Question of the Week

I’ve decided to try something out. I want to answer one question a week from people. It won’t be a reading but I’ll go into depth a little on whatever they ask, whether it’s about the column I just posted, an old column, or something else.  It will be really hard to pick which question to answer, especially if I get a lot. I should know better than to start something like this the day that mercury turns retro, but whatever…

To ask a question just leave a comment and relevant date/time/location if applicable.  The question should be pretty specific, because this isn’t a general reading type of thing that I’m doing — it’s smaller than that in scope. An example would be something like: How will pluto square my sun in *sign* *House* possibly affect me? Or how will the new moon on my *planet* in *house* possibly affect me?

If I really really like your question I may write an article on it so I can go into more detail!

Tongue in Cheek Disclaimer – Just because I won’t write an article on your question doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

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