April Full Moon in Libra, April 6, 2012 & Mercury Turning Direct & Mars About to Turn Direct.

The energy is a bit chaotic and emotional right now. We have so much going on, big stuff. Two planets are stationing to turn direct — Mars and Mercury, plus we have a full moon, and venus is beginning to slow down to turn retrograde as well. Whew. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling not so special right now, because chances are, no one else is either.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that soon mercury and mars will be direct again, finally — mars has been retrograde since January 24th and  Mercury has been retrograde since March 12th.   More bad news though, venus will turn retrograde May 15th.  I’ll be writing an article on that in the near future. But — the next good news is that we won’t have any retrogrades after venus ends until the middle of July, and it’s mercury again.  I don’t want to downplay mercury retrograde at all, but it goes retrograde three-four times a year, whereas mars and venus only retrograde every two years or so, so they’re a much bigger deal and felt much more strongly. When planets station to turn retrograde or direct they’re at their most powerful. We feel them much more than during the entire retrograde time, assuming they weren’t hitting a planet of ours during that time, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. Anyway, we’re collectively feeling mars and mercury more now than ever. Add in the full moon and it can be very tense indeed.

So the full moon….it happens April 6th at 17 degrees libra. It’s on the fixed star, “Seginus: Business, astrology, law, loss through friends, deceitful, shameless.” Despite the rather ominous description, it’s considered a fortunate star with mercury, venus and saturn qualities. Since libra is a social sign, concerned with romance and diplomacy, these qualities will be emphasized right now. We may feel they are lacking, wiped out by the moon. There could be a peace treaty in one of the hot zones shortly after this moon, maybe Syria? I’d need to look at Syria’s chart, and frankly I don’t feel like it, ha. I’m usually gung ho when it comes to research but I’m feeling wiped out right now. There aren’t a lot of aspects going on in this chart. The most important and closest one is a T-square  of mars opposing neptune and both square to venus in gemini. I warned about this aspect in one of my twitter posts since we’ve been having it for a little bit now. This is what I tweeted: Neptune is opposite mars. Think before acting out in anger. Feelings may be hazy and misconstrued. You may see deception where there’s none. It can create feelings and situations where we are irrationally angry or believe we are being deceived when we aren’t. Additionally, it can be energy where we deceive ourselves or others. It’s not good energy to get the facts because it’s very hard to see the facts under these conditions. It’s like driving through fog. It’s best to wait for it to clear before we come to any conclusions or take any actions. This aspect will be in operation for awhile because of the retrograde, so the only thing to do is to think things through very well and it always helps to get an unbiased opinion. When in doubt, go with tangible evidence here because mars in bad aspect to neptune can make people paranoid and see intrigues when there are none. Everyone is feeling this aspect since it’s a collective one and not a personal transit.

Venus square mars is a very sexy and passionate aspect. It can make people go out there and actively look for love. It can spice up dormant relationships too. In the negative, it can cause arguments from jealousy and infidelity, real or imagined. It can also cause fighting over money. Venus is in gemini, so people are more flirtatious, enter the fights over jealousy. In gemini, venus is witty, chic and coquettish, but also frivolous and duplicitous. There can be more than one love with venus in gemini, gemini is indecisive. Venus is also square neptune. This is the unrequited love aspect. Crushes are easy to come by now. We can be deceived in love now because we want to be — venus-neptune wants to believe the lies. Remember that fog I spoke about, now the fog pertains to love issues and women. So we have a double whammy right now — both men and women are easily deceived now, because both mars (men) and venus (women) are in negative aspect to neptune, the ultimate demagogue. Neptune has a good side too, just like every planet, and true, unadulterated love and romance can occur under this influence. Tricky? Yes, but that’s life. Listen to your heart and your head and believe only tangible things: actions and evidence.

Venus is on the south node right now and it’s also conjunct asteroid karma, so there’s a lot of karmic happenings surrounding love, especially since venus is going to turn retrograde soon. Venus is also the outlet of the nebulous energy of the T-square, so I’m thinking that a lot of the paranoia and confusion is concerning love and relationships. This is a time when relationships can undergo strain and even end due to jealousy and infidelity. However it’s also a time when you can meet a fated love, since the nodes are involved. The south node is especially karmic and it has a more negative connotation than the North Node. The North Node is considered growth while the South Node is considered the past. The South Node is usually considered an indication of past life karma, if you  believe in that.

Mercury will have just turned direct a few days ago (April 4th) when we have the full moon, so it’s direct and in pisces in the full moon chart.  If you were going to find something major out, it would be around this time. Things will begin to move in the house where you had mercury retrograde which is early 23 pisces – 6 aries. You may have had some confusion regarding the affairs of this house since March 12th. If so, it will begin to become clearer now and in the next few weeks.

Once mars turns direct on April 14th, the house that has virgo in it will begin to really take off. Mars has been in virgo since November (!!!) so this house is where you’ve been focusing all of your time and energy. With mars retrograde there, it would’ve felt like you were taking two steps back for every step forward. There will be a shift in those matters after April 14th. Mars will stay in virgo for many months, traveling back over the degrees he retrograded (3 Virgo-23 Virgo) and will be in virgo until July (!!!).  You want to utilize this energy by positively focusing on this house’s themes. For instance, if it’s your 6th house that’s in virgo, then you want to work out, diet, and put in the work needed to succeed.

I expect the stock market to continue to stay up for awhile.

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3 Responses to April Full Moon in Libra, April 6, 2012 & Mercury Turning Direct & Mars About to Turn Direct.

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  2. Rika says:

    Feb 2012 New Moon – Started what I thought was my dream job!
    April 2012 Full Moon – Laid off from dream job because a “guaranteed” major deal ended up not closing.

    So, yeah, definitely feeling a little deceived here – by the company and myself, lol. I really enjoyed my short time there, but I think I let my excitement push aside any doubts. I used to work for a start up so I know that no deal is closed until it’s closed. Libra/Virgo rising and hoping the next New Moon brings amazingly good news!

    Anyway, great blog! Your articles are really interesting and educational!

    • LillianStar says:

      I think a lot of that probably had to do with mercury and mars turning direct. That’s a shame. I’m sorry.

      We have a full moon in scorpio next. The next new moon is actually an eclipse. I’ve been working on that article and it’s taking up all my time lately, hence the drought in new articles. The eclipse is going to be major.

      Thanks! And thanks for your comment!

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