Full Moon, March 8, 2012 & the Grand Trine & Mercury Stationing Retrograde!

We have a full moon in Virgo happening. The chart for it is basically a lot of easy and nice energy,  so it should be a positive time. There’s a lot going on in the skies right now, so change is in the air.

The sun is on a very positive star, Achernar: “Success in public office, religious benefits, access to another realm.” “Gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning. [Robson*, p.44.]” “Well-placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs or philosophical inclinations. According to tradition, Achernar is credited with bestowing high offices in the church.”

The only negative connotation here is the possibility of drowning and shipwrecks. That’s pretty tame, because some of these fixed stars are really negative in definition. Okay, most are…but this one is a nice one. The sun is three degrees off, but this star is powerful in magnitude, so I’m counting it. Also, it fits with the theme of the other planets in this lunation and their fixed stars. It resonates. There seems to be a theme of political and religious  leaders figuring strongly in this full moon. You’ll see what I mean when I go into the other planets in this chart.  People may be feeling more spiritual with this full moon. Optimism can run strong right now.  You may find people acting in a way that restores your faith in humanity. People will be true to their word and you may get some unexpected kindness from someone that you never expected.  The only aspect the sun makes is the typical opposition to the moon.

The moon is on 18 degrees of Virgo, so this is a virgo full moon. You want to look and see if you have any planets on that degree plus or minus five degrees, so 13-23 virgo, pisces, sagittarius, and gemini. If you do, you’ll feel this full moon more than most. Virgos will feel it the most intensely. Also look to which house has the sign virgo on the cusp. That is which areas of your life will be heightened. Like the sun, the moon doesn’t make any other aspects either.Virgo is very service oriented, so again, you may receive some sort of help from someone. Maybe you’ll be the one to help someone else out. The moon in virgo is dutiful and faithful. It wants to do what’s right and what serves others. On the downside, the moon here can be a bit critical,  but hey, it’s for your own good. They’re just trying to help you become a better person because they care about you. But still, it can be cutting to hear that your hair needs to be combed or  you should really send your shirts out to be pressed because it’s better, hint: You don’t know your way around an iron, buster, and your hair looks like Don King’s. So, people can be a little persnickety right now. By the way, “persnickety” is thee word to fit a virgo at these times and pretty much only a virgo would even use that word.

You need a comb, Buster.

No offense to Don King and his fans, but he’s seriously the first person who popped in my head when I thought of unkempt-like hair. You can relate, no? He was known for his hair, it was his thing. Interesting fact: Don King’s mercury is in virgo. Yep. Can you believe it? It’s on Denebola, which explains the rebellion with his hair. He’s also a leo. They like big hair. And the full moon is right on his mercury. I mean, it’s like exact. I just now found all of this out by coincidence because I never looked at his chart until his hair popped into my head, and then I got curious, and being an astrology geek, I just HAD to look at his chart. Turns out, just by happenstance, the full moon falls on his mercury. I love synchronicity!

Anyway, Moving on…..

Venus is joined with jupiter and in easy aspect to neptune, so love is in the air. This is a time when women feel like getting dressed up, going to the spa, and being seen. It’s a very romantic feeling and love can be very beautiful right now. There can be a poetic, dreamy feel to relationships right now. Spring Love! Venus is in opposition to saturn, so that puts a damper on things, but I also think the breaking away from saturn can show a breakthrough in relationships. Whatever tension and restriction you had before is lifting. How fab. Enjoy this energy.  Lilith is with jupiter so there’s a lot of passion in relationships. If you’re looking for love, this is the kind of stars you want in the sky, you know how people say that the stars were lined up perfectly when they met someone? This is what they meant. So, go out and mingle. Do it.

Spring Love Full Moon

Shocking news abounds with Uranus joining with mercury. It’s unexpected and sudden and maybe a little unsettling. This could lead to all kinds of mundane events, like a stock market upswing. The grand trine makes that seem possible. (I’ll get into the grand trine shortly.) Mercury and uranus are also conjunct vesta, which rules the home and family. There could be surprising news around marriages and children now. Someone may become pregnant unexpectantly or  we may hear of people we thought were happy separating. The home can be suddenly impacted in some shocking and sudden way.

