New Moon December 5, 2010

I am ecstatic to report that this new moon is NOTHING like the last one! Isn’t that great news?! We are done with all that violent, intense energy that had been swirling around for so long — for now, anyway. This doesn’t mean it will be all light and flowers, but there’s a definite change in tempo and this new moon is lovely.  The new moon is occurring at 13 degrees sagittarius, so if you have any planets within five degrees of that, or from 8-18 degrees gemini or virgo or pisces, you will be impacted more than most by this new moon.  Everyone will experience the new moon, but some will feel it more than others. Also look to which house in your natal chart has 13 degrees sagittarius on the cusp. This is the area where you will be impacted, along with the opposing house, because if something happens in one house it also impacts the opposite house as well. For example, if the new moon is happening in your 8th house, you may see something developing with other people’s money, such as tax issues, unemployment benefits, banking and insurance, inheritance, alimony or support etc. It can also indicate sexual issues, either good or bad, investigations (This is the house of the detective), your partner’s money (second house from the 7th, which is the marriage or business partner).  It can also indicate death or a long illness, but other factors are usually involved for that to happen. A new moon won’t kill you, I swear!  The following full moon brings matters initiated from the new moon to a head, usually followed by some sort of a conclusion at the next new moon.  The next full moon will be happening right before Christmas on December 21st. It will be a lunar eclipse, which is like a full moon on steroids.  I will write a column on that shortly. I feel like I am rattling off so much information that could be confusing right now, but there’s SO much happening this month! I can’t explain it all in one column, but I want people to be aware that right now is much more than the new moon.  There’s a lot of powerful energy right now and it’s all very important energy. Significant energy. It will take a few columns just to sort it all out for you, but I have to touch on some of it so you aren’t bombarded and blindsided. Right now, though, I am going to focus primarily on the new moon and mercury retrograde.

The closest fixed star is Rastaban. It indicates impulsivity and blindness and that’s a theme I felt from this new moon even before I looked to the fixed stars. I feel people may act impulsively due to the focus on sagittarius and a square from mars, in sagittarius, to uranus, which is unpredictable, and also to jupiter which amplifies. This doesn’t have to be bad per se, but watch out for this tendency. The blindness, I feel, is more of a symbolic blindness in that people may act without thinking first. People may also find the veil lifted from their eyes and realize where they were blind or allowed themselves to believe something that they wanted to believe. This new moon can be a real eye opener, especially with uranus stationing to go direct. The phrases “Shoot from the hip” and “Shoot first ask questions later” both come to mind.  Interesting that I picked two phrases with shooting as both mars and uranus represent guns. Mars is on the MC of the chart which indicates publicity and also police officers. May we hear of many police shootings  or public or mass shootings?  I hope not. Being near the holidays, a lot of people get crazy. Everyone please be aware of your surroundings at all times. A lot of times, if you pay attention you can avert catastrophe. I feel that is the way to be all the time, it’s called Code Yellow, but most people forget, hence my reminder.  So, if you get a bad feeling, get out. This energy, in totality, of the new moon IS a good one, but there’s always some tense energy in most charts and I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention it.

So, back to the good stuff…  There are actually very few aspects in this chart. There’s a talent triangle, which is nice. A talent triangle is a trine and two sextiles to an apex planet or planets.  It is like a grand trine, but it has an outlet. In this case, venus is trine neptune and they both sextile mars and the NN. The sextile is a bit wide, but I am going to include it nonetheless, because I feel it’s relevant.  Mars conjunct the NN is a very fated aspect. With it being the outlet planet of the talent triangle it takes on even more power.  Action will be front and center and public. We have venus trine neptune which is very pleasant. It can indicate dreaminess, creativity, interest and ability in art and music, and loving feelings. For some who have had rough patches in their relationship in the past month or so, this can be a healing influence — either together or separately. If you’re still together and trying to work it out, this would be a good time to talk about your feelings. It may go smoother than it has  recently. The trine to mars and the NN indicates this as well, with mars being the action of taking that first step in really talking it out. If, however, you ended a relationship, it can indicate one or both of you starting to move on and heal without one another. How it plays out depends on what transpired between the couple, their willingness to work it out, and their current transits. Either way, there is healing energy around and I haven’t been able to say that in awhile!

Almost all the planets are above the horizon, which makes this an extroverted, lively, others-oriented, and public energy. I think that fits well with all the festivities of the holiday season and parties that happen during this time. This will be a festive season with this new moon and will be more fun than years prior.

The only aspect the moon makes is a sextile to saturn. This is a grounding energy if you allow it to be. If you feel something in  your heart, you are most likely right as long as you’re not being led astray by the blindness inherent in the mars square uranus and jupiter, so be careful of this.

Uranus and Jupiter are in the first house of the chart, indicating a new lease on life. People may decide to start over or remake themselves somehow. This is a great moon to do that! It’s  very supportive energy. That is also a downside, because some people will do that without their current partner. Some will find out, much to their surprise and dismay, that someone has moved on and is starting a new life without THEM. That is where the only two squares in the chart can take precedence and they both involve mars, which can be anger.  If someone moves on you can’t change their mind or make them stay, so try to just focus on the exciting business of moving on in YOUR life, making YOURSELF over, and getting a new lease on YOUR life. There’s nothing else you can do, really.

