This Week: November 8 -14 2010

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really feel like we need a column for this week. We’re still dealing with the energies of the New Moon on Saturday.

The one big change that needs to be addressed, and the only reason I am writing this week, is that Venus finally trekked on back into libra, and I want to discuss that.  This is good news, not just because venus is happier in libra, but because this week is much less eventful than last, in my opinion.

The intensity of venus in scorpio has probably been waning for a lot of people. She is still retrograde, so she’s still stressed, and we are all still reeling from what we’ve learned, felt, and discovered while she was  in scorpio and after the new moon, which was quite intense with all that transforming, yet crazy energy. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight or just with a new moon or a venus retrograde. It brews for a long time and the retrograde and the new moon and whatever other celestial activity is taking place just catalyzes it.  It forces the subject. It makes everyone notice the big elephant that’s been sitting in the room for a long damn time. Then after it’s noticed, we react. Then we have to deal with the fallout of feelings before we can transform it into something new.

So, venus is back in libra. Balance is returning. But we’re not done yet. We are still going back over the past and dealing with what we learned in scorpio. This is an important time, because venus will return to scorpio after she turns direct, so we need to make up our minds now, so we can be clear when the intense emotions of scorpio start to swirl again. Make up your mind now. Make a plan. Prepare for venus in scorpio.

Another noteworthy event is Neptune and Chiron turning direct. It’s quite appropriate to coincide with venus returning to libra. More pain exposed, but with both planets of healing and hope turned forward, we can deal with it. We have to deal with it, because if we don’t, it will never stop festering.

Tuesday mercury moves into Sagittarius, which is a respite from all the scorpio energy. I said this week would start to lighten up a bit. However, mercury is in fall in Sagittarius, so watch what you say.  You may find others being very blunt, direct, and well, obnoxious. Faux paux will be on the rise this week. Just accept it and deal with it as rationally  as possible. Venus in libra, who hates to argue, as well as saturn in libra, may help in this regard.

The Moon will enter Capricorn on Wednesday and will conjunct pluto and the NN. This would be a good day to try for a baby if you’re trying to conceive. The moon will also hit the eclipse point from June 26th at 4 degrees capricorn, so think back to that date, plus or minus one month, and see if any old issues from then pop up. Then the moon will square saturn. A day for letting go. Look for news of that pesky venus retrograde type when the moon squares venus leading into the weekend. This is when, if it hasn’t already, things will come to a head, and the things that happened during the scorpio suarez will finally hit home.  If you haven’t already made up your mind, do it now.

If you had a relationship end, realize it was time to end. When a relationship ends people think, “This is it. I’ll never be happy again!” But of course that’s absurd.  You will be. Think of why this person was not really right for you.  Think of the person you would next like to fall in  love with. Let your mind wander. What would they look like? What would their likes be? What would their personality be like? That person is out there. It’s not over. You’ll be happy again.

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