Mars Hitting the June 1st Eclipse Point

Real quick: I just wanted to point out that transiting mars is on the June 1st eclipse point. The eclipses are NOT over yet. They will be in effect for some time. Look to what has happened this week to see signs of how the eclipse from June 1st at 11 gemini will affect you. Mars will soon hit the June 15th eclipse point in the form of an opposition (24 gem) so that will manifest that eclipse in your life then.

Sorry I haven’t written the columns, but I have been looking at the charts for myself and family members and am finding it hard to write a mundane column on them right now. I am pretty self-focused right now for good reasons. I actually also think  most people don’t know how the eclipses work and would rather post information on that, rather than do a column on how it will affect the collective, because I think it’s more important to understand how they actually work in order to understand my spin on them. I actually went into some detail on that in the one eclipse column I posted. They will affect everyone differently depending which points they hit, if any, in their chart. I think knowing that info is more important than knowing generalities about them. If they aren’t hitting a planet or angle in your natal or progressed chart, they most likely won’t effect you much.

Oh, and one more thing: The most recent eclipse on July 1st (9 cancer) was the same degree as the 12/31/09 eclipse, so things from then may come back to be resolved. Also look back to 1992, especially that summer, because these eclipses are the same degrees as those were.

***Regarding the major scandal  with News of The World (media outlet): Mars hit the June 1st eclipse point right when this story broke. Talk about spot on! A gemini eclipse and shady practices of the media is making worldwide headlines. Perfect synchronicity.

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