming!

Moon trine Pluto and Jupiter is coming this week…. Feelings will flow like wine. But lay off the wine, because with Neptune conjunct mercury and chiron, you don’t want to intensify all the feelings that are out there right now. The trine between the Moon and Pluto and Jupiter is definitely feel-good energy. It’s a great time for artists and creative types! Neptune conjunct mercury and chiron intensifies feelings and creativity. You might get some secrets shared with you with this lineup. Or you might find something out by stealth. Mercury is on Fomalhaut, a fairly nice star that denotes spiritual writings and feelings.If you write — write — and write from the heart. It will be spectacular. If you paint or compose music: ditto. This energy is too rare not to tap into. Even if you’re not the creative type, you may find yourself feeling more so, or it may just be a great time for you to get in touch with your feelings and talk about them to someone. If you’ve had a rupture in a relationship, this energy is fantastic to mend that burnt bridge, because people will be receptive to talking things out. This is within reason of course, I mean, if you purposefully ran someone down with your car, or did something really nasty that is basically unforgivable, this energy isn’t going to help. Then again, it would probably be the only chance you’d get for someone you did that to to hear you out. The energy of forgiveness with this bunch of planets is that strong!

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