New Moon in Aries


Forget what you thought would or should happen, because all bets are off with this new moon. It’s in the fierce, warrior energy of aries and it’s joined by mercury and uranus, and of course, the sun and moon. So we have four planets in aries! With uranus in such close aspect, it’s like fire and ice. People and situations may blow hot and cold. When uranus is in the mix, people may not act like they normally do and this can be a jolt. Unexpected things happen when uranus is involved. Uranus is always a turning point. Always. Things you thought were a done deal can suddenly fall apart — deals, relationships, job offers, you name it. This energy keeps people on their toes. The sudden changes is even more emphasized with mercury still retrograde and about to move into pisces. You can find that something that was holding you back can suddenly lift now, liberating you.  Feelings can suddenly change with uranus in the mix with the moon and mercury. Hot and cold, first up, then down –This can be you or others. It’s the ultimate change of heart aspect.


This aries bunch really dominates the chart for the new moon, so it’s very emphasized and potent. There aren’t many other aspects in orb. The only other aspect is mars opposite neptune which is a rather confusing one. It can indicate irrational anger and actions totally blown out of proportion. Please think before you make any lasting changes. This is an energy where people can become easily confused. It’s also an aspect that can denote cheating. Maybe someone who wouldn’t normally cheat, suddenly decides to do so with this aspect and all the aries and uranus energy. With this energy it could happen and they’d regret it, wondering how they got themselves into this mess (mars/neptune). Someone’s indiscretion could be unearthed with these aspects too. With mars retrograde, it could be an old discretion that’s finally revealed. Uranus would make it a shocking discovery and mars-neptune would make the wronged person really lose it. Mars opposite neptune is in a t-square formation with karma in gemini as the outlet. Gemini is gossip and secrets being told since it is mercury’s sign. Mercury is knowledge and spilling news. I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard a high profile story like this.

The one thing that I see that can be troublesome is the possibility of accidents, especially airplane crashes. With the new moon and mercury, which represents travel of any kind, not just airplanes, we can possibly see something like that. Uranus represents airplanes, which leads me to that worry, but it could be any form of transportation, trains too. With all the aries energy, I hope it won’t be an act of war or terrorism. Aries energy is very martial in nature and with uranus involved, it can be sudden, unexpected and devastating. Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

The new moon is on kerb: “Danger of being jilted by a lover; ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice, bad judgment.”

It’s also on Deneb Kaitos “Laziness, self destruction, nervousness, illness, inhibitions, loss. Tail of Cetus (the Whale).”

So, relationships may get stormy for a bit. If it’s generally strong there’s no need to fear. If it’s on its last legs, it may keel over now. Sudden decisions to split can happen when uranus is involved and kerb is about just that. Caprice is exactly what I described above, it’s uranus energy. It’s suddenly changing ones mind, just like that. This energy can be really great and empowering if you’re in any kind of situation that is dragging you down, because it can give you the wherewithal to change course.

I think this will be a nice new moon, in general, except for the danger of accidents, but that’s pretty remote. The best way to deal with this energy is to find your power. Whichever house(s) and planet(s) are at 2 degrees aries, give or take 5 degrees, is where you’ll feel the need to break free. It’s where you feel you’ve given up your power. Take it back!








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