December Lunar Eclipse

Season’s Greetings all! To jump-start our Christmas and Winter Solstice we will be having a lunar eclipse. Yay? Maybe but maybe not.

The last eclipse of 2010 will be a lunar eclipse with the south node in attendance.  The south node is one of the moon’s nodes. There are two: the North Node and the South Node.  The north node is generally considered by astrologers to be fortunate while the south node is considered to be karmic and unfortunate. With eclipses this is the general view — if an eclipse is a south node eclipse it’s said to be a  more difficult eclipse. I am not sure I buy into this view, but I don’t discount it either.  I think either eclipse type can be good or bad. The reason eclipses are given a bad rap is because they really shake up things. They bring in change. Most people are uncomfortable with change, especially sudden change.  If you’re one of those people brace yourself, because this particular eclipse is ALL ABOUT CHANGE.

It’s occurring at 29 degrees Gemini, an anaretic degree that always indicates endings. It is on the fixed star:

Menkalinan: Ruin, disgrace, violent death, esp. through pleasure-seeking; self-confidence, honours, fond of country life. Danger of earthquakes if associated with solar eclipse.

This is not always taken literally. It can just represent intense experiences that are more emotional in nature.  What’s worrisome is that Los Angeles just got so much rain and they are fearing mudslides. That fits with this eclipse, especially given that the moon rules water.  I hope it is just a scare and there aren’t any major mudslides.

Another fixed star that is nearby is:

Betelgeuse: 28 degrees Gemini
Orion’s Right Shoulder Great fortune and fame, especially military success, but associated with calamities, danger, and violence.

So, not looking like a great theme to this eclipse…The eclipse chart is very intense. It is a very tight T-square involving the moon opposite the sun (this is normal for an eclipse) but the sun and moon both square Jupiter and Uranus, Uranus moreso. So the outlet is the most unpredictable planet in the zodiac. Therefore, expect the unexpected in spades.  In this particular eclipse chart (I use the East Coast like most astrologers for eclipses) the T-square is the Sun in the 2nd house versus the Moon in the 8th house square to Uranus and Jupiter in the 5th house.

I have a personal story of my own to illustrate how this played out for me. You may be able to apply the themes and the houses I use in my experience to your possible experience to this eclipse.  I post on a few astrology message boards. One I spent a lot of time on will be unnamed, but we’ll call it  “That Place” from here on out. Anyway, I posted at that place for awhile. I came to have friendships with a good deal of posters there as most people who post on a message board for any length of time do.  Then a big fight happened on another subsection of the board that I didn’t really visit. Suddenly, most of the regulars that I knew all left. I didn’t know why. I sort of know now, but am still a bit confused as to what happened, but that’s not really important. There was a mass exodus. I continued to still post there but not as much as I used to previously.  I started to become unhappy. Then, another poster got snarky with me and it was that proverbial straw, so I left. Not THAT unusual so far, right? Wrong. What I did next surprised me. I created my own message board for astrology. Yep, I did. Never thought of doing that before. Never had any reason to think of doing it. I was happy where I was. Well, I wasn’t happy anymore and I wanted a more intimate and cozier place to post about astrology. So I made one! How cool is that?!

The other boards I go to are large and not conducive to this. How does this fit with the houses in the eclipse chart?  The moon is in the 8th house and the sun is in the 2nd house. The 2nd house represents what you value, what’s important to you to feel secure, self-worth and value. The 8th house represents other people’s resources, what you need. I think it’s obvious to everyone that a website you visit is other people’s resources. It was something I used.  It was operated by someone else, it was their resource, not mine. I left because I felt it wasn’t what I wanted anymore, it didn’t fit my needs.  And  I felt disrespected by the snarky poster. There was a push-pull between the 2nd and 8th house issues I just mentioned.  I felt I couldn’t stay and continue to use the resource, so I opted *rather suddenly* to create my own message board, which fits perfectly with the outlet of Uranus in the 5th house of creativity and birth. As it happens, the eclipse hits the 2nd and 8th in my chart as well, but the outlet of Uranus is in my 11th house of…wait for it….the internet and groups! No, I never saw this coming. Some astrologer, huh?! But it all really happened. By the way, you are all welcome to join my message board. There is a link on the right hand side of this page that says “Astrology Message Board.” I hope to see you there! Whatever happens with the board it was such an experience to do something like that instead of getting mad or brooding. It was exhilarating and empowering! And oh-so-Uranus! So,yes, eclipses can bring sudden change and they can be “bad” but you can also turn that into something good and empowering too.

To try to figure out how this eclipse may affect you, you need to look and see which house it falls in. To do that look at your chart and see where you have 29 degrees Gemini. That house and the areas it rules will be where you will be impacted. The opposite house will also be affected since it’s on an axis.

If the eclipse is conjunct any of your planets, especially personal planets like the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Venus, and Mars you will also be impacted and more strongly than others.

Getting back to the eclipse chart and its energies, the angles are all fixed, so this will be a permanent change. There is no going back to whatever ends for you. It is final. It will never be the same.

This eclipse is going to take us back in time. First, Mercury is retrograde. I talked about that in my most recent new moon column. It revisits the eclipse that happened last January.  Mercury rx will bring the past back — that’s what it does, among other things.

Mercury is also the co-ruler of the eclipse so it’s important.

Mars is square the December 31, 2009 eclipse at 10 capricorn. This is important because it activates that eclipse hot spot — this makes things happen stemming from that eclipse. So, look to December 31, 2009 and also look to where 10 cancer falls in your chart, because that’s an area that will be active for you. It is in my 3rd house of communications and opposite my mercury, which also fits with what I did.