Mars on Zosma can indicate abuse of some kind. Maybe abuse of power? It’s in easy aspect to pluto (trine) and also in easy aspect to jupiter (trine) so it’s forming a grand trine which packs a lot of power — for good or for ill. This is the beginning of our grand trine that is a pretty big deal in astrological circles. (We get all worked up over this type of stuff.) It has the heavy hitters of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars. These are all powerful planets in their own right. When you put them all together in a triangle of free flowing, dynamic energy, stuff happens. So, let’s break it down….Mars is action, men, aggression, military events, and sexuality. Pluto is big business, big brother, the underground, crime, transformation, power, also (like Mars) sexuality — healthy and unhealthy, death, and other people’s money and assets. Jupiter is religion, justice and truth, honor and integrity, colleges and universities, powerful men, kings and rulers, spirituality, and freedom. So if you combine all of these keywords, you can see what may happen. For instance, we can have something big happen with corporations or on wall street. We can have something big happen with leaders of nations and religion. There could be a major sexual scandal breaking the news under this influence, possibly about a political leader or a very high powered, prominent religious figure. We could find out more sordid things about the Penn State scandal. I don’t like mars on zosma for this. Like I said, zosma can show abuse, and when it’s involved in a grand trine with Pluto and Jupiter, it can be on a large scale and really ruthless.

Transiting asteroid, karma, is on dreaded algol right now.  Karma asteroid can indicate mass events having to do with karma. It being on algol makes me a bit worried, but it’s not a planet, so it may not be too bad. Remember my old article about Hurricane Irene when asteroid Irene was on algol? Well, it did show the hurricane, but nothing too bad happened. We had a grand trine then too and I really think that helped us out.  The grand trine then was  Jupiter, Sun/Moon, and Pluto.  That was a new moon and mercury was stationing direct, so there are some similarities there with the charts. More synchronicity – It’s abundant tonight for some reason. So, maybe something dire will happen, but it will turn out okay in the end, and we were just very worried for nothing like with Irene. We’ll see. Pluto is close to Facies, which can indicate earthquakes, so that’s possible. I hope not,  because algol can indicate major disasters as well. And like I said, the trine protected us last time, so it may do the same thing this time. I wonder if the tornadoes in the Midwest is represented by this?  Algol can represent brutality against females, especially sexual violence. That worries me because of the grand trine with mars, pluto and jupiter (venus is approaching too) and with mars being on zosma. I hope we don’t see some really horrific crimes against women in the news.

This grand trine can affect people by making them feel very empowered. That’s a good thing, and for many, that’s how it will play out. But for someone who’s already a bit Machiavellian, this energy can make them almost diabolical — really going overboard in their schemes. They could get caught, thus providing us with the shocking and sudden news I mentioned, or the beneficial nature of the trine can allow them to get away with it. A lot will depend on the person’s natal chart and how they’re being hit by this aspect. If you have any planets at 5-13 degrees of taurus, capricorn or virgo, you’ll feel this one the most. You can get a lot accomplished with this trine, but don’t go overboard. If you have any personal planets on 5-13 degrees scorpio, this configuration will be making a kite formation in your chart. A kite formation adds some tension to the easy energy of the grand trine. The tension will depend on which house the scorpio planets are in and rule, plus which houses and planets the grand trine is hitting. A kite can be a bittersweet type of experience. You will have extremely negative energy combined with extremely positive energy. It’s a push pull feeling. Good news, bad news types of talks and situations.

The grand trine becomes exact on March 13th, so the energy is beginning to build now, and will reach its peak on that day. The way you feel and what happens around this full moon will alert you to how this trine will play out for you. It’s also going to show what issues you’ll be dealing with during mercury retrograde, since mercury is stationing at this full moon. Mercury turns retrograde on March 12th. That’s the just the day before the grand trine perfects to exact. Wow, this is an important week coming up and this full moon will get the ball rolling! The full moon presages mercury retrograde and the grand trine. Mark March 12th down on your day planner — pay attention to what happens now, so you know what you’ll be dealing with until mercury turns direct on April 4th. Also look back to March 30, 2011-April 23, 2011, because mercury was also retrograde in aries back then. It was different degrees, but it’s in the same sign this retrograde cycle as well, so it will finish that particular story for you. At the very least, it will bring that story back up for you. Want to hear something interesting? Turns out that the last time I wrote a lunation column was — wait for it — during mercury retrograde in aries. And no, I didn’t plan that at all. How cool is that?! Synchronicity. Everything is a cycle. You can’t see those two columns on my site, because they accidentally got lost during the following retrograde, never to be seen again. The only reason I remember them is because their titles are sitting there in my saved drafts folder, but there’s no words to them. They have titles but blank pages. It’s like they’re mocking me. I hate that I lost them. I’d delete the “saved drafts” but I keep hoping that somehow, someday, I’ll find out a way to get them back. I really have no idea what happened to them. I didn’t edit them. Poof, just like that, they were gone! I was very upset. So be careful you don’t lose any important work since mercury is acting all crazy again. Back everything up now.

