November’s New Moon – AKA Bad Moon Rising.


The new moon happens on November 6th at 13 degrees scorpio. Since it’s a new moon, it’s conjunct the sun at the same degree. This degree is problematic, because it’s within orb of the fixed star,  Zuben Algenubi, which is associated with loss, theft, betrayal, criminality, and revenge. In fact, a lot of astrologers are calling this new moon the “Revenge New Moon.”  It will certainly bring up the darkest of human emotions in many, especially in regards to love and other close relationships due to the venus rx I wrote about last week. Venus also rules money, values, and possessions, so guard these things carefully, because people will covet them.There is a greater risk of theft under this new moon due to its proximity to the fixed star I mentioned.


The sun and moon are connected to pluto, so that is another indication of possible theft and dark feelings, since that is the shadow side of Pluto, who rules the Underworld. Crime will be connected to this new moon. Look for more brutal and savage crimes that seem like a made for tv movie due to the unbelievability of the facts surrounding the cases. These stories will show up in the neighborhood, or the news,  starting now and until the next new moon a month from now. Women will figure prominently as either the victims or the very unlikely perpetrators: think, Miss Prim and Proper murders for profit themes. Black widow themes. High priced luxury commodities will be stolen as well.


Saturn is unaspected, which gives it more power. It is ruled by pluto as well. We have so much pluto and scorpio going on in the sky right now. Things are intense! Saturn is now within orb of another negative fixed star,  algorab. This star will just intensify feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. We may see some more people choose to leave the planet this month from suicide. Since saturn is in libra, which rules relationships and money, those would be their reasons. It’s really not necessary to give up, things always get better. If you know someone having relationship problems or money problems, reach out to them this month to see if they need to talk.


Venus is still retrograde and now she is sitting on the aries point, which is zero degrees of any sign. This is a very active degree and being retro and in scorpio, the sign of her detriment just adds more drama. Sorry people. I don’t control the sky. Venus will enter libra in few days and things should really calm down when that happens.


Mars is unaspected in the sky, so he’s ready to fight. He is conjunct a neutral fixed star, thank God. Since he doesn’t aspect any of the other planets that are in detriment or on fixed stars that are negative, he may be our Knight in Shining Armor, but it could go either way since he is unaspected. He is passionate, easily seduced, but of pure heart. Don’t piss him off, because neutral can change sides.


Mercury is my least favorite planet in this new moon chart and I’ll tell you why. It makes an exact aspect with neptune and chiron. A square. Neptune is in charge of lies, deception, fraud, delusion. Chiron is in charge of wounding. They say chiron rules healing too, but you have to get hurt first in order to get healed. No thanks. Neptune has a positive side, spirituality, compassion, and love. But we have a square happening here. So, expect to catch people doing the things I mentioned above. Expect to get hurt. If you expect it, it won’t hurt as much, right??  People. Find. Out. This. Month. If YOU did wrong, expect to get caught. Expect to be exposed for the fraud you are or were. Own up to your wrong to avoid future bad karma. Apologize and make amends if possible. Mercury also trines uranus, of the unexpected. Either you never saw it coming or if you were the perpetrator, you never thought you’d get caught.


Pluto is still conjunct the nodes, so very karmic times are at hand and they will last.


Vertex, which is a very fate oriented point, is conjunct asteroid karma by minutes. They are actually cazimi, which means “in the heart of.” It means fate and karma are merging, empowering one another. Whatever you find out this week, you were fated to find out, but the person who was wrong will suffer karma. What goes around comes around, so sit back and wait, no revenge tactics on your part. Let the Universe do what it does best: Take out its own trash.


Here is how it may feel to many:






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  1. Well this explains the exchange I just had with my husband. No WONDER!

    THanks dear!

    Absinthe Dragonfly from LL

  2. lillianstar says:

    Oh no! Try to stay neutral and of pure heart like mars. ;) This is very difficult energy, but it will go away soon.

  3. lillianstar says:

    PS – I didn’t mean to “like” my own post. I have no idea how that happened. I must have hit it by accident!

  4. lillianstar says:

    In this article I say how high priced luxury commodities may be stolen. Well, I was just reading the news and it turns out someone stole a bunch of Warhol paintings valued at $500,000-$1 million dollars around Thanksgiving. The owners were away. But that’s right around the Full moon, which is the culmination of the new moon’s energies.

    Here’s the link to the article.

    I have no idea why it was so late in making the news.

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