June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse

This eclipse happens at 11 Gemini. It is on the Fixed star, Tabit, which is said to be a fortunate star:

“Strong, dignified, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety; prosperity in trade & by voyages or abroad; danger of treachery & poison.” (Astrology on the Web, Fixed Stars.)

Like most stars, they always throw in something negative, even if it’s a positive star, which befuddles people, but is anything all good?  What I take this star to mean is that if you are overconfident to the point of arrogance, you may suffer. With the sun, ego can be distorted and exaggerated which can cause a series of events to knock the people acting this way down a peg or two. For instance, someone who is always trying to be smarter than everyone else will find out, much to their shock, that they can be wrong and bested by someone else. This is a gemini eclipse, afterall. Gemini rules the mind and the intellect, so expect wordy strife and debates, but don’t take them to heart, or rather ego.  Everyone will be in the mood for a fight, a debate, or anything verbally oriented that allows their sun to shine. With gemini, these things will pass fairly quickly and peace should resume.

Mercury is on algol. Oh boy. Algol is the most feared and loathsome star of all and for good reason. Wherever algol turns up, bad things end up happening. Here, it’s on mercury, so it may just be an added edge to the verbal arguments I stated above, but with algol they will be mean words. There’s also the possibility that arguments can become physically violent with mercury on algol, so be careful. Back down if you feel things are getting out of hand. You can always resume the fight later after things calm down.

Mercury also rules, travel, siblings, the neighbors and neighborhood, cars, lungs, arms, hands, feet, legs, eyes, and the brain (off the top of my head. ) These things can be injured or adversely affected under the eclipse. Mercury was in the 7th/8th house of the eclipse chart, so deaths involving mercury type people may be in the news. Mercury-type people are: Thieves, surgeons, singers, writers, actors, and detectives. Expect news of these people. For instance, there may be a brazen robbery involving taurus themed things like: banks, jewelry, art, and even cattle (taurus, remember?).

I should mention that this is a partial eclipse and some astrologers feel like they don’t matter. I’m not one of those astrologers. I’ve read too many charts where things that happened showed up in the charts, even the partial ones. I think for a region a partial eclipse can be less catastrophic, but if it hits a sensitive point in a person’s chart, things WILL happen.

I count the conjunction, square, and opposition, in that order. I was surprised the square produced more effects than the opposition, because I am probably one of the only people I know who even counts the square in eclipses, so I was surprised when I noticed it being much more significant than the opposition. I almost never see anything major with the opposition in eclipses. But the square, you bet. The conjunction is also very powerful.

For those not advanced in astrology, a squared planet to this eclipse would be in the signs of pisces and virgo. The orb I use is 5 degrees, so anything from 6-16 of pisces, virgo and of course Gemini (the conjunction). The opposition would be sagittarius, 6-16 degrees. The sags will feel this one, but it may be less dramatic than the geminis, virgos, and pisces planet people. Personal planets are more important when hit by the eclipse than the outer planets (pluto, uranus, neptune, saturn), but of course those planets matter, if in close orb to the eclipse, it’s just that a whole generation will have it too. Focus on the personal planets: sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, and even Jupiter.

Angles are also important. If it hits your AC/DC MC/IC you will have changes in those areas of your life.

Which house it occurs in is important whether it hits a planet or not. If it occurs in your 5th house you may become pregnant, an issue may arise with a child, you may fall in or out of love, have more or less sex, begin or end a creative project, or change your hair. Lets say you have a 5th house sun at 15 gemini. The eclipse is right on your sun in the 5th house. You become pregnant. The sun rules your 7th house, so your relationship goes through a lot of changes due to this.

An eclipse works this way.

Back to the eclipse chart….the vertex is conjunct the eclipse within one degree. The vertex is a very fated point. the eclipse happens in the 8th house of this chart. I’ve written so many lunation articles on the 2nd/8th axis, so if you want a more in depth analysis of those houses please read the old moon columns. A good amount of the ones I wrote about were this axis for some reason lately. In short, the 8th house is the house of intimacy, sex, taxes, death, transformation, and other people’s assets. So these things will be highlighted under this eclipse. The sun rules the 10th house of this chart so people are thinking about their reputations, careers, social status, marriage, and prominent people, especially prominent men can be affected by this one. A great rise or a great fall. Maybe both.

Jupiter is anaretic (29 degrees aries) so that makes it take on importance. It is on the DC and rules the 2nd house of values and self-worth. Some people may finally get fed up, find a backbone and walk away from situations that no longer serve them, especially partner situations or even adversarial relationships.

This is a high energy cerebral eclipse, being in Gemini. People may be more high strung and suffer a bout of insomnia, get headaches, but in general, this eclipse is pretty mild. I find solar eclipses to be a lot easier than lunar eclipses. Those are the intense ones. We’re already feeling the upcoming one on the 15th at 24 Sagittarius. After that, we have one more  solar eclipse on July 1st at 9 cancer. We’re feeling that one already too.

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