Buckle up, it’s going to be an exciting month!

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37 Responses to Full Moon, March 8, 2012 & the Grand Trine & Mercury Stationing Retrograde!

  1. Elsa says:

    I featured you on the Astro Dispatch here: http://www.astrodispatch.com/
    Hope you get some hits. :)

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  3. Anonymous says:

    That was a great post.

    I have Mercury at 5 Scorp, Sun at 13 Scorp and Venus at 14 Scorp. Also of note, my ascendent is at 9 Cancer. Of further note, I have Saturn & Pluto conjunct at 27 Libra.

    It seems like the universe is quite amused with me at the moment :)

    • LillianStar says:


      So, you’re one of the people having a kite made out of the current planets. Are you noticing anything I wrote about that in the column? A kite can be positive, because the tension can allow you to get things done. A lot depends on the houses in how this plays out.

      Pluto is right on your DC now. I wonder what’s going on in your relationships…This is an important transit. You’re also having your saturn return and saturn is conjunct pluto. Pluto is sextile your sun and venus. Without knowing houses, I’d say there are big changes with men and relationships. There’s a danger of power struggles too.

      Things are certainly not boring for you right now, that’s for sure!

  4. chacha says:

    my wife is in the birth hospital and we are w8ing a baby girl tomorow ….. so see the chart and see that already we have a grand trine … so i was looking for grand trine in internet and i found this site ,,,, interesting post …..

    • LillianStar says:

      Wow, what a beautiful chart she’ll have! She’ll be heavy Earth with a pisces sun which is a nice combo. It will ground her. She should be very smart with uranus conjunct mercury. Congrats!

      PS- make sure you get her exact time of birth so you know it when she asks you later. ;-)

  5. starry says:

    awesome post, this trine figures quite strongly into my chart i have 9 degrees Cap ASC, where Pluto is right now, my IC is 6 degrees Taurus, and natally i have Zosma conjuct 9 degree Saturn (all 8th house Virgo), where Mars is heading…all i feel is that this zosma/saturn conjunction is a difficult burden to carry, i know from experience what it means to be a “victim” of the the abuse of power, i have been a “victim” of a political regime from 6 years back, and the nationalist political option that by cruel decision cast me as scapegoat won the elections this month again….don’t know if this makes makes sense to u, but your writting certainly struck a nerve…i do not like to think of myself as victim, but more of a fighter and survivor, going through what i have been through and i am still standing, its bitter sweet for me:)

    • LillianStar says:

      Thank you!

      Yes, from what you wrote, I can see this will impact you. Pluto crossing your AC is a biggie in terms of transits. It leaving your 12th house will be a relief. Do you have aries/libra intercepted? The saturn on zosma aptly describes people in power (saturn) being abusive in some way, being that its your AC ruler it makes sense that you’d be a scapegoat — your AC being the way people see you, your personal image. Mars hitting your saturn can indicate intense anger and frustration, especially with authority. You should think before acting with this aspect. It does make sense when you tell me what happened. I’m sorry. You will feel even stronger once pluto clears your AC. Venus and jupiter should be nice on your IC! This could turn out to be a healing time for you as well.

      • starry says:

        Hey Lillian, tnx for replying, no my Virgo/Pisces is intercepted, so i guess that makes it a little bit tougher, with Zosma and Saturn kind of being locked in there…yes my home was quite under attack and things now seem to have calmed down. I am also Cancer Sun (7 degrees) so this whole Cardinal cross since 2010 has been a whirlwind on all fronts. Keep up the great writing!

      • LillianStar says:

        You’re welcome. I see. The interception fits, because the abuse is hidden in your 8th house of assets and abuse of power. You being a scapegoat fits the interception well too. It’s subversive. Jupiter on your IC may be giving you some peace, thankfully. So, your sun has been opposed by pluto for a bit. That’s a tough transit. It shows power struggles. Uranus is moving in to square it too. At least saturn has moved on from it. The cardinal signs are having a rough time of it lately.

        Take Care!

  6. Kelly says:


    Great thoughts- thank you!! It’s possible that Donna Cunningham or Kim Falconer shared those lost columns in their blogs-Donna frequently shared work of other writers in her skywriter blog.

