Another Eclipse being Activated by Transiting Mars & Summary of Mercury Retrograde

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The December eclipse at 29 Gemini is being activated by transiting Mars right now. It just hit the June 15th eclipse and is now on the December eclipse, exact. It will activate whatever that eclipse brought you. Right after it moves on from there it will hit the eclipse from July 1st. T. Mars is currently going through signs and degrees that activates so many of our prior eclipses. I will update when and which ones it hits as it happens. For right now, just think back to November 21, 2010 to January 21st 2011 and see if any of those themes hit again.

Mercury is also retrograde now just like it was for that eclipse. Things from the last mercury rx will possibly pop up to be resolved finally. Mercury is retrograding on the degree of 1 virgo, currently Regulus. I wonder if this means a ruler will fall or ascend in power. It could also point to the illness or death of a powerful man or ruler. Any planets you have at 26-6 virgo, sagittarius, or pisces will be activated by Mercury retrograde.  Communications may be disturbed and disturbing. Double check everything. Traveling can be dicey during a mercury rx. Leave with plenty of time. It’s also not a great idea to begin a job right now. You can apply and interview, but if you accept the job under a rx you may find out something that was hidden under the rx, so try to put off accepting an offer until it turns direct. Sometimes that isn’t possible and I don’t advise anyone to give up employment in this terrible job market because of mercury rx.

It’s also on:

Præcipua –Generous, noble, peaceful, fearless nature, with the ability to undertake prominent and responsible positions


PhecdaCivilising influence, tamer of beasts, transmission of divine knowledge; Pulasthya, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages) of the Great Bear, Ursa Major; bloodbaths, assassinations, riots, sexual perversion. Hmm, this one is a mixed bag.

And finally

Megrez —  Spiritual sight; creativity; violence; Atri, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages), the ruling star of the Great Bear, Ursa Major

It seems like there will be spiritual breakthroughs but also the possibility of danger. I do see a possibility of something concerning public health or welfare (virgo) and helping out the downtrodden here.

People from the past can come back now. It’s not uncommon to hear from people you haven’t talked to in a long time under a mercury rx. It has been my experience that  it was a mistake to try to reconcile with someone under a mercury rx. The house(s) mercury is retrograding in and the planet(s) it touches can tell you what to expect.

I do think that the opposition to Neptune may have people looking back on past events and seeing where they were deluded (neptune). Mercury in objective Virgo, rx, will make people see where they were fooled in the past.

This retrograde may take us back to August and Mid-September of 2010, the last time mercury was retrograde in Virgo. It was different degrees then, and didn’t go into leo, but the same houses may be hit and it has the same flavor, being in the same sign.

I’ve already been hit by it. I started to categorize my columns and it got rid of two of my lunation columns from April. They weren’t deleted and I really have no idea what happened to them or where they are or if I’ll ever see them again. They are either gone for good or in some weird mercury rx limbo! I hope they turn up when mercury goes direct but it’s not looking good…. C’est la Vie.

It will turn direct at 19 leo, which is the degree it entered its shadow on July 15th. So look to where 19 leo falls in your chart and any planets that are between 14 and 24 degrees leo, aquarius, scorpio and taurus.

It falls on:

Merak  –Prudent, restrained, mistrustful, self-controlled (but angry when roused), love of command, power to achieve, good with animals; Pulaha, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages) of Ursa Major. 

Mercury will turn direct on August 26th and then will pass its station degree (1 virgo) on September 9th. if you can wait to do new projects or travels until it clears its station degree, that is best, but once it turns direct things should be less foggy, so that’s okay too.

People who have mercury retrograde natally seem to have an easier time during the rx. If this is you, look back over past rx periods and see if things went really well for you. If they did, still double check things but you may be more able to carry on as usual compared to non-natal mercury rx folks.

I don’t recommend that you halt your life due to a mercury rx, because it does turn rx 3-4 per year — no one would get anything done!  I do recommend that you put off elective surgery though unless that is impossible.

I do think the Debt Ceiling Bill they just came to a conclusion on will be retooled since they approved it when mercury was turning rx and stopped in the sky. It will be interesting to see if that happens when it turns direct (aug. 26) or when it clears the rx degree (Sept. 9). We’ll see…

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