Hurricane Irene

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I was just toying around with my chart and this hurricane and I decided to throw in asteroid Irene (14) and t. Irene is on Algol!! I was so struck by this that I needed to post it before I’m even done analyzing the hurricane. I probably don’t need to explain the connotations of Irene being on Algol for everyone, because most everyone knows what Algol portends. It being on a hurricane is very alarming to me. I hope it just is showing the panic, disruption and fear that this hurricane is causing, but it could very well point to loss of life and major destruction. Thankfully, they’ve evacuated the coastline, so it may not be very catastrophic.

I wasn’t planning on writing an article on Irene. I was just checking my own chart for any indications of damage or danger, and then I saw Irene on algol, so now I may actually write an article on it because this seems big.

I wish all of my readers safety in the storm.

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4 Responses to Hurricane Irene

  1. Suzanne says:

    No, everyone doesn’t know what algol portends..please explain.

    • lillianstar says:

      Hi, Suzanne,

      Algol is a fixed star located at 26 taurus that is very destructive. It’s been associated with very catastrophic events in the past. It’s associated with mass catastrophe. So, it being on the asteroid of the name asteroid of the hurricane bearing down on the Northeast Corridor is very worrisome.

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