Mars Turns Direct

Mars stations to turn direct at 3 virgo. Be very careful now and for the next week. People are nuts. Mars energy when it is about to turn direct is very intense and can be maligned. Be extra vigilant if you have planets at 0-8 virgo, pisces, sagittarius or gemini. Planets at 28-29 leo, aquarius, scorpio or taurus are affected as well. It can be a relief to have mars direct again, and probably will, after about a week’s time, but initially it can be jarring. People may explode now. When mars was retrograde, anger and intense emotions were difficult to express, so when it first starts to move forward it can cause rash behavior.  Be careful driving because others may be careless and reckless. Military and police officers are greatly affected by this stationing, because mars represents them. It also affects anger which is why people are a bit nuts now, especially men, since mars represents men. Women get their turn at psychotic-ness when venus stations shortly.

All the fires in the news are well represented by mars stationing to turn direct. Mars represents fires and firefighters too.

Once mars starts to trot along again, things and people will be calmer. That happens in about a week. Then we’ll retrace the steps mars has taken since January 24th until now.

Mars is on the eclipse degree from November at 2 sagittarius and it’s stationing there, so that’s a hotbed of activity too. Things from the end of October into December will rear their heads again now. Then, mars will hit the other eclipse points from the summer of 2011 until now. If you follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook Page, you’ll know about them, because all my tweets and all my columns show up on there when they’re published.

Shortly, we’ll have venus turning retrograde. I’ll write a column on that. And the next round of eclipses are coming soon, so look for those columns too.

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