Mercury About to Turn Direct

Hermes Bonn

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Mercury is basically stopped in the sky right now, so this is when major snafus relating to mercury and the house it is retrograde in will happen. This is the most potent part of the retrograde.

But good news — it will be turning direct in only 4 days on the 26th!  It is still very potent for about a week after it turns direct, but things should really ease up soon. Then it will go over the areas of the degrees that it retrograded, which is almost like a cosmic do-over.

I’m still hoping to “find” my two lost lunation columns from April, but I have serious doubts that I will. I’m also wondering if we’ll finally get Amy Winehouse‘s toxicology results once mercury turns direct. It would be close to her natal mars (20 leo) which rules her 12th house of drugs, so maybe when it moves a degree after the station (19 leo)  which would be the first week of  September.

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