Pluto in Aspect to Venus

Pluto is an extreme planet. It’s the planet of obsession, intense all or nothing thinking and behaviors, revenge and also transformation.

First, you are having t. pluto conjunct your venus, if your venus is at 4-14 degrees capricorn; t. pluto square venus if your venus is in these same degrees in aries or libra;  t. Pluto opposite venus if your natal venus is in cancer. If your venus is 4-7 degrees of these signs, it’s cooling off a bit, but if it’s 11-14 degrees, it’s just beginning.  You’re having a pluto trine if you have venus at 4-14 degrees of taurus or virgo.  And finally, you’re having the sextile if you have venus at 4-14 degrees scorpio or pisces. The closer your venus is to 9-10 degrees of these signs, the closer the orb is.  These degrees all apply to progressed venus too.

Okay, now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let’s see what this transit is all about.

This transit is going to shake up your “venus things.”  A lot depends on which house(s) this transit is happening, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. A lot can be told by the pure energies of both planets meeting.  Venus  is love and beauty, it’s your affections and your romantic notions. It’s also your finances. To a certain extent, it’s sexuality. When the Lord of the Underworld joins with the Goddess of Love, it’s a unique blend of dark, deep, raw, and coarse feelings with refinement, sensuality, pure affection and love. Dark meets light.  Leather and lace. You get the idea. There will be intense struggles around your concept of love, which could be difficult. This is a time when someone’s sexual nature can be changing. I often see this aspect when someone begins a very intense sexual relationship and I see it a lot when someone has an affair or finds out their significant other has been unfaithful. This is because when Pluto meets venus, banal, secure and routine relationships no longer satisfy. Other times, someone having this transit will become intensely possessive, jealous and controlling, even if they were never that way before. It can make people feel their partner doesn’t desire them as they once did. Sometimes this is true, but other times they are just feeling insecure due to pluto touching their venus. It can make someone feel unattractive and insecure in their looks. This is a time when an all consuming love can enter your life, a love to rival all loves, fraught with obstacles and intense feelings of being with another at any cost, think Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah. Unfortunately, with pluto, there’s usually a cost. It may not be as severe as the ill fated couples above, but it will not be easy. Something usually needs to die in order to continue with a love begun under this aspect. It could be an old relationship or it could be an old concept of what love is supposed to be like. It could also be your free will if you become involved with a controlling, negative manifestation of Pluto in another person. Sometimes it’s your self worth, that is, if you sacrifice it to be in a relationship you know is no good for you.  In the extreme, venus-pluto can be an abusive relationship and it can also be sexual assault or in the  less extreme, sexual exploitation or being used for sex. As with all Pluto transits to personal planets, you have to be careful you don’t attract the shadow side of Pluto types. For those who don’t know, each sign and planet have a positive side and a negative side. YOU have control over who you enter a relationship with, not the planets. Therefore, you can avoid the negative pluto types if you’re dating. People always let you know what they’re like as long as you pay attention and listen to them when they tell you. It’s not uncommon for someone who is not good for you to come right out and tell you that. They’ll say, “I don’t deserve you…” or “Why would you want to be with a guy like me?”  Sometimes they’ll even say, “I’m no good.”  Other times, they can be smoother and you have to be on your toes. They may talk very badly about their ex (Why are they talking about her anyway when they’re with you?). They’ll take zero responsibility for the reason the relationship failed. The breakup would have been a nightmare — long, drawn out and bitter and maybe even still be a battle royale.

This is how they’ll talk about you too when it’s all over, regardless of who was wrong. And they won’t take any responsibility for the reasons the relationship failed, so they’ll be doomed to repeat it.  Beware this type.

Of course, there are many breakups that are bad, and people will have done wrong things, but when someone is name calling the ex and still very full of anger and rage, and has no personal insight as to what happened, it’s a sign of emotional immaturity and a sign they’re not ready for a relationship with you or anyone else. In other words, stay away.

You can also be involved in an extremely nasty breakup like this with this type of guy, yourself, under a pluto venus transit. In the extreme, you can be stalked or become a stalker, remember, Pluto can be obsession.  If so, you have my sincerest and heartfelt sympathy. Just ride it out and try not to make them even more irrational than they already are; sometimes with pluto and pluto types, you just have to let them win — or let them think they won, to escape unscathed.

Sometimes in order to win the war, you need to play dead.

