Full Moon — February 18, 2011

I realize this is VERY late and I wasn’t even going to post it, but I was looking over my notes of it tonight and I have four handwritten pages. That’s a lot! I usually have one to two pages of notes. This was, in my opinion, a very important full moon and it isn’t even resolved at the next new moon like most others (in my opinion). Therefore, for these reasons, I decided to post it so late anyway. I’ve been feeling sick lately and just couldn’t write out the column. It’s too bad my notes can’t type themselves!

So, let’s get to it…

This is a very volatile lunation. Expect the unexpected. It won’t be resolved fully until March 19th.

The moon is conjunct fixed star, Regulus: A great rise but an even greater fall if abused. If someone uses their power for deceitful or vengeful ends they will suffer as great a fall as was their rise and accolades. Maybe even greater. We’ll see people who have abused their power fall, but we’ll also see people have meteoric rises because of either luck and/or hard work and determination. Corruption will be exposed, Pluto in Capricorn is already doing this, but Moon/Regulus will kick it up a notch for  a bit. Pluto square Jupiter also indicates this. Pluto is power and the flip side of that, corruption and abuse of it, and this is square (working against) Jupiter — men of great power, wealth, law, luck, integrity, justice. Jupiter is going to separate all of that abuse of power (Pluto) by exposing it and making it right (Jupiter).  The conjunction can indicate corruption of justice, the square resolves it for the good.

I’ve talked about the 2nd/8th axis in previous moon columns and we have it yet again in this one. If you need a reminder please go back and read those columns.

It’s also another 29th degree lunation. We’ve had so many. This is a potent degree that indicates permanent endings and very forceful situations.

This time we have Sun, Neptune, asteroid karma, Mars, all conjunct in the 2nd house in Aquarius opposite the full moon conjunct Regulus in the 8th house of death, inheritance, taxes, sex, other people’s resources, and what is hidden. Mars, Neptune, Sun says to me that aggression, delusion, and ego are all connected in a cocktail that can cause problems to be hard to grasp and also blown out of proportion. Mars-Neptune can indicate irrational anger. It can also indicate intuitive or gut instinct anger — anger that’s based on something one KNOWS but cannot prove, because it is not tangible, just like neptune, it is illusive. It’s how you know someone is lying by the way they say something or the way their body language gives them away. It’s that kind of knowing and the anger that results from that information: Knowing deep down inside that someone is up to no good, but not being able to prove it. It makes me think people may start to suspect a partner is cheating under this moon, but they won’t know for sure yet. There will be no smoking gun. Yet. There are many other things people can be up to other than cheating, though. I don’t want to pigeonhole this knowing without knowing to infidelity, because it’s not just about that. That’s just one manifestation and a good example. It’s about deception and lying and falseness that is beginning to be suspected. It’s a typical mars-neptune situation. The anger can seem irrational because there’s no proof at the moment. It’s a merging of intuition (neptune) and something dynamic and tangible (mars).

This conjunction is also with the Sun, which is ego, pride, and identity. It (the Sun) rules the 8th house in this chart, so maybe someone is cheating. This is reinforced by the moon being the ruler of the house of partnerships, which is on the aries point (a very potent degree, especially in a cardinal sign), which is opposite the mars/neptune/sun  hot mess in the 2nd house. Of course, like I said it can be things besides cheating. The 8th can indicate anything hidden from view and nefarious — the shadow side of Pluto, the natural ruler of the 8th house. Explosive confrontations will be had . It can also play out in the more mundane ways, such as corruption probes, fraud, and crime, especially sexual assault.

Mercury is also part of that Mars/Neptune/Karma/Sun stellium, but I left it out because it’s bit out of orb for all of those planets. Mercury is at 23 aquarius, which is a very astute and intuitive placement for mercury. Ideas can seem to come from the wild, blue yonder. Flashes of intuition come to people.

The 2nd/8th axis in this chart says to me that all of those gut feelings in the 2nd that can’t be proved, but are felt, are being pitted against the moon in the 8th. The moon wants to believe the lie, because it will hurt too much to be right. The 2nd is such a tangible house, so all of this subjective energy in there is out of place — the 2nd wants PROOF, but even though it may be out of place, it is there and it won’t go away that easily. So, what the 2nd is saying here is that you need to get proof, either way, before you act.

Jupiter rules the 12th house of secrets, hidden enemies, and self-undoing and is in the 3rd house of knowledge. Another confirmation that people start to get wise and find out the real deal and not the facade that had been believed up until now.

The 5th/11th axis is on not so nice fixed stars so an indication that love may be on the rocks.

Chiron just entered Pisces and is on the aries point too. It is also conjunct that sun/neptune/mars/karma hot mess, so the feelings hurt.It’s opposite the moon, who just refuses to believe the intuition or the news received. The moon wants to stay safe and warm and in the dark. The moon is square the nodes on the AC/DC axis. The nodes are also on the aries point! The South Node is on the house of partnerships while the North Node is on the house of Self. People want to stay because it feels comfortable and familiar to them but the North Node on the house of self says maybe they should start over, focusing on themselves. Many will do just that.

Saturn in the 10th house is square venus in the first house  and they’re in mutual reception. Do you want to be charming and agreeable or do what is right? Rock the boat or not? If you take the easy way out you may not get away with it, Regulus doesn’t allow that and neither does the stellium in the second house of values opposite it. Doing the wrong thing, even with the best intentions, will backfire and will come back to haunt.

Moon opposite Neptune and Mars can show people playing on people’s emotions, playing games, manipulations, power plays and also the discovery of these things. People who play these games can be finally figured out, exposed, and confronted.

Jupiter is at 5 aries already! Jupiter is finally moving after all the stalling of the retrogrades. The only aspect it makes is to square pluto, which I discussed earlier. I do think this aspect, given the details of this chart, means  good will prevail over evil. The square is from the 3rd house of knowledge, siblings, news, the neighborhood, to Pluto in the first who was protecting the collective since Pluto rules the 11th house of that and also friends and hopes and wishes. Someone goes against the grain and speaks up for the little guy.

There is NO EARTH in this chart!! People will be ungrounded and will not think before acting .Rash is a good word to describe it. Impulsive works too. Charlie Sheen comes to mind. He is a perfect example of this lack of an element in the lunation chart. Of course he has a lot of other issues right now and not everyone will flip out because of this moon. He also exhibits the Regulus effect. He did so much and always got away with it, but as soon as he became vengeful he fell hard in the public opinion and now may be out of a job. That’s Regulus.

There’s also NO WATER, except Uranus at Scheat, which doesn’t help much. More rashness, more impulsiveness. Lack of compassion. Uranus at Scheat is in the 3rd house. Knowledge received is depressing, shocking, and hard to take. Try to use Jupiter there to take the high road, (Square Pluto) rise above it all transformed. Take the just thing, the thing with the most integrity (Jupiter)  to come out of it OK . If you take the Uranus-Scheat road of skirting integrity you’ll pay according to Regulus for your transgression and you’ll pay dearly and publicly (Pluto rules the house of the collective who will judge you for doing the morally wrong thing).

Many people will hold all of this inside since most of the planets are below the horizon. They’ll turn inward for answers. People who have religious faith will pray for guidance. Following the golden rule is good advice for any decision now.

All of this will start to be resolved around the March 19th full moon. That’s when things will become clearer. The outcome of this lunation will be fuzzy for some time since the ruler of the end of the matter is conjunct neptune. But it’s also conjunct asteroid karma so right will eventually prevail in due time.

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