The Grand Trine of 2012 is Here!

Can you feel it at all in your life? It has become exact. Jupiter and venus and trine mars and pluto all in Earth signs. If you have anything at 4-14 degrees in taurus, capricorn, or virgo this is having a big impact on you. The closer your planet in that sign is to 9 degrees, the more you’ll feel it. Angles like the Ascendant (AC), Midheaven (MC), Descendant (DC) and Imum Coeli (IC) count as well, obviously. I wrote something about the trine in my Full Moon column and I’m going to copy and paste part of that here and then add to it. If you already read that article, skip to the non-italicized parts where I go into further detail.

Mars on Zosma can indicate abuse of some kind. Maybe abuse of power? It’s in easy aspect to pluto (trine) and also in easy aspect to jupiter (trine) so it’s forming a grand trine which packs a lot of power — for good or for ill. This is the beginning of our grand trine that is a pretty big deal in astrological circles. (We get all worked up over this type of stuff.) It has the heavy hitters of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars. These are all powerful planets in their own right. When you put them all together in a triangle of free flowing, dynamic energy, stuff happens. So, let’s break it down….Mars is action, men, aggression, military events, and sexuality. Pluto is big business, big brother, the underground, crime, transformation, power, also (like Mars) sexuality — healthy and unhealthy, death, and other people’s money and assets. Jupiter is religion, justice and truth, honor and integrity, colleges and universities, powerful men, kings and rulers, spirituality, and freedom. So if you combine all of these keywords, you can see what may happen. For instance, we can have something big happen with corporations or on wall street. We can have something big happen with leaders of nations and religion. There could be a major sexual scandal breaking the news under this influence, possibly about a political leader or a very high powered, prominent religious figure. We could find out more sordid things about the Penn State scandal. I don’t like mars on zosma for this. Like I said, zosma can show abuse, and when it’s involved in a grand trine with Pluto and Jupiter, it can be on a large scale and really ruthless.

We did see some of this while the grand trine was perfecting. First, the Kony Campaign fits this all so well. The abuse he perpetuates is so mars on zosma trine pluto, the ruthless underworld ruler. Kony is a ruthless underworld leader. He abuses children and makes them go to war for him. The trine with jupiter is fitting for people wanting him to be brought to justice. Jupiter is justice, truth and benevolence. So, the trine is a perfect aspect to illustrate good wanting to triumph over injustice. The trine shows the nature of his abuses, but it also shows the nature of people fighting to bring it to an end. It’s the perfect example of the dichotomy of the positive and negative sides of an astrological aspect. Kony (and the world’s less famous Kony’s) are the dark side of this aspect. Like Kony, Putin was ‘reelected’ during the trine, with many saying it was a corrupt election. Putin is considered by many to be a ruthless leader. I said in the moon column that the ruthless can benefit from the trine too. Putin is a good example. The positive side of the trine is the people trying to right the wrong of Kony via their campaign. There’s always two sides to every aspect. Dark and light.

The stock market moved exactly the way I thought it would: Up! It’s been up all week with   the Dow hitting its highest today at the peak of the trine. This is the highest it’s been since the year, 2000!   Jupiter and pluto are great wealth. Venus and Jupiter are wealth and banking expanding. Being in the sign of taurus, which is a material sign of money and commodities intensified this too. The whole trine was in earth and earth represents wealth. This one was too easy to predict. Candy from a baby. How long will the ride last? That’s a bit more difficult to ascertain, but we could have a good ride. The trine, though separating, is still in orb for a few weeks. Maybe this upsurge will create the momentum we needed to get it going again and it can stay fairly steady for a good time. *Fingers Crossed*

Coincidence that Taurus is the sign of the Bull?

The killings in Afghanistan and the killings in Syria, both of innocent women and children, also fit the  dark sign of the trine. They also fit the karma on algol I spoke of, and of course, mars on zosma. The lone killer in Afghanistan fits Mercury conjunct uranus. Mercury/uranus can show mental illness. It being in aries can make them take actions on their feelings that are very violent since aries is ruled by mars and is warrior energy. I did wonder in the moon column if we’d see military action or news involving military men and we did, unfortunately it was of the bad variety.

Mercury on uranus and turning retrograde on the full moon shows the Kony news too. People were wondering why it’s only now being exposed when it’s been going on so long. Retrogrades expose past deeds. Combine it with the trine and you get the entire picture. The fact that mercury was in aries, denoting war and a warrior, make it even more apropos. We heard about a ruthless warlord who was riding under the radar during an aries mercury retrograde conjunct uranus, which is also the internet and rebellion. The Kony campaign is a sort of rebellion, a revolution.

I’m trying to remember what else I heard that fit….

Ohhh, the Newt Gingrich mess. That fits the trine and karma on algol too. He berated a coed by calling her a ‘slut’ because she thinks women shouldn’t have to pay extra for their birth control for religious employers. Then he went on to say that she should be filmed so we get our money’s worth. Yeah, that fits algol (female sexuality being completely berated and victimizing women based on it). The trine fits too, because mars on zosma is abuse and a bit misogynistic, trine pluto which is sexuality, and jupiter which is religion and ethics, so Newtie boy got caught up in all of that. It’s not going well for him because a lot of sponsors pulled their ads.

He must have gotten the Pig Signal.

The trine is waning after today but will still be in effect until March 25th. Make the most of it!

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