Full Moon – November 21, 2010

Fire and Ice describes this moon’s energies well. It’s an erratic moon, being on the 29th degree of Taurus, just on the brink of gemini. It goes back and forth between stability and comfort (taurus) to restlessness and detachment.  You know how we describe unpredictable people as fire and ice in behavior? Well, that’s what this moon is like and how people will most likely act.

The 29th degree of any planet in astrology is called “anaretic.”  In predictive astrology it always shows a permanent ending. It always, even in non-predictive astrology, shows an end to the way that planet’s energy is expressed, but that is beyond the scope of this article.  So, it wouldn’t be a leap to suggest this full moon will indicate endings. If you look back to the last new moon and what issues were brought up for you then, and the weeks that followed, it may indicate what will be ending for you. It may not be a bad idea to re-read the new moon article, since its energies culminate with this full moon, and finally end at the next new moon in December. This means, that even though the full moon will bring that story to a climax, it won’t have an ending until the next new moon.

The degree of taurus 29 is a rather nasty fixed star located in the  Pleiades. It represents accidents, blindness, homosexuality, and feminine power. Please don’t take this literally and personally, it usually just indicates the energy of the planet is emphasized on its shadow side.  I do wonder if we’ll hear of  laws or other news regarding the rash of gay teen suicides due to bullying within two weeks or so….

There are a few configurations in this chart that stand out. One is the yod, also known as Finger of God, with venus at the apex and in disharmony with the moon and uranus/jupiter. The moon is in harmonious aspect with the uranus-jupiter conjunction, so that energy flows smoothly, they get along. It would seem that venus wants to be comfortable and keep the status quo, like libra tends to do, but the moon and jupiter and uranus have other ideas. They want what’s new and feels like an oasis in the storm of late.  It would seem people are thinking about leaving  their partner (if things are bad or boring) and running into the arms of someone new, who makes them feel happy and makes them able to dream again. But — they don’t want to give up security and stability –saturn and venus in libra, so they are on the fence (quincunx). Now, obviously this won’t be ALL couples, so don’t fret, but the energy is out there for many, I think. And this is the full moon to tip it over. People will probably decide this full moon, plus or minus two weeks either way.

I still am getting a feeling of deception from the charts of late. I am starting to think it is also people deceiving themselves, maybe the most. I think that ends after this full moon too. Neptune is the outlet of a t-square between the moon and sun, which is always present at a full moon, but there isn’t always a leg to it. Neptune is the leg this time. That can go in a few ways: It can mean that people lie  to get out of the trouble they’re in or they drink or do drugs or use sex as an escape. It can also mean that they use some form of art or spirituality as an outlet, which would be best. It can also mean they finally lift the veil of delusion they’ve been living under and realize finally what they really REALLY want, and what they’ve been hiding from themselves, because they were too afraid to face it. People want to recreate themselves and their lives. They’re tired of the same old same old.

Mars and mercury are conjunct in sagittarius and are in a wide square to jupiter and uranus. This means people have been snarky and argumentative and may continue to be, especially as long as the mercury-mars conjunction is in effect. This is especially true where values and issues of independence are concerned.  Blow ups will happen in the next few weeks. Please watch out for road rage. Don’t provoke anyone, especially if they are driving like they’re mad, and don’t react if they do something to make you mad. It’s not worth it. Mars and mercury are sextile saturn, so watch what you say, because with saturn in easy aspect, it will last. No takebacks allowed.

Since moon is sextile jupiter and uranus, feelings really flow and can be really nice. But like I mentioned before, the jupiter-uranus can give a hot and cold, fire and ice feel to it. A frenetic bipolar type energy.

Pluto and the north node are conjunct and unaspected.  I hope this doesn’t mean more suicides and deaths and accidents. I heard of so many unexpected ones in the past few weeks. All young, too. Very sad. I think it could be someone famous, that the collective will recognize since it’s on the cusp of the eleventh house. With pluto and the node there we can hear of  more arrests of celebrities as well. Pluto rules the ninth house of the chart, so I hope we don’t hear of a terrorist attack here or overseas. That would fit with the pluto-node in the eleventh of the collective too.

The sun trine jupiter and uranus says a lot of fun can be had, maybe even too much!  Try not to go overboard on Turkey Day if you’re in the US. Try to also bite your tongue at family gatherings, even if you feel you shouldn’t.

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4 Responses to Full Moon – November 21, 2010

  1. Angela/teasel says:

    More truths revealed to me, in the past week, that I found on Sunday night, which meant an end to deception and a certain amount of self-deception. I’ve only skimmed so far, but I’ll be back to read this properly, as well as to re-read the New Moon article.

    (This Full Moon was conjunct my Moon/Venus at the end of my 7th house/beginning of the 8th.)

  2. lillianstar says:

    Hi, Teasel!

    I’m glad the deception ended for you. 8th house shows ferreting out hidden info well. You probably already knew on some level all along, but didn’t “know,” now you can heal and move on. Whenever there’s deception there’s always self deception. I think we know something is not right, but aren’t ready to face it yet. This moon made you ready by hitting your moon.

  3. Angela says:

    You’re right. :) Your timing – linking back to events in your eclipse article – goes along with this, and linking back to things that have happened in the past year. I knew something was up – I actually had an experience that I won’t go into here – but I chose to believe the person, because they sounded so sincere, and I’d been wound up when I had said experience. We ended up speaking twice, from mid-February to late May, and it continued to bug me; I found out the truth, a week before the first eclipse this Summer. (I can’t believe it’s been six months already.)

    The thing is, he changed stories, so he may have said some additional things just to hurt me (since everything in me was rebelling against just accepting things, and having him back in my life). He started using drugs in November of last year, in this mid-thirties, and has done other things since then. He’s now getting help for his issues, but I no longer trust him – he pushed me too far in certain ways.

  4. lillianstar says:

    In the New Moon article for November I said how high priced luxury commodities may be stolen. Well, I was just reading the news and it turns out someone stole a bunch of Warhol paintings valued at $500,000-$1 million dollars around Thanksgiving. The owners were away. But that’s right around the Full moon, which is the culmination of the new moon’s energies.

    Here’s the link to the article.


    I have no idea why it was so late in making the news.

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