Mars Hitting July 1st eclipse Point

I feel like a broken record lately, :)  Transiting mars has been setting off all of the eclipses since he began his trek in gemini. Now that he’s in cancer it continues. Eclipse hot spots will continue to be hit until mars enters virgo and then we’ll get a brief respite: emphasis on “brief.”  The eclipses will be sensitive points for awhile, but there’s really no need to fear that. It could be when events happen, though, so keep an eye out if these eclipses hit any sensitive point in your chart.


Mercury will turn direct in six days (26th). Right now, mercury is at its most potent up until about a week after it turns direct, so look for issues involving mercury and the house it is traveling in your chart to come to the fore. Right now it’s in late leo.

Sun, Mercury and Venus all together

Sun, mercury and venus are all conjunct in the sky right now in leo. This is a very bold and sometimes brash energy. People may come on waaay too strong in love, communications, and in the pursuit of pleasure. On the positive side, people will be very affectionate and direct in these affairs. Everyone wants to show off and be seen. If you buy items now make sure you really need them and that they are not too gaudy otherwise they’ll be tossed after the leo configuration breaks up. And remember mercury is rx, so double the trouble!

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  1. Thomas Rudolph says:

    Nice write :)

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