January 2011 Solar Eclipse

Happy 2011, everyone!

Since this is a Solar Eclipse the focus is on the Sun, which happens to be in one of the Critical Degrees: 13 Capricorn.

Ascella: Good fortune; lasting happiness; valuable gifts, love of women; burning & poison.

Sounds good, right?  Yes, it does, but I am still aware of it being a critical degree. So, I feel it may be a mixed bag this eclipse. The “critical” part of it can just mean that it’s more heightened, but usually with a planet in a critical degree things aren’t all good. They may end up that way in the end — the greater picture– but they usually start out from sort of crisis and free will and choices determine if the bad situation will be a blessing in disguise.

This eclipse takes us back to January 1992 when we had an eclipse at the same point. Things from 1992 will come back to haunt you now. This could be either good or bad depending…

The Sun rules the 9th house of the eclipse chart so foreign affairs, legal rulings and procedures, religion and spirituality will be the focus of the Sun’s energies. The Sun is located in the 2nd house of the eclipse chart, but it and its sign, Capricorn, are intercepted. What this means is that the Sun and other planets located therein will have difficulty expressing their qualities  according to the nature of the planet and the sign. So instead of the sun brimming with capricorn-like expression it may instead act like Sagittarius, which is the sign on the cusp of the 2nd house and it happens to be in the same degree opposite our most recent lunar eclipse, 29 degree Sagittarius. This means the cusp of the 8th house is at the degree of the last lunar eclipse, 29 degrees Gemini. This means that the most recent eclipse energies will play out in the areas of finance, self-worth, material assets, banking, sexuality, death, other people’s assets and joint finances etc. Of course the last eclipse was on the 2nd/8th axis, so it is a running theme as of late.

Then, we have a cluster of planets in the 2nd house of THIS eclipse. So, 2nd house themes are the prominent result of this one. We have no planets in the 8th this time. Banking can take center stage so expect to hear news on that front and on Wall Street. With all the planets in the 2nd house and with Jupiter on the cusp and in the 4th house of the chart I expect to hear an upswing of the stock market, especially the Real Estate market. Venus trine Jupiter and Uranus in the 4th point to this as well. We’ll hear something about the housing market soon. I think it will be good news.

Venus is still in Scorpio. Still. It seems like a lifetime of scorpio venus and I cannot wait until she is looong gone and we can move onto fiery venus in sagittarius! It just feels so stagnant.  The waters of scorpio venus have grown stale and I think we can all agree it plain stinks!  Venus happens to be close to the same degree as she was during the November New and Full Moons. So, she will dredge all the gunk back up once again.

More important and significant is that the AC/DC axis on the eclipse chart is on the New and Full Moons of November exact. Definitely expect issues from then to rear their heads once again for what I hope is the final time. Go back and reread the Moon columns I wrote in  November for more information.Whatever happens relevant to what those moon’s brought up will be final now.

Venus is conjunct the AC but from the 12th house. She’s looking for grace and charm but is in detriment. The trine to jupiter and uranus in the 4th house of endings softens things a bit, but could just point to an easier flow of endings, meaning they happen quickly, not that they’re necessarily better although that’s possible with this aspect. She leaves for good. We leave for good or they leave for good. People will be ready to move on and look for bigger and better things. People will break up under this influence if they’ve been having problems since late October until now. They’ll try to do it amicably with the trine to Jupiter and Uranus but they’ll fail due to being in detriment.  Whomever leaves will be viewed as selfish, self-centered and a drama Queen. Maybe they’ll actually be acting that way, but they’ll be viewed that way even if they aren’t because of the Scorpio energies.

Mars square Saturn is ugly confrontation, perhaps even violent. Domestic abuse cases will spike. Mars makes no other in orb aspects. With Mars intercepted in the 2nd, the left party will be very wounded causing them to lash out. Also, all the female planets are either intercepted or in detriment. The two male planets are in dignity but Sun and Mars are intercepted so they’re either stymied or have hidden intentions.

The 5th and 11th houses in the chart have critical degrees on their cusps. They are the houses of fun, creativity, love, sex and children, friends, groups, the collective, fame etc. There will be changes in these areas. The cusps of these houses square the eclipse exact. This says to me that the things I mentioned that these houses rule will be at a crisis point and the outlet, the action that occurs will be related to Mars, the Sun, Moon, Pluto,  and NN and it will play out through self worth and assets to the nature of one or all of the planets I mentioned. It would seem that people will want to take some sort of action related to self worth or money but will feel like they can’t due to legal issues, groups and friends, children, love or sex. They may want to do the right thing (capricorn) but cannot because the capricorn planets are “stuck” in the interception. OR: They may want to do the wrong thing, but can’t because of legal or group issues. The tension will reach a breaking point and something will end up giving. What that is is a wild card, just like eclipses often are…

Everything is at a stalemate with this eclipse. There’s an underlying cold feeling, indifference and introverted energy to it. People can feel depressed and like they’re in a rut. Neptune and Chiron in the 3rd house, along with asteroid Karma point to guilt feelings and mental fog. They’re square venus who is still emotional, vindictive and now is stagnant but is trying so hard so be cheerful and graceful despite it all. She’s partly in the 12th house where she’s exalted but is also in detriment. She’s half and half. Almost there but not quite. She’s like the quincunx aspect that is so unbalanced. She can’t resolve her anger feelings with her gracious feelings so she feels torn. She wants to be good and merciful but she’s having a hard time doing so completely, so she makes appeasements that backfire. She should pick mercy and grace because those 2nd house planets with the 9th house legal and spirituality connotations mean doom, restriction, legal problems, and eternal damnation in some form or another eventually. How to do this depends on the problem one is wrestling with, but it should be the choice that leaves one with a clear conscience and no guilt, because if the legal system doesn’t get you the guilt will — the guilt is worse in the long run. It’s a cancer. But people will continue to delude themselves with Neptune and Chiron in the 3rd house of the mind. Don’t forget karma is there too.

This eclipse is focused on the self. People will be reflective. Quiet, really thinking about where they want to go and what they want to do to make themselves and  their lives better. The more altruistic will earnestly try to make the world a better place.

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