Full Moon January 19, 2011

I actually debated whether or not to write this month’s Full Moon column. It’s a very deep and mysterious one and I almost feel like it shouldn’t be written about because it’s that deep. Then I felt I should write it anyway, but will probably be less verbose about it.

The most important thing to know about this FM is that it’s reactivating the July 2009 eclipse on the same degree: 29 Cancer. Things in your life that were in your face back then will come back to be revisited, resolved or resumed.  I didn’t have a column then so I didn’t write about that eclipse. It’s too bad because we could all go back and reread it and see if it applies here.

The moon is anaretic and so indicates a permanent loss in the sign it rules and the house it’s located in your chart and the moon chart. If it hits an angle it’s even more powerful and dramatic. Anyone with planets from 25 cancer to 29 cancer and 0 leo to 4 leo will feel this FM the most.  Since it’s an ending degree expect whatever planet it hits in those degrees to be almost wiped out — something will end according to that sign, planet’s nature and house where it’s located.

The moon makes an exact trine to Jupiter which is also anaretic and on the very bad repped Scheat. Scheat is noted to be of suicides, murder, imprisonment, drowning and extreme misfortune. I guess we can expect to see an upswing of these things in the news and in our lives until Jupiter passes Scheat, which has crossed to 1 aries. Then Uranus will be there. Right now we’ll just concentrate on Jupiter. Jupiter rules many things: The law and people who carry out the law, older men, religion, terrorists, education, marriage, travel etc. So, I suppose we can expect, mundanely, to see the bad things play out in these areas. So we may see more divorces, travel catastrophes, terrorism, religious and legal people found out to be corrupt or alternatively they may be killed or some other fate that is unpleasant may befall them. Universities and their funds and scholarships may be found to be fraudulent or lacking in some way — maybe funds dry up. It can certainly play out in many ways.

Since the moon is in cancer, women and women’s issues will be highlighted as will children, childbirth, fertility, the home, and nurturing. Deep inner feelings, the deepest, will be felt now and I mean DEEP. People will feel things they tend to repress and usually just deny exists. They won’t be able to do that under this moon. Therefore, expect people to be “crabby” and touchy. Some will be evasive and mysterious, not wanting to talk about their feelings. I don’t even feel like writing this column! I feel it’s too deep to even be able to express adequately the things going on in the sky right now. I feel like I can’t do it justice and won’t be able to explain it right because I am having a hard time tapping into it. It’s the moon personified.  It’s the calm before the storm. This astral energy is very powerful and we’ll see a lot of changes in the next few weeks.

Speaking of ‘Justice’ I rarely use asteroids. I feel I don’t need them, aside from a few, because the planets I already use are enough to tell the story. For some reason, when I looked at this chart I added every ‘justice’ asteroid I could find. It was…unexpected and a bit unusual. Anyway, the only one that really was prominent in the chart was ‘Nemesis.” And yes, it’s a ‘justice’ asteroid. The word nemesis has come to mean “enemy” but the Greeks thought of it differently. It actually means divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris. Hubris means arrogance and actions that shame  and humiliate the victim for the pleasure and gratification of the abuser. Getting back to Nemesis, it means to give what is due; avenger of crime, punisher of hubris. It is smack dab on the IC of the FM chart. The IC is the heart and soul of the chart. It’s the end of the matter, the outcome. If you’ve done wrong, especially while committing the act of hubris, expect to fall hard. Pride goes before a fall and the bigger they are (especially their egos) the harder they fall sums this up well. Nemesis squares Pluto  in the sixth. Nemesis is actually the focal point for an asteroid T-square with pandora (we all remember the story where the box of secrets was opened) in the 12th opposite pluto in the sixth. Nemesis being the outlet in the fourth points to the justice taking place around 4th house matters, such as women, home, children, and death.

Juno is also anaretic, indicating a permanent ending. That makes four bodies in this chart indicating permanent endings: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and now Juno. That’s a lot of permanent endings in vastly different areas. One is bound to touch your chart. Sun is in capricorn, Moon is cancer, Jupiter is Pisces, and Juno is Virgo. Juno is also retrograde so she’s in bad shape. Marriage endings and mistresses galore…This would be the chart I’d make up for the Tiger Wood’s scandal that already occurred. Juno is opposed Jupiter (the man or husband) in the 3rd house. I suspect many women will find out (3rd house) about affairs now. They’ll leave. They won’t stand by their man (29 degrees). Juno is also opposite uranus so it will be a shock — they never suspected. Or the affair will be found out in a shocking way. With Jupiter anaretic, on Scheat, and in Pisces, and Juno anaretic, in Virgo, well it could be sex that is paid for, if you know what I mean…Think: the old Hugh Grant scandal extravaganza. Since uranus is the house ruler on the 8th I think I’m right on the mark.


Sun is anaretic in Capricorn in the 7th house of marriage, partners, open enemies, and the law. Mars is there too, so expect fighting with any of the aforementioned things and expect the other to get some power.

I feel I need to get back to Jupiter. I said it represents a permanent ending. I think for many it could be loss of income or a job since jupiter is ruling the sixth house and pluto is in the sixth conjunct mercury, who happens to be on an unfortunate fixed star. Mercury rules the 12th house of secrets and self-undoing and also the 3rd house of communications. Past deeds come to light and people lose financial backing or actually lose work or their jobs. Some may find themselves in legal hot water as well. Since Jupiter is conjunct Uranus it is sudden, unexpected and shocking. Lines of Credit can be pulled. Financial fraud can be exposed, especially with Neptune conjunct Chiron in the 8th house. Neptune and Chiron are unaspected, so issues involving other people’s money, resources or assets can be yanked away quite suddenly.  With 9th house involvement legal ramifications can be impending. I think this is why I went to all the ‘Justice’ asteroids, because I saw such an emphasis on ninth and seventh house issues here. Anyway, people will be running from the Poe-leece. With nemesis on the final outcome of the chart, you can run but you can’t hide because it’s only a matter of time…

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2 Responses to Full Moon January 19, 2011

  1. VeronnicaW says:

    Oh, dear. :) Thanks for writing and sharing.

  2. lillianstar says:

    Is this who I think it is? I won’t say out in the open just in case you don’t want people to know. But DO join my message board. I don’t really go on there, but we can PM!! Miss you! Btw, thanks. I may add some more to it. If I do I will write it in italics and it will be later. i wrote this one quickly.

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