    Look at the Kono 2012 campaign. That feels like a good match for Algol- it has gone viral and is about justice for an abuser and exploiter of children. April 20 is the target date of Cover the Night.

    I got my teen Virgo son a haircut yesterday- love synchronicity!!He is very commited to the Kono campaign.

    What do you think the solar flares will bring?




    • LillianStar says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Thanks! I’ll have to check out those blogs and see! I know Elsa did.

      I have seen the Kono Campaign and it struck me as so apropos. I think it really fits the grand trine, actually. Mars on zosma is abuse and Kono is an abusive warlord. I’m going to write a separate column on the Grand trine soon and I’ll get more into that and other relevant things regarding the trine. Algol on karma does fit as well. I hope it means that he is brought to justice! At least he’s being exposed and his actions fit algol well.

      I love synchronicity too! I wonder if it’s happening a lot lately to me because I’m being personally touched by the grand trine. Is the grand trine hitting your son’s sun?

      I think the solar flares paired with mercury turning retrograde is going to be a bit dicey. It will add even more communications and travel snafus to an already hectic time.


      • Kelly says:

        Hi Lillian,

        My eldest has a 9 Virgo Sun and Venus at 12 Virgo- he is monkish in his devotion to mixed martial arts- and loves Rise Against, Steven Colbert and bands/ music/celebrities that walk the walk of social justice. He teaches karate to special needs kids and is an old soul. It is fun watching him grow and change. April 20 we attend Cover the Night locally.

        Good luck with travel and transfers! I am hosting a magical spa/sleepover for some kids tonight. Looking for some real Libra Moon Fun!



      • LillianStar says:

        So the grand trine is hitting him then! It sounds like it’s adding intensity to his social activism bent. He sounds like a good kid!

        Tonight is a good night for a ‘magical-spa sleepover,’ have fun!

  7. Christi says:

    This explains alot! After nearly a decade of withdrawing from astrological studies, I’ve been feeling pulled back to it after discovered that the upcoming Venus transit takes place on my birthday. For the last several days I have crashed through some heavy issues that I have been carrying for many years, thinking I may never be able to face them. And now I find this… In Taurus is my natal MARS at 5 34 , ascendant at 11 19 and Pallas at 14 13 … In Virgo is PLUTO at 7 36 … The only aspect missing would be Capricorn where I have found my progressed DC at 7 54 … Then for fun I get to throw in Neptune in Scorpio at 11 17. This helps to make sense of the harmonious conflict of intimidatingly unfamiliar power surges, and dare I say frightful intuitions and dreams, which I typically enjoy when my Neptune is awakened. I also have a grand trine between Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Pisces, Venus conjunct the Moon in Cancer, and the 3rd point being Neptune. Yes, a six pointed star that was aligned to the harmonic concordance many years ago. I also have a quintile star involving my MC in Capricorn, Par Fortune in Aries, Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini, Uranus in Leo, and… yep… Neptune. I call it my ‘crystal formation’, with Neptune in Scorpio being the common factor between all aspects. I’ve learned to work with my dreams and visions to the best of my ability, but with the tension added as a kite formation with this upcoming transit, the only way I can currently describe how I am feeling about it is … a bit intimidated. As if I am wielding a flaming sword that just appeared out of no-where and I’m not too sure I’m to be trusted with it. Don’t want ANYONE to get burned. Action, Transformation and Spirituality are the key energies that are wide awake, but can become somewhat to my detriment…. sleep deprivation. No one would want to meet up with a cranky, flaming sword wielder now would they?! Thanks for this column. Answered several questions and created a few more…

    • LillianStar says:

      Hi Christi,

      I’m glad I helped you understand what’s going on. I always hope my blog helps someone in some way. Pluto was trining your mars and will go back there again when it retrogrades. It’s now trining your AC and trine your pluto, so you are going through the depths. The trine can be a little kinder than the hard aspects, but it can still be challenging. Change of any kind is painful and pluto is change. Pluto is on your Progressed DC which is a big one. Relationships are probably transforming. It can also show legal issues. Neptune hitting and activating your grand trine is a lot of energy! It can be very good and being it hits your venus, and if it’s hitting your jupiter, that can expand your intuitive abilities. Just activating the water trine will do that too. Is pluto opposite your moon yet? Those natal trines probably make you very intuitive and empathic.

      If I were you I’d try to channel that ‘flaming sword’ into things to benefit you, so no one accidentally gets burnt by latent negative feelings. Now is the time to focus on what you need and are lacking and try to use the power of the trine and kite to bring it to you.

