This Week In the Sky — October 31, 2010 to November 6, 2010


Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we: Venus, Goddess of love, is retrograde in Scorpio — a sign she doesn’t like very much. She has been traveling backwards in the sky since October 8th and will continue to backtrack until November 18th. Many people have probably had ex-lovers return in the past month or so and there has been plenty of angst and drama all over the place for sure. We are reevaluating what is important to us, because Venus rules what we value, possessions as well as people, and also our self-worth. I believe the venus-mars  conjunction in Scorpio was (sadly) illustrated well when we had the rash of gay-teen suicides. Venus in scorpio conjunct mars in Scorpio represents such things as sex and bullying very aptly. Remember, sex is under Pluto‘s domain. With the God of War conjunct the Goddess of Love, who is not herself, bullying over sex will occur. Of course it always occurs, but I believe the conjunction in such an extreme and intense sign coupled with venus being off center made it take on a more macabre cast, with victims feeling  down in the depths of Pluto’s obsessive fixation which will tear a heart to shreds with delight. What does this have to do with you? Well, look where Taurus and Libra are on the cusp (the beginning of a house) in your chart. To get a chart you can visit and create one. Also look where your natal venus is located. Next look where Scorpio is in your chart. All of the areas I just mentioned will be taking a hit during the retrograde. These areas of your life will be highlighted until November 18th. They will be plutonized: revamped and restructured.


In addition to venus going backwards in Scorpio, we also have a slew of other planets in that sign right now. The sun and mercury are also in scorpio. We start off the week with the sun conjuncting venus, but venus is moving away from the sun. We probably saw a lot of ego clashes that got very heated over the weekend. The sun is ego personified, and while it’s conjunct venus in her current state, things get steamy and smoky. You know what they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. That could mean a lot of passion. A lot! Or it could mean a lot of fighting, marking territory, screaming, hissy fits, and all-out war in some cases. A lot of couples probably broke up this All Hallow’s Eve, plenty of people just went ballistic. Thankfully, the sun is moving on now, so peace and clarity should return. Since the sun and venus were just combust, people blew up over love (venus) and pride (sun). Adding fuel to the combust Venus-Sun is pluto sextile venus right now. More Pluto, great, just what’s needed! This one will be in effect for some time, so brace yourself. Do something that frees your mind and grounds you. DO NOT GIVE INTO DESPERATE FEELINGS. It will pass soon. Turn off your phone, delete your facebook account. This is the kind of energy that spawns obsessive anger. Do whatever you have to do so that you get peace until it’s over. It will be over soon. Just hold on.


Venus sun and Pluto all disposit to Saturn in Libra. Unlike Venus’s current placement, Saturn loves Libra. He is exalted in Libra. So, finally some good news, eh? Not so fast. Saturn is approaching his critical degree at 13 degrees Libra. By Saturday he will be one degree away. Saturn rules restriction, obstacles, karma, and death. Saturn mandates that you follow the rules, if you don’t, he will punish you. Follow all the rules this week, especially in matters of love, since he’s in Libra, which governs relationships and love. Libra hates to fight and loves balance. Try to find balance in your relationships this week even if it means you give the silent treatment. Libra would prefer that to yelling and so would Saturn.  Saturn is unaspected, so a wild card, until the moon in Libra conjuncts him on Wednesday. There may be some depression on that day or it may feel like you are numb. Emotions will be restricted due to the moon merging with Saturn. Serious thoughts. Not a lighthearted, frivolous day, but serious can be good.This is a good thinking day.

I should mention that juno, the wife, and lilith the wild one, are opposing one another all week too. This can be one of those weeks when the lid is blown off affairs. People find out. Or people want to have an affair or suspect the other person of  having an affair. Juno is in practical, sometimes nagging virgo, so she represents the wife, while lilith is in fantasy-based pisces and is not at all practical and nagging. She is romantic and ethereal and may represent people’s escapism from the cold hard world. She can appear as an oasis to a lover who is sick and tired of being sick and tired, if only as a fantasy. People will have gaudy romantic fantasies this week, bolstered by venus sextile pluto and venus in scorpio, retrograde.

Halloween finds the moon at a very critical  degree, so more emotional drama. This week is all about drama and love and sex and betrayal and ego. Keep this in mind so  YOU don’t act all that out. It will move on.


Expect to hear something unexpected and crazy on Tuesday when the moon opposes Jupiter and Uranus. This aspect mirrors the Juno-Lilith aspect, since it’s the same signs: Practical and dull (but necessary) versus ethereal and dreamy. The grass is always greener syndrome….


Wednesday and Thursday moon in Libra squares pluto and the nodes. An emotional day on Thursday. A day that can be a crossroads kind of day. Choose wisely. Think about it for awhile, no jumping in without looking, because with nodal involvement, it will last.


Friday moon enters scorpio to stew up the simmering hades juices even more. She’ll square neptune and chiron in aquarius so be on the lookout for trying to fool yourself that you feel a certain way when you don’t, or that someone else feels a certain way when they don’t. She’ll trine jupiter and uranus at the same time, so the fooling can be huge and quite a surprise.


All this scorpio energy is not there to hurt you, but is there to get you in touch with all that is real. There is no in-between and wishy-washy with scorpio. At the end of the scorpio energy, which isn’t too far off, we enter boundlessly optimistic Sag, where we’ll all bounce back, but our landscape, the people in our lives, and our feelings will be so different than they were in September. We will be real authenticated people and so will the people we kept with us after the retrograde.


Have a good week!









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