Unfortunately, sometimes when under this transit’s spell, you’ll actually want this type of relationship on some level. You’ll want that intensity, that dangerous passion, that unbridled sex, that taboo, that danger.  Pluto will make you feel a bit bad and that can be empowering. A secret relationship seems so exciting and tres chic when you’re hypnotized by the dark lord of the underworld. Your sugar and spice venus is being corrupted, darling, and yes, it can feel good. It reminds me of the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s song, “Bad Romance” which, by the way, is a great song. (I copied and pasted these lyrics from the internet, so I do hope they’re accurate. )

I Want Your Ugly
I Want Your Disease
I Want Your Everything
As Long As It’s Free
I Want Your Love
I Want Your Love

I Want Your Drama
The Touch Of Your Hand
I Want You Leather Studded Kiss In The Scene
And I Want Your Love

I Want Your Loving
And I Want Your Revenge

I Want Your Horror
I Want Your Design
‘Cause You’re A Criminal
As Long As Your Mine

I Want Your Love
And I Want Your Revenge
You And Me Could Write A Bad Romance
I Want Your Love
And I Want Your Lovers Revenge
You And Me Could Write A Bad Romance

This is how you can feel while in the throes of a pluto-venus transit. It’s a great song, but it’s not a great love. Choose wisely. Listen to the song but find a tamer guy. Compromise.

You can also enter a relationship that transforms you in a positive way as opposed to holding you prisoner. If the person you choose is mature and evolved, they can be your rock and can help you to grow tremendously. If you were wounded in some deep way and have this aspect, you can finally heal. Maybe you heal through a great and healthy love or you heal on your own, sans lover, but tremendous healing and transformation can be had with this pairing. This wonderful experience is more likely to occur with the easy aspects (trine and sextile) but it can occur with any of them. You have to have your wits about you when you’re under pluto’s spell, ie, pay attention to everything and always, always listen to your gut!  Speaking of which, during a pluto transit your instincts will be heightened to such an extent that if you’re not already plutonic natally, you may be surprised and not know what to make of this new phenomenon — trust it.  If something or someone seems off or a threat, listen to your inner voice and non-threateningly get yourself out of the situation or away from the person.  Similarly, if you feel that someone is good for you, you’re probably right. Johnny Cash and June Carter are a good example of this type of transformative love. She got him to get his crap together. She was good for him. She wouldn’t be with him unless he stopped drugs, so she also had good boundaries and good self esteem. It doesn’t always work out this way, but if it’s going to, you need to make them walk the line like she did. No empty promises will do. They need to prove they’ve changed before you even allow them to date you.

Finances can be radically changed during a pluto transit, because venus also represents money. Funds can dry up and this can be a riches to rags kind of time. Jobs can be lost, businesses can go under, houses can be foreclosed….pluto doesn’t always play nice and when he doesn’t, he’s extreme in his ravaging.  The US was undergoing a pluto-venus opposition, so this is what happened to our country’s finances. Thankfully, it’s at its end now, though we are still undergoing pluto transits to our sun and jupiter.  If pluto affects your finances, it will be like this normally, but it is any transformation of finances, so it can be the opposite and you become wealthy. A lot depends on your chart.

If your health is affected under this transit, it can be venus things, like reproductive issues, throat or neck issues, or vanity issues like acne or some other malady that affects the way you look. A pluto transit to venus can make you decide you want to transform your looks through plastic surgery. You can lose weight if you start a diet under this influence, because you may want to transform your body. Be careful not to veer into an eating disorder, because pluto can make one go to extremes and become obsessed with these things.

If you go to excess in drinking or drugs, pluto touching your venus can force you to quit because of health issues that arise from these excesses — or else. It can also be a time when someone begins to drink or delve into drugs, setting them up for an addiction problem down the road.

Oftentimes, pluto brings external problems to us which we have no control over. In these cases, we just need to deal with what’s going on in the healthiest way possible. I always tell people to exercise or take up yoga or meditation during pluto transits, because it’s a healthy way to direct all of the energy coming at you and allows you to regain some control of it. Drowning your sorrows in alcohol, drugs, or any other unhealthy outlet is not a good idea. Psychotherapy or counseling is very beneficial during pluto transits too. If that’s not your cup of tea, then keeping a journal is a good alternative.  Basically, anything that you can totally and completely immerse yourself in will do. It can be scrap-booking, so long as you’re obsessed and passionate about it. Pluto transit venus may be difficult, but you will gain such valuable insights into your love nature, or your relationship with money or other relevant things, that can be priceless once you emerge from Pluto’s grasp and leave the underworld.

