Mercury Retrograde March 12, 2012

Making decisions is hard during mercury retrograde.

It’s baaaack!  Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year and causes confusion, travel delays and mix ups of all types. But it’s really not that bad. The world keeps on turning, though you may feel a bit confused and out of sorts.

Mercury turns retrograde at 3:49 am EST, 12:49 am PDT at 6.49 degrees aries. Mercury is moving away from a  conjunction with uranus, the unpredictable planet, and is going backwards to join with it again. Mercury turning retrograde so close to the who-knows-what-to-expect planet means things will be pretty topsy turvy for a bit. Again, expect shocking news and surprise announcements, especially related to things you thought had been resolved  already. Mercury in aries is a fierce placement. There’s nothing shy or reserved in this placement and since it’s joining with uranus that’s even more true. People may be acting rude, direct, and argumentative. People may be saying things just to shock and rebel. Right now, mercury is leaving from a square aspect to pluto, the planet of the underworld and transformation. People who have planets or angles near these degrees (1-11 degrees aries, capricorn, libra and cancer) may have felt as if they’ve been going through the wringer lately. They may have been hit with harsh news or have had many tumultuous times.

On the positive side, mercury in aries turns words into actions. So, people may get some verve and drive and finish what they’ve been dragging in finishing. This is a time when people will follow through.

Periods of mercury retrograde are times of communication breakdowns. Mercury rules communications, so when its ruler turns backwards in the sky, things can get garbled. The best way around this problem is to make sure you dot your ‘I’s’ and cross your ‘T’s’ and to double check everything. It’s not a good time to sign contracts unless you began the talks prior to the retrograde. Even then, use the utmost caution. Mechanical things can conk out, like cars, appliances, computers, basically anything electronic. This is a time you may accidentally send an email to someone that you meant to send to someone else. The horror!

NOOOO, I meant to send that email to my new boyfriend, not my ex!

Speaking of exes (if you’re looking at the caption under the image above), they may return. Yep. Be prepared peeps. They can come back and be all like, ‘I lurve you sooo much. I made a mistake when I left you, and I swear, baby, I’ve changed.’

They don’t mean it. Mercury retrograde makes people think of the past and they get all confused and think something from before is perfect for them. (You may even be thinking of an ex fondly yourself.) Maybe it’s true, but in my experience, after the retrograde is over, these reunions fall apart again. I’ve seen it countless times. You can try it if you want, (who am I to tell you what to do?), but go into it knowing your (or their) judgment may be clouded. It’s best to wait until mercury has turned direct and cleared its shadow and see if you still feel that way. If so, go with gusto (and God) my friends.

You may bump into people from the past now too. The past is highlighted during a mercury retrograde. Think back to March 30, 2011 – April 23, 2011, because that’s the last time mercury was retrograde in aries. It was different degrees, but it’s the same sign so it will follow the same theme. Things and people from those dates may pop back up to be dealt with again.

To see how this retrograde may affect you, aside from possibly bringing back people from the past and dying electronics and issues from the spring of 2011, look to which planets and/or angles it hits in your chart and which house(s) it  will be traveling.

Mercury stations direct on April 4 at 23.51 degrees pisces. So look to any sensitive points near that degree as well. People with planets and angles at 19-29 degrees pisces, virgo, sagittarius and gemini will feel this stationing the most.

It will station on Markab: “Violence, honours and riches’ “Star of Sorrow”, disgrace, ruin; literary, legal problems, accidents; cuts, stabs, surgery.”

This doesn’t sound very pleasant. It seems we should really watch our words and written communications during this time even more than usual during a retrograde. And make sure we are sending it to the intended recipient!

Mercury will clear its shadow on April 23rd. This is when we’re completely out of mercury retrograde. FYI: Mars will also have turned direct about a week prior to this date. So no retrograde planets, yay!

Meanwhile, we have the Earth Grand Trine going on as well. That will be exact on March 13th. I’ve already written about it in my previous article but I’ll be adding a separate blurb about it shortly. With all the power of the grand trine and the power of mercury retrograde, I think we’ll see very fated events occur, both new developments and issues from the past coming to a culmination — for better or for worse. We’re living in interesting times right now. Will it play out like a Chinese curse or be a beautiful time? A lot depends on your chart.

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