We do have mercury about to turn retrograde on Friday, December 10. Mercury already stationed  on November 22 at 19 degrees sagittarius and will turn retrograde at 5 degrees capricorn. If any of these degrees are house cusps or planets in your chart, take note of which house it happens and which houses are ruled by mercury and where natal mercury is located. For everyone else, look to the houses where sagittarius and capricorn are located and these are the areas where you will have things go backwards and topsy-turvy.  With mercury retrograde we often have old friends or lovers return into our lives. Communication and communication devices are subject to breaking or acting erratically. It’s not a good time to buy electronics. Sure, now ya tell me, I bet you’re all thinking, since electronics are a big item on Christmas lists! It is OK, buy it, but you may have some bugs to work out or need to return it because you bought the wrong one or some other issue.  I really think we all know you can’t not buy your child any electronic gifts for Christmas. That would be cruel! Just make sure you do your homework BEFORE buying it and make sure you save the receipt or pay with a bank card, just in case. Double check travel plans, get to the airport early, expect delays. If you prepare you should be able to avert disaster and if you expect delays you won’t be upset when they happen, but pleasantly surprised when they don’t.

To see how this retrograde might affect you look back to January 15, 2010, June 26, 2010, December 9, 2009, and the beginning of August 2010 to September 12, 2010. That’s a lot of dates, I know, but this mercury retrograde hits a lot of old important spots.

January 15, 2010 — The eclipse occurred at 25 capricorn and it had mercury direct stationing on almost the same degree it turns retrograde now. This means whatever was started then may get a conclusion now or it will be revisited in some way.

June 26, 2010 – An eclipse happened that the mercury rx station will hit very closely. Anything that occurred a month prior to, or after this date, may come back into your life.

December 9, 2009 — This is the date mercury entered it’s shadow phase right before it went retrograde on January 15, 2010. It’s only minutes away from the current retrograde station, which makes it very significant, especially since it had an eclipse along with it.

August 2010- September 12, 2010 — This is the last time mercury was retrograde, so the same issues may be looked at again now.

Mercury being retrograde in capricorn will have a saturn theme to it. Structure, rules, restriction, infrastructure, banking, money, credit, the law, judges — all of these things will be emphasized until mercury goes back into sagittarius right before New Year’s Eve and then it will take on a more Jupiter-Sagittarius flavor to it.  What an optimistic way to start the New Year!  But before that it will turn retrograde  on the fixed star, Kaus Borealis, which I am happy to say is a fortunate fixed star!  Here’s a description of it from Astrology on the Web.

“Promoters of idealistic and humane ideas, promoters of mental stimuli, enterprise and a sense of justice.”

With mercury turning backwards in the sign of the detective (capricorn) and on THIS degree, this would be a really good time to solve old cases that seemed unsolvable, especially if the victim was a capricorn (or the suspect) or the crime happened in capricorn territory, especially the first ten degrees of the sign, so that would be from December 21-31. Anyone else thinking of the Jon Benet Ramsey case? I am, but I would be very surprised if that was ever solved. That is a public case, so it fits with the new moon chart — remember I mentioned mars on the MC conjunct the node? With a square to uranus and jupiter, which rule the 12th and 9th (Law) and 10th houses, respectively, the chart would support it.  I may take a look at Jon Benet’s chart and the transits to see if we’ll hear anything,  but there are other cases and victims with the same time frame, they just aren’t well known. They may get solved now or at least make some headway.  Mercury and the NN are also conjunct pluto, which rules crime and the underworld, which further supports this theory. It also can indicate the detective, as moon/pluto conjunct mercury is an investigative aspect. Pluto rules the 8th house of investigations and death while mercury rules the 7th house of law and the 4th of the home. Unfortunately, this aspect cuts both ways and can indicate crimes taking place.  Unfortunately, the transits for solving crimes are also the same as for the actual crime taking place, so maybe we’ll have a terrible public crime occur. I hope not. In addition, we have asteroid karma sextile jupiter and uranus, which are representative of the law, and can even indicate someone outright confessing to an unsolved crime due to guilt. That isn’t something that happens often, but with the new moon’s aspects, the mercury retrograde in capricorn and then truth loving sagittarius, it COULD happen. Especially since mercury is going backwards, — going into the past– and it ruling the mind, well, it could happen.  Mercury also indicates the thief and the trickster, so more likely we’ll get a false confession that won’t pan out.

We do have the triple conjunction of mars, mercury, NN, and Pluto coming up soon and that will be some possibly difficult energy. I won’t go into it here, because I will be writing a column on that later. The conjunction is already starting to form, but mars will get even closer, so whatever you feel now will only intensify. It can be a profound impetus for change.

To sum it all up. The new moon is a nice easy energy, but it does have a bit of an edge to liven things up. We’ll have mercury turning retrograde into the past on Friday, and a triple conjunction coming up on the 14th. Finally we’ll end the month with a doozy of a lunar eclipse on December 21st. A very active month. I will be writing about the triple conjunction and the lunar eclipse soon enough, so check back or subscribe (for free) to get an email notification if you’re interested in knowing more.

To all my Jewish readers, I hope you are having a Happy Hanukkah!!

Edited to add that I looked at the Jon Benet Ramsey chart and it was very intriguing. I could actually see something developing, but it would take a miracle to actually solve it.  I may write a column on it when I get time.

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