Find Your Inner Bitch….

Yep, you read that right! With the stellium in aries (mercury, mars, sun, uranus, jupiter, and sun) we’re all feeling like we are tired of playing nice just to keep the peace. Aries energy is action-oriented, so it’s time to find your inner bitch and take a stand. Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying to be destructive and mean-spirited, but I am saying “Stop being a doormat!”  Now, if you haven’t been acting like a doormat and suppressing all of your boundaries then this doesn’t apply to you. This is also NOT gender specific. Men can act too passive to keep the peace. They also need to find their inner bitch. What do you do after you find it? Take HEALTHY action. This means don’t scream like a banshee, but state your case. If you’re having a problem with someone or a situation now is the time to deal with it — aries takes action, remember? Have that talk, make the changes you need to make.

It’s interesting that lilith is conjunct uranus, both in aries. She’s just itching to do something to break her chains.

Juno is rx in virgo (15) quincunx mercury, who is also rx in aries (16) and moving backwards to perfect the quincunx. A quincunx is a very difficult, tense energy. Since both are rx, it says to me that past problems that were never resolved are demanding to be dealt with, especially problems involving marriage, relationships, rights in relationships, women’s rights, but it can be anything. I would look to where aries is in your chart and that’s where you will be having problems. There can be a push-pull between the house where aries is located — this is the house you’re roaring mad or fired up about and the house where virgo is located. This is the area you are holding back on, not wanting to express.

Saturn is also opposite mercury, and whattaya know, they’re both rx too! Seeing a pattern now??  They will perfect too. Saturn is in peacemaking libra and mercury is in take action aries. This also shows people feeling torn between keeping the peace and speaking up and standing up for their rights.  Things will come to a head when they perfect, if not before then. Just know the energy is there. This would be affecting your houses with libra on the cusp and aries on the cusp.

Venus is in pisces and conjunct karma (22). Very powerful fated events will occur around love this week. Also around women, health-care, pleasure pursuits or occupations, money, possessions and banking. Wherever pisces is in your chart is where you will notice this energy. So, if you have your 11th house in pisces you may hear of friends breaking up or you may end a friendship. Alternatively, karma isn’t always bad so you may meet a new friend, rekindle a friendship, hear of friends marrying or getting together.

This is tense energy from the past that needs to be dealt with now, but in a healthy way. No physical attacks, please. No revenge. Just try to talk about it and if it can’t be resolved change the situation by either leaving or moving on in some way. The energy in the sky is one of profound change for everyone. Everyone is feeling it. Isn’t it exciting?!

PS — The astrology message board is back up and I made it more feminine and pretty with my two favorite colors….bitchiness isn’t always being a bitch, sometimes it’s just finding and expressing your inner-woman. ;) It can be found under “links.”

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