T. Mars Hitting Eclipse Points & Full Moon August, 13, 2011

Right now, transiting Mars is hitting the June 26, 2010 eclipse point (4 Cap) and is about to hit the July 1st, 2011 eclipse point, so look for things from those periods to come up.

We’re also having a full moon this Saturday that is activating the eclipses from August, 16, 2008 and February 9, 2009. Just  to be clear, full moons usually aren’t timers for eclipses like mars and the outer planets are, but I do think it’s somewhat relevant. This full moon will be occurring at 21 aquarius, so look to where that is in your chart.  There will be some new developments in that house that will have far reaching effects.

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2 Responses to T. Mars Hitting Eclipse Points & Full Moon August, 13, 2011

  1. serenity555 says:

    What if I will have this full moon directly on top of my IC @21 aquarius, what should I be looking for that will be affected in my chart? Is it the fourth or fifth house. or just the IC??? This concerns me as I have been working on resolving old issues and reaching toward my new goals (the MC). Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

    • lillianstar says:

      Hi, Serenity,

      I’m so sorry but I just saw this now. Damn mercury rx! If it was hitting your IC then issues of deep feelings, home, and issues with women and the mother would be highlighted. From what you’ve said, it’s just the IC that’s affected. The whole 4th house would be affected as would the 10th house. You could have oppositions to your goals from the full moon, but they wouldn’t likely be permanent, maybe just some family or home issued that crop up and demand to be attended to. It’s hard to say without the whole chart. T. Neptune is likely in your 4th house, so things in this area may seem foggy and nebulous. The good news is it is now out of orb of your IC and MC, so any confusion or obstacles to goals in the past years should be finally lifting. You also most likely have t. mercury rx in your 10th and 9th houses, so maybe you’ve had to re-evaluate career issues during the past month. It turning direct in your 9th house makes me wonder if you have decided you need more education or have some legal or foreign issues to deal with since the rx.

      Which houses are ruled by the moon (cancer) and mercury (virgo/gemini)?

      I hope this was helpful even though it was late.

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