      Thank you for stopping by and telling me about how the kite is affecting you! Let me know if anything else interesting happens with it.


  8. Christi says:

    Hello Lillian, Pluto will oppose Venus at 16deg first, and she rules my chart even in a 3rd house interception. The moon is just inside the 4th house cusp but is still within conjunct orb. Perhaps I’m tapping into that lost key of personal value (venus/3rd hs interception) and thus the lack of self trust with the unfamiliar feeling of that, combined with the whole power planet scenario going on. I definately don’t want to hurt or offend anyone,(especially my kids…4th house cancer moon ‘mega mom’) but am feeling as if I have finally gained the right to assert myself and act in my own best interests in my life. But life would be meaningless without my relationships with others. I like that you recognize the influence on my progressed MC. I have alot of respect for Pluto since it transitted my late husband’s derrier right off the planet in 2002. Him being an Alaska born native; 2/3rds of his chart was intercepted. He had a very heavy load in his life. Not surprisingly, many of the affects of that are what I have been finally ‘dealing’ with, with a confidence that has been missing for the last decade since. That’s why I started looking into the celestial influences because it almost seemed as if someone else had taken over and plunged into my psyche to just ‘get on with it already’! ‘Time to ‘move on’. Thanks for your insight!

    • LillianStar says:

      You have some time before pluto opposes your venus, so you can relax on that for a bit. I do want to continue my transit articles and I’ve decided to stick with pluto, but since there’s been so much going on in the sky recently, I haven’t had the time. Pluto will definitely earn your respect after you’ve experienced a transit of it!

      Do you have any planets or angles near 0-9 libra, aries, capricorn or cancer (In either natal or progressed)? I ask because what you said about asserting yourself sounds an awful lot like a uranus transit.


  9. Major changes are happenieng in my life. On 8th I recieved a good new and on 14th poeple involvd turned hostile. I feel very worked up these days. Jupitor is ruling planet in my chart. rest I do not know. As you said push and pull it’s so true. Could you please help and advice how I can keep it balanced? career issues are surfacing, in fact I feel a lot of negetive energy surfacing in my body too. I am a leo by zodiac sign. would appreciate if you could throw some light on when and how this period will end. What we can do to keep it positive. ? Thank you :) love!

    • LillianStar says:


      I would need to look at your chart to see what’s going on. Can you provide date and time of birth and location?

      Love back :)

      • thank you so much :) It is 11/8/1986, time is 1.52 pm and place is NEW DELHI (India).
        Blessings :)

      • LillianStar says:

        You have some trying transits going on now. Saturn has been on your moon for some time and will be until October-November of this year. That’s a difficult one and it can cause you to feel hopeless and serious. It’s also square your mercury too, which rules your 7th (other people/spouse) and 10th (career/men/reputation) so you may be having a tough time with these things. Saturn-mercury can make you feel somber and serious and down. Your health issues are probably uranus opposite your venus, ruler of your house of health. It looks like you have money problems, love conflicts, and power struggles galore. You have all the outers hitting you and you also have eclipses that are hitting important points, so I can see why you’re distraught. These transits are here for some time, so you need to just hang tough. You need to be tenacious and sure of what you want, but you can’t provoke the others, because with these transits (I didn’t list all of them), people are digging in their heels and not backing down. You need firm boundaries, that will help.

        Good luck!

      • Ruchira.Sehgal says:

        :)))))) AAAAAAAhhhh! :) Thank you so much. You are absolutely right in all these aspects I am having troubles, but I guess, My inclination towards sprituality is making me strong. Trouble with men/career/reputation- I somehow see a link. There was a man in my life connected to my career path but work relation also cause me bad reputation. Finally, I have let it go. Will kepp your advice, means a lot when so many transits are happening. A big hug! :) Wish you the best. Love and lots of Love. :)

      • LillianStar says:

        You’re welcome, babe.

        Spirituality will definitely help you out! I’m glad I could be of service.


  10. Ruchira.Sehgal says:

    Hey, Lillian is it possible for you to have a look at my chart again and guide me a little more? Becuase the times are just – umm- as u said. I had to finally quit the job. Now there is conflict everywhere house, money, career, reputation, men and Love life. :( No guy in my life, no work. When would my time come? I am a writer by profession. Secret enemies- I feel that too. When is this phase gonna pass? and when is new and brighter phase gonna come? Please guide. I’d be grateful. Thank you :)

    • LillianStar says:


      I’ll take a look again. I think I recall you having your angles being hit a lot…? That’s a lot of energy. I recall Pluto and uranus transits, maybe saturn…I’ll have to try to find your chart.