Venus is on the degree she turned retrograde on back in the beginning of October, so look to that time as well. After December 21, 2010 we finally clear all that muck of venus retrograde. About time!

You also may want to look back to December 21, 1991 because we had a lunar eclipse at this degree then as well.

You may want to re-read the most recent New Moon column which set the seeds for this lunar eclipse. A new moon always culminates on the next full moon, this one just happens to be an eclipse.

Mercury is on the Galactic Center, which is a very powerful point. It’s said to be a source of inspiration, pioneering, energy, motivating, aspiration, single-minded dedication.  My solar return is at this same point. I expect to learn more personally how this energy works after the upcoming year. Up until now I’ve just read about it. Now, I get to experience it up close and personally. I’ll let you know what I learn.

Asteroid karma is on the aries point in the eclipse chart. For those that don’t know the aries point is a very potent degree. It heralds a beginning of something, a new expression of that sign and planet/asteroid.  With karma on it, we should see people who have gotten away with being a Son of a Bitch finally get their just desserts.  The righteous, I hope, will take the upper hand, while the mighty fall. I hope that’s how it plays out, but honestly I have never studied an eclipse chart  with karma on the aries point, so it will be much like the Galactic Center on my Solar Return chart. We’ll all have to pay attention to what happens that may correlate to karma on the aries point.

The MC of the eclipse chart is on one of the worst fixed stars in the zodiac, 15 Leo. The MC rules those in power and also men. The mighty may fall afterall.  Ruler, the sun, also a masculine planet is located in the 2nd house of the eclipse chart conjunct mercury rx, so the past may come back to bite some people. The ghosts of the past can pop up out of anywhere and say, “Boo!” In the 2nd house, it could be financial or very hard on their self-esteem.  Continuing with this theme, mars is in the 3rd house. The 3rd house rules the mind, communications, cars (I hope we don’t see a lot of auto accidents or cars breaking down). It sextiles venus in the 1st house. Venus rules the 12th house of secrets, hidden enemies, self-undoing and also rules the 7th house of open enemies, partnerships. Mars rules the 6th house of daily activities and health. It also squares saturn in the 12th house of hidden things and mental health. Mars in square to Saturn is an anger aspect. It’s a confrontation with authority aspect. Mars in the 3rd, ruling the 6th house of health square saturn in the 12th house can cause mental illness or breakdowns to someone susceptible to that, especially if they’re having transits to their natal charts that also point to that.

I feel like affairs and scandals can be exposed, especially with the outlet of the T-square being in the 5th house of sex. Also, a grand cross will be formed by many people’s natal Pluto. If you have Pluto between 24-0 degrees Virgo and Libra then your pluto will turn the T-square into a Grand Cross in your natal chart. The same applies for any planet between 24 degrees Virgo up to 0 degrees Libra. What this means is that all that sun opposite moon square jupiter and uranus energy will be pulled out by that planet and whatever house it’s in. That’s where you can release all that energy. It’s where I ended up releasing mine. YOU get to plan it, so do it in a healthy way.

Moon is located in the 8th house and rules the 9th house of legal issues, foreign things, culture, religion and spirituality. Could a spiritual or foreign leader perish?

Getting back to the 2nd/8th house axis…sometimes it reflects making a decision between what you want versus what you need. Values, self respect, security, what matters to you versus other people’s needs, sex, passion, excitement, others money, including the bank’s money, i.e. credit cards. The 8th is what you’re attracted to on a subconscious level. The 2nd is what you really need and truly want to be happy. It’s like you have a certain type of guy or girl who you know would be perfect for you and would be good for you, but you’re always attracted to the asshole or bitch. It’s just like that. And you’re never happy, because you always go with what you subconsciously want, and not what you really want when you think about that “perfect person.”   The 2nd house person is the person you would choose if you could but the 8th house person is who you usually pick because of past life conditioning from other relationships and patterns, parents included.  This eclipse gives you the chance to make it all right and choose the person or thing you really want and not what you’ve been conditioned to think you need.

It’s also the classic  “You’re bad for me(2nd), but I love you(8th)” axis.  Or: “I am unhappy but want more fulfillment (2nd), but I don’t want to give up all WE own TOGETHER.” The 2nd/8th axis is the divorce dilemma axis.

With this eclipse, people who have been stuck in a rut will make a decision. People will stand up for their rights, values, and will regain or lose their self-respect and the respect of others.

People can use sex as a weapon under this eclipse. They can also use sex to increase their self-worth.

With the south node so close to the moon, this eclipse has oomph and will last awhile. Eclipses are generally in operation for six months and begin to cause events a month prior to their eclipse date, so November 21, 2010 is when some stuff may have started appearing regarding this eclipse for you.

The way eclipses work is that you may not notice anything right away but will have an occurrence when mars hits the eclipse point, usually six months later. This eclipse will be hit by mars on August 2, 2011 when mars is at 29 degrees Gemini.

Until then, try to focus on the outlet located in your chart at late Pisces and alternatively late Virgo.

Merry Christmas!

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One Response to December Lunar Eclipse

  1. lillianstar says:

    The firing of the Navy Commander for an incident that occurred five years ago is just what i was talking about when I said the past will come back to bite people, most likely a man. I’ve heard of other men in my local news whose past nefarious incidents have surfaced now out of nowhere causing them to ‘fall.’ Both were from five years ago and both came from out of the blue and no one knows why or how the authorities were tipped off. What makes it so interesting is the long ago time frame: recent past deeds come to light often, but usually not after this long. In both cases the men had, by this time, achieved a high station in life and lost everything due to a past discretion. They both thought they got away with it. Both involved 5th house matters. Very interesting. I wonder if there will be more.

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