Venus and Jupiter Turn Direct

Today it happened at 11:53 am (est) and 4:18 pm(est), respectively.  I wonder who noticed the shift in energy? Everything will start to come out now, if it hasn’t already, and people will finally deal with all the muck these retrogrades, especially the Venus one, brought up. Energy will be released from people, maybe in a brash and inconsiderate way, since we have both mercury and mars in Sagittarius.

It is interesting to me that both planets turned direct within hours of one another. Both planets are considered “benefics” which means they are considered a good and gracious influence, and they’ve both been going backwards lately, turning our love lives, finances, and worlds upside down. So, there’s been quite a shift, but they’re still moving slowly and they’re still traversing the degrees they retrograded, so all of the muck that was brought up during both retrogrades is being covered — again! We’re not quite out of the woods yet, but things are moving in the right direction now. What this means is that we are going to be back in late September in regards to the issues that Venus brought up with her retrograde station and look back to the end of June for Jupiter. Those issues will be be in your world again so you can tie up loose ends. We will finally clear all of that ground on December 21 for venus and January 23rd for Jupiter.  THEN it will be over. You might want to hold off on getting a new hairstyle or anything venus-related until after venus passes the station degree.

Aside from the running theme of relationships, we have a theme in these charts of directness versus diplomacy. We have the moon in blunt aries and mercury and mars in Sagittarius while we have venus and saturn in Libra. Adding to this theme is venus quincunx, which means at odds with, uranus, who wants to be a rebel and say what he wants to say. We know venus in libra doesn’t want this, she wants peace at all costs. So it’s a tenuous and fine line we’re walking.

Adding to all of that, the sun, pluto, North Node, and venus all disposit to libra while the rest of the planets — yes, the rest of the planets — all disposit to neptune and uranus, who are in mutual reception, which means they act like they are related to each other. So, we’re going to have people either being very diplomatic so as not to disturb the peace or people saying whatever they want to without thinking first (sagittarius and uranus) and being evasive or deceptive on top if it all (neptune)!  People will confuse the hell outta’ you, because some will act out ALL of these tactics in short shrift and almost seem bipolar. Which reminds me, if you or someone you know is bipolar, look for the next few weeks to be a flare-up for them.

I still think people are going to be putting on a facade with all of this energy, especially all the neptune influences going on right now, so be alert for deception and lies and people pretending to be someone they aren’t. Make sure that new romantic interest (or ex who returned with the retrograde) is REALLY single. Take things slowly.

The good news is that neptune and uranus can bring about healing. Also good news is that the planets in sag will expose frauds and so will jupiter turning direct. Jupiter hates a liar. People will mess up, blurt out, and other blunders-that-get-people-caught actions.

We should be starting to see the effects of the new moon I wrote about. It will culminate at the full moon this weekend.  I’m starting to see news stories reflecting what I wrote. The family murdered, just so a sick psychopath could “have” a 13 year old girl struck me as apropos.  So did the PR agent in Hollywood tragically murdered after a movie premiere. Both worthy of Lifetime Movies. I wish I had been wrong.

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3 Responses to Venus and Jupiter Turn Direct

  1. lightworker says:

    I just read your postings yesterday, and thought you presented many interesting observations. So I wanted to share some recent experiences and observations, too.
    And I have to say I do feel a great sense of relief now that Venus has moved direct again! I’ve been working non-stop for weeks, and it was symbolic that my first day off was this Friday when it went direct.

    From your notes about the November new moon:
    “The sun and moon are connected to pluto, so that is another indication of possible theft and dark feelings, since that is the shadow side of Pluto, who rules the Underworld. Crime will be connected to this new moon. Look for more brutal and savage crimes that seem like a made for tv movie due to the unbelievability of the facts surrounding the cases. These stories will show up in the neighborhood, or the news, starting now and until the next new moon a month from now. Women will figure prominently as either the victims or the very unlikely perpetrators: think, Miss Prim and Proper murders for profit themes. Black widow themes. High priced luxury commodities will be stolen as well.”

    My partner and I were witnesses to a violent assault and subsequent chase on 11/18. It’s too long of a story to go into here, but fits where you say it can be like a ‘made for tv movie’, since that’s how my partner described how it looked to police. It was also the first time either of us had that experience ( and hopefully the last!), it was near where we live, and in a low-crime area, so all the more strange because of that.

    “Saturn is unaspected, which gives it more power. It is ruled by pluto as well. We have so much pluto and scorpio going on in the sky right now. Things are intense! Saturn is now within orb of another negative fixed star, algorab. This star will just intensify feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. We may see some more people choose to leave the planet this month from suicide. Since saturn is in libra, which rules relationships and money, those would be their reasons. It’s really not necessary to give up, things always get better. If you know someone having relationship problems or money problems, reach out to them this month to see if they need to talk.”

    I called a friend during the retro period who confided in me how desperate she was feeling with her marriage/money issues, and she felt better after we spoke.

    “Mercury is my least favorite planet in this new moon chart and I’ll tell you why. It makes an exact aspect with neptune and chiron. A square. Neptune is in charge of lies, deception, fraud, delusion. Chiron is in charge of wounding. They say chiron rules healing too, but you have to get hurt first in order to get healed. No thanks. Neptune has a positive side, spirituality, compassion, and love. But we have a square happening here. So, expect to catch people doing the things I mentioned above. Expect to get hurt. If you expect it, it won’t hurt as much, right?? People. Find. Out. This. Month. If YOU did wrong, expect to get caught. Expect to be exposed for the fraud you are or were. Own up to your wrong to avoid future bad karma. Apologize and make amends if possible. Mercury also trines uranus, of the unexpected. Either you never saw it coming or if you were the perpetrator, you never thought you’d get caught.”

    Prominent Congressman and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Charles Rangel, whose trial took place during the retrograde period for accusations of fraud and misuse of funds, among other things, receives his punishment of censure Friday 11/19, when Venus goes direct. Also 9-11 settlements were resolved that day.

    Finally, I wonder how the Christmas shopping period will be affected by this Venus shadow period, especially when so many people are out of work still during this depression, and people feel desperate?

    And I’m curious to see how the foreclosure process will move forward by January, especially since they were ‘frozen’ the day Venus went retrograde!

    • lillianstar says:

      First, I am so terribly sorry you had to go through something like that! I hope you and your partner are ok. Where was venus hitting your chart?

      I hope your friend starts to feel better now that venus has gone direct. It’s been tough for many people, especially coming right off the mercury rx in the fall and also the cardinal cross energy. Sigh. A lot of tough energy up there lately.

      I haven’t been following Charles Rangel, but did hear of the 9/11 settlements which seems to fit with venus stationing.

      I think shopping will be affected more by the eclipses, but venus still not clearing the degrees it retrograded will add to it.

      YES, they were frozen that day. I remember thinking how venus rx it was! I would guess that we’ll hear more about that after the eclipses too.

      Thank you for your insights and comments!

  2. lightworker says:

    Thanks for your feedback, and keeping a positive outlook during this time especially has been helpful. And I’ll look out for the eclipses too…!

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