  11. Ruchira.Sehgal says:

    Hey did you recv my last comment? Or was it lost in the time and space?

  12. Ruchira.Sehgal says:

    Yeah, If this one appears then surely the last one was lost. Anyway, I wrote to seek help. I was wondering if it’s possible for you to have a look at my chart again and guide me more. Especially when are good times gonna come? I am a writer by profession, In India. Not very proud to say but it’s quite a challenging task to take up in Indian Film Industry. Hehehe and with transits that are going to effect carreer/ reputaion/men …am surely in a mess. Anyway, Not much is happening. I ahve quit all the projects I was doing. No guy in my life :( The one I like Am not sure about his feelings. Not settled in life. Finanacial troubles. no money. So yea, you were absolutely right all the outers are hitting me. Am being positive and more spritual these days which is a very good thing but it is also encouraging feelings of going completely selfless and leave everything. Kind of dangling between sprituality and materialism, can’t find balance. Could you please elaborate and tell me more about how to handle these transits and when is my good time coming. In general, how is my chart? Does Karma theory really effects our charts? I know this is a tough question but how much is our freewill involved and how far is life predestined according to you.? :)
    Waiting eagerly to hear back from you.
    Lots of Love Lillian.
    P.S – i love the name and the blog name too. :)

    • LillianStar says:

      They are there, but need to be approved. You don’t see them until they are. Sorry for the confusion.

      Can I have your DOB again. I know you posted it, but I don’t know which article….maybe it’s this one, but I’m in my control panel now, so I can’t see them.

      >>>> Kind of dangling between sprituality and materialism, can’t find balance>>>

      This sounds like neptune. It can be hard to get your bearings during a neptune transit, you really have to work for it.

      Like I said, I need to look at your chart again, but if all the outers are affecting you, then you need to hang tough. You can’t control the transits, but you can control how you react to them. Outer transits last a long time, roughly 3 years. Depending on which planets are involved, you need to be more conscious of those energies so you can direct it better.

      I think karma is in our charts, but I think we have free will and that can change things a lot. It’s hard to say how much is free will and how much is fate, but free will and actions modify things greatly — you never just give up because of any transit.

      I’ll take a look and see how far into the transits you are so you have a better idea of how long you have to go with them.

      Thank you!


  13. LillianStar says:

    Okay. I looked at your chart.

    I mentioned how long you’d have saturn on your moon, which can be a very depressing time. “Saturn has been on your moon for some time and will be until October-November of this year.” That’s actually not too bad. You’re almost done with this one. I think you came back to ask me about your transits, because saturn has just recently moved back closer to your moon, so you’re feeling it more intensely again.

    You also have pluto on your mars. You’ll have that for 3-5 years. Pluto transits are long, sorry! I recently wrote a column on mars-pluto. It tells about the transit and how better to cope. You should definitely read that column. I think it will help. It’s listed under the category, “Transits.”

    You have neptune squaring your AC right now and it’s exact, so that’s the feeling you described as ‘dangling,’ You’re going to have that for about three years. With neptune transits, you have to force yourself to be more focused and driven and to see reality and not just dreams. It’s a good time to get in touch with your spirituality. Beware of drink and drug.

    Uranus is opposite your venus, so that can be a trying time for romance and money. It can also affect your health. You’ll have this one for a few years, I believe, but I’d need to check the ephemeris to be sure.

    The eclipses have been hitting your AC/DC pretty hard and will again soon. The next one in May will be on your DC, so relationship changes and issues with enemies abound. Your appearance and health are also changing.

    You have a lot going on, but that means you’ll have change and growth which is a good thing. And saturn will move on from your moon in the fall which is not too far off.

    Hope this helped, sweetie.

  14. Ruchira.Sehgal says:

    It really helped. I am sorry I couldn’t reply earlier whenever I tried I lost it in between pages. Thank you very much lillian. It’s very surprising to know that my appearance is changing is also in my charts. Yes it is, even I am surprised ahhaha…I read that pluto mars trasit colummn, I shall involve myself in some action. I am hoping for good times to come soon. :)
    Thanks again
    Ruchira :)

  15. Ruchira.Sehgal says:

    I am becoming slim. People tell me that my face looks longer hahahha. Mainly upperbody is changing. Very funny but many people tell me that I look different, I don’t understand that but if so many people are saying must be something. :)

  16. Ruchira.Sehgal says:

    it is indeed. Never fails to surprise me :)

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