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10 Responses to Pluto in Aspect to Venus

  1. visitor says:

    Lillian, always enjoying the amusing posts! this is Ryoko, you did my chart last month and i still can not get over how overall the facts were/are in sync with the incidents in my life!

    thank you for being supportive in reading these astro-terms.
    can you help me how i can read this here

    my natal venus @ cancer 18 deg and natal pluto @ libra 9 deg
    my progress venus @ virgo 4 deg and progress pluto @ libra 9 deg
    what does this mean? how do would you read this all together in total?

    some technical questions here…

    18 deg @ cancer… is this cooling off or starting? or does not apply in orb?
    and until when does this transit last?

    and to look for the houses (when i look at my transit chart)
    do i look at the house for the transit or natal venus/pluto?

    • LillianStar says:

      Hi Ryoko,

      It’s nice to hear from you again! I’m glad you enjoyed the reading and that is was accurate.

      I pulled your chart again and your natal venus is at 19 degrees cancer and your progressed venus is at 3 degrees virgo.

      Your natal venus at 19 cancer is not being affected by pluto. That won’t happen for a long time (years). If you were under a pluto-venus transit, I would’ve included it in your transit report. You’re not having one in natal or progressed. Your progressed venus had pluto trine it, but it’s moved on. When pluto retrogrades, it will be back in orb to your progressed venus, but it will be fairly wide. That will happen July 29th to December 10th.

      You are having pluto square pluto, which I mentioned in your report and you will be having that for awhile (over one year).

      18 deg @ cancer… is this cooling off or starting? or does not apply in orb?
      and until when does this transit last?

      I just want to reiterate that your natal venus is not in orb to pluto right now and in the immediate future (years).

      and to look for the houses (when i look at my transit chart)
      do i look at the house for the transit or natal venus/pluto?

      Even though the transit doesn’t apply to you, I wanted to answer this for others. You look at both the house(s) the transit is occurring in and where they rule. One planet will have venus in its house and the other will be where pluto is (unless it’s the conjunction and then it’s the same house).

      Hope this helps!


  2. Great insight! Right now I have TPluto conjunct PVenus in the sixth
    – it’s on there for almost three months. An interesting note, I read that Natalie Wood died when TPluto was exactly conjuncting her PVenus.

    • LillianStar says:

      Are you having a lot of trials in your job or with your coworkers or with your health? This can also show a radical retooling of your daily life in some way, like moving or having your home disrupted for some reason, adjusting to a new way of life like the birth of a child etc.

      I’ve looked at Natalie’s chart and transits and it certainly has markers for a violent incident, especially domestic violence, as does her natal chart. I’ve thought of doing an article on her chart and transits.

  3. Erykka says:

    My natal venus (8.28 aries) is opposite my natal pluto (12.14 libra). The upcoming venus pluto opposition (7 cancer, capricorn) will be squaring my natal venus pluto opposition. Any thoughts on what this might mean?

    • LillianStar says:


      Pluto is and will be squaring your Venus for some time. Additionally, Uranus is conjunct your Venus. This shows major changes in whatever Venus rules in our chart and which houses are being hit.

      Taken in their pure forms, Venus square Pluto shows power struggles in relationships with the possibility of being involved with a Pluto type person. It can show an affair or tests in love. You may become involved in a very tumultuous relationship. If you haven’t already, you should read my article on Venus-Pluto transits.

      It can also show a big change in finances either for better or worse.

      Uranus conjunct Venus can show a relationship that is on and off again, love at first sight, a sudden breakup, a relationship that is unorthodox, and rags to riches or riches to rags in money matters.

      Of course much depends on the natal chart, but those are some possible manifestations.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Devyn Corbyn says:

    Ahh, Pluto & Venus aspects. Those can completely revamp your love life. I know someone who became interested in BDSM when her Pluto transited opposite her natal Venus :-) Fortunately (or unfortunately?), this transit does not happen in the lives of all people, and if it does happen, it usually occurs only once.

  5. Susan says:

    Hi Lillian, I will soon be having “Progressed” Venus square Pluto. My natal Pluto is in the 11th house, I have Scorpio Ascendant and my natal Venus is in the 6th house. Can you give me your thoughts on this. I would really appreciate it. Also does what you have to say here apply to the progressed Venus contacting Pluto or is it more intense for the transit. Thanks Susan.

    • lillianstar says:

      Hi Susan

      It’s really hard to say how this will affect you without seeing the entire chart.

      It does affect you the same way as transit. It’s your own personal transit. It’s safe to say that you’ll have intense transformations around venus things like money and love and whatever houses it rules in your chart.


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